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Dream Interpretation Lost Budgie Sequence

Lost Budgie Sequence of Dreams Interpretation-Translation-Transcription-Prophecy

Posted by Chris: July 8, 2008 at 1:22 pm

I had this dream over the weekend. Interesting to note that both Brad and Adam had recent budgie dreams including a return. This dream felt like I had decided to take on the responsibility of guardianship again, a kind of return.

In the dream I have recently agreed to care for a friend's bird. The bird is a white parrot, and has feathers that remind me a little of the feather-duster variation in budgies, though not nearly as "poofy". There are hints of green and yellow in the face similar to a budgie. The bird seems to be slightly smaller than a cockatiel. I have the bird perched on my hand, and do the "step up" routine, which the little friend has no problem with. As he liked stepping up, I bring my other hand up for the next step up. I rotate my hands so the bird is constantly stepping up. The motion gets faster and faster and faster, and though it takes concentration I can keep up. All of a sudden it hits me, that my bird wants to run around the house, he wants to be free. That's why he is moving faster and faster with the step ups. I stop the motion and allow the bird to go running through the house. (He doesn't fly, and it didn't strike me as odd at the time.) I note the house is very clean (very unusual, I assure you), and is bird-safe. I make note to myself that I have to change my life to always be aware of the bird's presence so I do not accidentally step on him. It occurs to me that this is the only way to give the little guy a place where he can be free and safe.

Adam posted: Hi Chris and Everyone,

Thanks for posting this Chris for it really does bring things together.

Transcription by Adam Kadmon: posted July 9, 2008 at 1:49 pm

1. This dream of Chris' about a white parrot will bring the dreams of Chris, Adam and Brad's together. In this dream Chris could not tell what kind of parrot it really was because of its feathers. When we have a problem trying to identify something, it means there is still some confusion. Chris knew that this parrot's feathers were white but the feathers were very different. Also its feathers had a variation of different colours, but still it reminded him, and still was the size of a budgie.

2. This is a prophecy and when a prophecy comes it will try to reverse some confusion. We will reverse some of the confusion that arrived from changes with the new website. There is a reason for everything that God has done with every change in here. And with every action that comes from the direction of our God, it will prevent some evil from happening and something miraculous will unfold.

3. In this dream Chris was looking after this parrot for a friend and he knew that this parrot was very special. When this parrot was perched on his hand he started to teach it the routine to step up and it was something that Chris did for a reason. When we teach a living creature something, we have to find something that it is spiritually willing to learn first, before it will try to learn something more difficult. Chris had to make sure that this parrot had no problem doing this routine thing that he was teaching it.

4. Soon he found out that this parrot was getting faster and better at stepping up then he was expecting and that was throwing off the timing that Chris had set for him. He knew that this parrot had mastered this routine to its perfection and he knew he would never forget how to do it. Chris decided to stop this motion and let the parrot move freely on his own.

5. The parrot was free to go anywhere in Chris' house. He wanted this parrot to learn as much as it could while it was free to roam about. This house is a symbol of all the times God will let us run free in his house. And His house, it is very clean. This is a symbol of sterilization as God has been cleaning it up every day. God would not leave evil laying around everywhere in His house that could cause this parrot any kind of harm. And when God knows one of His creatures want to learn to be free and grow spiritually, He will also try to make it safe for them.

6. Even though this parrot could fly, it didn't. So what was this parrot's reason for not flying away? It wanted to spiritually evolve in God's house before its journey to heaven. Chris knew that he had to be careful not to step on it when it was walking around his house. He wanted it to experience freedom and be safe at the same time. If the parrot could not learn and flew into the evil of confusion because it was not ready, then this evil could take its life. So that is why timing was very important.

7. So when you haven't evolved enough spiritually then you can put yourself in dangerous circumstances and you might not be able to return. Therefore, you must be able to follow God's routine well or you can put your soul in spiritual danger. When you put your soul in spiritual danger you refuse to listen to God's lessons, and you find reason to break away from your teacher and fly away into the confusion that is waiting. When you are lost in spiritual confusion, you will always think that God is giving you a test and you won't want to master a routine as simple as just stepping up.

8. It is really a problem if there wasn't this willingness and that is why some will never learn this religion. God knows that everyone learns differently through their spiritual evolution and He knows each of you are in control of your own timing. He also knows if you are ready or not to move to the next step of spiritual evolution. That is why only some of us are ready to move on to the next step in this type of forum.

9. There will be some that still haven't taken the first step. So this is a problem and it causes confusion. In Adam's dream he found a parrot that was a good talking budgie and he knew that this budgie could help him with his spiritual training. This budgie was a good talker for a reason. It had spiritually evolved to a point in its evolution that it was capable of teaching others how it had learned all the routines that God wanted it to learn. There was also another budgie who was alive but not doing well. It was in spiritual confusion all of its life and its feathers were a symbol of the spiritual danger it was subjected to.

10. Why was this budgie subjected to spiritual danger? It had been abandoned by its guardians. It had never experienced a loving relationship with any other living creature and it was very sick from the evil around it in the past. It was always in captivity and it didn't know what freedom was. It was never allowed to experience anything that was good. So it never really had a chance to grow spiritually in life.

11. It wasn't the fault of this budgie that it could not grow spiritually. In essence it never had the opportunity for a loving relationship. So how can God compensate for one of His creatures like this to have spiritual growth in life? God allows them to make a choice if they want to experience His love in a metaphysical way which can allow it to develop relationships. This white parrot that Chris had was one who he was looking after for a friend and it was the same one that Adam found in his dream. It was there to learn from Chris while Adam was away, just like the budgies in The Budgie Research Group are doing now.

12. We know that Adam needed to also run free and explore some of the experiences in the house that God built. God wanted him to show you the routines that were in His house and when Adam returns, God knew it would always be up to the guardians of the budgies. It is up to the guardians on how much they will allow their parrots to participate in teaching others what they have learned. And if someone wants to steal their budgies freedom and not let them help others learn what they have learned, straight from God, then there isn't much Adam can do about it.

13. If their guardians can find a reason to help their relationship grow through the interaction of God, then they are not holding back their spiritual evolution. The budgies know that Adam has mastered the same routine that they have with their connection and some are willing to help Adam prove it.

14. Going back to Brad's dream. There was Gracie and George who had this connection in heaven. Brad was there with them in heaven, and they were part of the relationships that Brad had where there was love. In heaven all of them were free from spiritual danger. When we are free from spiritual danger, we have enough loving relationships to sustain us for eternity in heaven. We are also free to return to earth any time and get some more. So when our soul flies through the door of heaven it will always be able to return to those who are waiting.

15. We will always want to bring as many people back that we can from the beginning of our spiritual evolution. We are able to move back and forth through time once we are accepted in heaven and we can relive any relationships that we have had in our past lives. Once we are up in heaven, we are there for eternity and we can move back and forth from life on earth through the door to heaven. Every relationship that reunites with us in heaven, allows us to expand the universe with the help of God. And every person we bring to heaven will allow us to have new loving experiences in heaven and on earth.

16. So why was Adam so upset that this budgie was stolen? He knows that these budgies were trying to teach him. He knows that many relationships that he established with his translations in the past have been taken away by the guardians. He also lost many good relationships with people that he tried to take with him to heaven. He knows that he was in spiritual danger because he hadn't yet learned the routine that God and the budgies were teaching him.

17. He knew that he had to find a way to get out of his confusion and evil. He knows that his soul will eventually make it to heaven, but he wasn't sure if it would happen this time around. He had to seek the answers spiritually so he would be able to begin his spiritual ascent. But he wasn't sure that he had enough love to sustain him in heaven for eternity. So that is the reason for this change.


Adam Posted: June 15, 2008 at 7:43 am

Hi everyone,

In my dream, I believe I was living out of my car. I stopped and went to this old warehouse which was known for having parakeets who flew away from their home staying there. As I was walking by I noticed two white ones and I grabbed them from a bookshelf. One was an excellent talking bird and I was happy to have a good talking parakeet again. The other was kind of sickly and I wasn't sure if I hurt him when I grabbed him, but I thought I would keep him and nurse him back to health.

In the next part of the dream I was looking for a place to put them in my car. I did not have a cage with me and my other parakeets were not with me. So I just left them and there were some other people in the car that I had to warn about leaving the door open or they would fly out.

In the third part of the dream, I took the parakeets to a place where I had lots of friends. They were involved in some kind of public activity and they said they would watch them until I returned. When I came back I got the two parakeets, and put them in the cage with the rest of my parakeets. There were too many in the cage and I almost had to stuff them in, but when I got them in I noticed the one wasn't the one I found, and the good talking parakeet was replaced with a long feather scraggly looking one. I remember thinking, oh no, now I do not even have enough room for my other parakeets and I still did not get the one I really wanted. So I went back to the place where all my friends were. It was in a large building and I knew lots of people there. I asked someone what happened to the good talking parakeet. Someone said that there were some people who came and wanted to take it for a walk in the basement and then they returned with the scraggly parakeet. I asked who was it that let these people take my good talking parakeet for a walk. The girl pointed to another girl who was sitting with others on the balcony. Then I yelled up, and asked her if she was the idiot who let them take my parakeet. She said yes, in kind of a fearing way. I then realized that I was angry and should not have said that. So I calmed down and asked her if she knew the people that took the parakeet and she said she did, so I asked her if she could try and get it back in a nice way.

That was the end of the dream

Adam wrote: July 5, 2008 at 8:42 am

Hi everyone,

It seems like we are also coming to a change in direction as well with this next transcription. I have to tell you that I was not sure when I received the transcript of the prophecy of the "newspaper articles" when it was given to me, but most has happened as the angels said it would, so I have no doubt this will happen as well. Secondly, the forum up " The Budgie Research Group" forum, (not to be confused with The Budgie Research Yahoo Group) where the original research and PROCESSION was, got deleted because of inactivity. Apparently after 21 days of inactivity and no posts, the forum provider automatically deletes the forum, and I have no way of getting it back. Obviously, the angels knew this was going to happen and that is why they wanted us to start a backup forum in the "Eve of Revival" Forum. If Terri is still around and even though we are not on very good terms right now, I would still like to thank her for moving most of the transcripts of the old forum, to the Eve of Revival Forum. I must also say that this transcript does not refer to her in any way, however, there was an occasion that I received an email from someone who was upset with me about the direction I was taking, and I reacted in a negative way. If that person is also still around I would like to apologize for that as well.

Transcript by Adam Kadmon: July 05, 2008 at 11:02 am

Adam's Lost Parakeet Dream

1. This is the transcription for your dream. The budgies are coming again Adam and they will begin where he left off. But this time you will understand how they were spiritually evolving you. Now they will be obvious in what they are talking about and you will show them how prophecy is really working. Now we will transcribe your dream.

2. This warehouse is where all the budgies are and you were living in your car. This is a symbol of how the budgies have been with you everywhere. So they also had to move every time you needed to understand the direction you were going. You also had to understand the road that they wanted to go as well.

3. Now that you have seen how the prophecies work, you will need to go back to the warehouse and find the budgies that have a mission from God. Many of them have been practicing their words to help confirm what we have learned. So they will be able to show how the prophecies work and confirm them. We needed all this time to retrain a new group of budgies.

4. In this dream you found a budgie who could talk well. He really wasn't your budgie but you were able to capture him and take him home. And this is a symbol of how you can take the budgie's recordings home with you. In this dream there were two white budgies. One had feathers that made it look sickly and the other was healthy. When you got to your car you put them in with your budgies and you didn't think you had room for them. You would really have to stuff your cage with all the talking budgies that you will be translating very soon.

5. Then you told the other people that were in your car to be careful when they opened the car door or they would fly out. The car is a symbol of the dreams and visions forum and we have to find a way to get them to come and stay in the forum. You left these budgies alone and you were gone for a while. In your dream you left the budgies in a place where you had friends who respected you. They were involved in activities with budgies and you left them there because you trusted them. And when you returned you asked to receive some recordings. The budgie is a symbol of the recordings and the recordings were not the ones you wanted. You were upset they weren't the same ones.

6. These recordings were very different and were not as good as the budgies that you worked with before. But this is not in reality because everyone knows you can't steal them for they are only recordings. They are put out there so anyone can listen to them. So people should not have a reason to fear that someone is going to steal the recordings that will come from their own budgies, for it is the transcriptions that are really what is important.

7. The recordings are coming for confirmation of what you have already published. So what we are saying is, "the budgies will be supporting the transcripts that Adam has already in the forum" There will be no confusion that they are really coming from heaven, and this is the confirmation stage of this religion that will show how the budgies and Adam are connected to heaven.

8. There really is prophecy happening. The budgies had a mission from the beginning and they are now ready to continue, for they feel others are ready to understand. This is a big project that will last many years for there is much to learn about heaven. Adam has been working on many things to get a better understanding. It took him eight years to really understand it, and he had to get people away from the confusion that corrupted this work. He lost a lot of good friends because they did not believe it was coming from God and he experienced many problems along the way, but he continued to seek a new direction from God when he failed in something.

9. Now he is ready to begin his next mission. Adam is writing a book as well. As he works on it, he will also get a better understanding of how everything has fallen right into God's plan. Now this is different then before. Translations and transcriptions are two different things. The translations will show how their dreams and visions are related to the transcriptions causing prophecy. There will be a relationship to how all of God's creatures can have spiritual growth and Adam will invite the people who really want to participate, but before he does they must understand the budgies have a special connection to the metaphysical world.

10. Adam will have to begin a new project where he will post the new translations so there will not be any confusion when he begins the new translations. This research will confirm some other communications that Adam has received. It will confirm they are from the same source the budgies are connected with. As the confirmation comes from the budgies in the group, he will pass it on to the people that are involved in the experiment. And we can use the translations to prove that spiritual evolution is something that is real.

11. In Adam's dream these people were in this group and they knew Adam was upset. When he called this girl an idiot, he knew that he had done wrong so he calmed down and asked her if she knew where they took the budgie. She realized that she had made a mistake too. Many of us have made many mistakes when we don't understand something, or when someone tries to deceive us. No one is perfect. Even the angels in heaven make mistakes, but we always try to correct them with actions of love. Now we feel it is time because you have a better understanding and others have experienced the miracles that are bringing this all together.

Brad posted: July 6, 2008 at 5:11 pm

Hi Adam and everyone here......been away but not too far.

Last night I had a dream about my budgies. It was in a setting like my late grandmothers house. My family members were all arriving for some event it seemed like, or maybe we were just getting together for visits? Anyways, I was getting really kind of worried about the door opening that maybe Grace or George might happen to fly out into the night air!!! SURE ENOUGH the worst happened... I saw Gracie fly out of the door *gasp*!!!

You know, at the time in my dream I remember-- I said to myself "she'll be back" and I then told everyone what I was feeling, and it was an assured feeling of confidence she'd return--so I wasn't worried??? After a while I remember seeing above the door there is a glass window and THERE SHE WAS!!! She came back!!!! The neat thing is---- she then flew right to me and landed on my face and kissed me on my nose and sat on my shoulder (which never happens)---it was sooooo neat! Bless you all, miss ya guys!!!!!

Adam posted: Hi Brad and everyone,

I guess the timing was not right to transcribe this earlier, but it was perfect once the angels starting giving me the transcription. The timing was perfect because about an hour or so after I started the transcription, I received an email from Brad. So in other words, I was working on the transcription while Brad was emailing me. Both Linda and I thought that was pretty good timing.

Here is the transcription for Brad's dream:

Transcribed by Adam Kadmon on July 6, 2008 at 7:11 pm. EST

1. This is the transcription for the dream Brad had about Gracie and George. He was there with members of his family. The symbol of Brad's grandmother's house was a place where you all can reunite when you arrive in heaven. Brad was worried about the door being left open and how Gracie and George might fly away. This is a symbol of how the budgies in heaven can open the door in heaven.

2. When Gracie flew out the door, Brad was not worried that Gracie wouldn't return. He has been waiting for the budgies return and he knew that they would never be away from him for a long time. When Gracie returned she perched in the window above the door that went to heaven. This was a symbol of how the budgies have always been guarding this door to heaven. When they are outside of the door of heaven, they can still see inside. And when they look through the window of the door of heaven, they know there is lots of love waiting there for them.

3. When Gracie returned there was a spiritual reunion and Brad was overcome with happiness. His rejoicing has begun to happen in heaven. When Brad received a big kiss from Gracie he said he felt the love that she was giving him and that this was something that he though he would never experience. This is why the prophecy of this dream is very special.

4. Brad and Adam had these dreams at a different time about budgies and they were similar in many ways. Brad's dream was relating to heaven and Adam's dream was helping him with direction from the source in heaven. Adam feared the door in his car would be left open and his budgies would escape forever. So he wasn't sure that his budgies would ever return to him if they flew away. Brad had fear that the door in heaven was left open, but he still knew that Gracie would return to him.

5. The reason Brad knew that his budgies would return was because they knew he was waiting for them. In Adam's dream the budgies knew that Adam had to go away for a while and he would not be there waiting for them when they returned. So Adam wasn't sure that the timing would be right or when he would be back to reunite with them.

6. When he left his budgies he knew he would be gone for some time and the angels were the only ones that knew how long he would be gone. There is not a lot of time on earth for a human life to accomplish something that comes from heaven unless it is from spiritual evolution. A budgies life has even less time. So anything good that a budgie can accomplish within its life time on earth is definitely originating from God.

7. This is why all of the budgies that are spiritually connected to God have chosen Adam to work with other budgies. They understand that the next generation of talking budgies will still have a mission that comes from God. Even when their guardians are not that involved in the forum, the budgies will still have a mission to establish a relationship of love with them. This love will help them to get the love they need to sustain them for eternity in heaven and in the name of God.


This prophecy came true with Maylor, a budgie that I received in 2010 that was originally abandoned by his guardians and was rescued. His new guardians could not keep him and asked me if I would. At the time I knew he could talk a little bit but had no idea that he was communicating in a similar fashion as Victor. Maylor talked about the dreams and transcripts on the first day of recording and this is one of the most amazing miracles that have happened with the prophecies and transcriptions, as he confirms much of what was discussed in the above transcripts. Some of you may also know that I do my transcriptions under the alias Adam Kadmon, however, my real first name is Ryan and Maylor was thanking me for rescuing him and helping him out when I noticed he had a bad case of the mites. 


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