Connecting to the Angels

Communicating and Receiving Messages from Angels

There are various methods for one to communicate with the Angels, however, I am going to share with you my experiences and how they can be easily incorporated into your life.

If you truly want to hear and experience the Angels communicating with you, then you should read this article.

Can you learn how to communicate with the Angels?

I believe anyone can, as long as they have goodness and love in their heart and are willing to put their trust in God.

Contacting Angels - The Angel Scrolls.comThe first step is to identify what your vision of God is. For instance, if you believe in a God that is vengeful and jealous, instead of one that is nurturing, caring and full of grace, then you may have difficulty trusting what He has to say when it comes to modern day prophecy. There are quite a few reasons for this. They are:

  • the religion that we have accepted and are more or less cultured to believe in, denounces modern day prophecy and true communication with God.
  • some have fear that they will be damned for eternity for changing their religious beliefs.
  • there is fear of false prophets, cults, and methods in which new age religions adopt their belief systems and often have their own set of laws and rules.
  • our friends, family, and acquaintances often do not support different belief systems and can even persecute us in different ways if we change ours.
  • even though most say they believe in God and the eternal soul, they are often highly skeptical of claims of miracles, spiritual communication and proof of God.

So, if you look at the examples above, what is right about that? For instance, why would God abandon us and stop giving us guidance in a modern world? A current God always supports and finds ways to pass on His wisdom to us in an ever-changing world.

If you have fear of God damning you for changing your religious beliefs and sending your soul to eternal damnation, then He must not be that loving, caring and understanding. Look at it this way, if your children did not believe the same thing that you believed or you wanted them to believe, would you abandon them and send them to everlasting pain and suffering?

I can understand the fear of false prophecy, cults and some new age religions though. Yet, I also believe that one has to look at them carefully, and decide first if they are essentially good and if what they do is right. For instance, should we persecute those who do not have the same religious beliefs as us? Of course not! We all have a choice and God gives us the right to believe in what we want, even if we're wrong. He knows we are human and make mistakes. He is an understanding God and like any parent, He still tries to guide His children. Yes, we should be aware and avoid the cultish religions who isolate themselves and their children, make their own laws and prevent their congregations from interacting with the rest of the world. So, we must look closely to find out what secrets they are hiding and ensure they are not just following someone who justifies their evil doings in the name of God.

When it comes to friends and family not supporting us when we change our belief systems, it can become quite frustrating. Often the only way we can get them to accept our change is when they see the spiritual growth that we are having and how it has affected our lives positively. Yet, there may be some that even abandon us completely when we have a significant change in our belief systems. Trust me, there are many who often believe they are quite spiritual but have no idea what spirituality really means.

Finally, why is it so difficult for those people who believe in God, who is a supernatural being, to acknowledge the existence of the supernatural world? In other words, they dismiss anything miraculous and either call it a hoax, coincidence or brush it off, saying it has a scientific explanation.

Have you ever sensed or known for sure that God is guiding and speaking to you? Some will say yes, I go to church and hear God speaking to me through the minister of the church. I read the Bible and hear God speaking in it. I hate to tell you this, but that is not God speaking to you, it is the minister giving you his interpretation of the Bible or his own spiritual beliefs, or it is the Bible giving you a record of a religious belief system at the time it was written. Fortunately, it is not wrong to listen to those who are divinely inspired, but we should not hold ourselves to every word they say as God's truth either. Do you think Moses would have had such a divine experience on the mountain if there was just someone up there who said they heard God speaking to him and he was there to pass on what He said? Moses would have probably said, "well if that is true then I want Him to tell me first hand," or at least he would ask for some kind of proof that God did speak to him. So, yes God speaks to me through the Angels, and like that hypothetical man up on the mountain with Moses, I am here to tell you what He says. The only difference is that I will prove that He is speaking to us through the Angels and you will be able to witness it yourself.

Once you get past the dogma that causes your fear about being punished for listening, you may be able to closely look at the good that I am focused on creating and it's benefits for mankind. So let me explain how you can become part of it.

First, you have to ask God for direction if you are suffering or need help with anything. Even if you are not suffering you may have a question that gives you some spiritual confusion and you need it answered. If so, say a prayer and ask Him to help you understand. If you do, He will send you a dream to help you, and if you just open your mind to some of the dream interpretations that I have done, they shall help you get the answers you need. Your dream at some point may be chosen to be transcribed as well.

What is a Spiritual Dream Interpretation?

Spiritual dream interpretations contain prophecy, warnings and divine lessons from God that will often open a person's mind to God's truth. I have done many in the past and even more important than the prophecies that come to fruition through them are the reversal of evil within the soul that can happen within a group, or those that are witnessing it. There is a great focus on prophecies of survival, and warnings that can help us steer away from things that are preventing us from spiritual growth. The symbols in the dream interpretations that I get are like the ones that Daniel received in the Bible. They come straight from the Angels in Heaven and ultimately from God. So the angles are a witness to the spirituality of God and the budgies are a medium for what the Angels have passed on to them. I am only the messenger who does my best to let others know what God passes on during the entire process. So there is a three-step confirmation that is used to validate and confirm that they are coming from Heaven. The first is that they are often backed up by what the budgies say, and others can hear them say it as well. So, in other words, a miraculous event happens when you can hear a budgie speaking about their belief systems in conjunction with the dream transcription. The second is the lessons often provide those involved with divine emotions and a willingness to change. Something amazing will happen in their life to confirm what they have heard in the dream transcription. The last is the confirmations of the prophecies in news events which usually happen after the dreams and interpretations are posted or translated.

How does this provide you with proof that God really exists?

Many say that they do not need proof that God exists because they have faith. So how does that affect the rest of the people who have either lost their faith or were never given the opportunity to practice it? We believe that faith comes from experiencing God's divine intervention and we often need a spiritual quenching to rejuvenate it. As you experience God's intervention and miracles almost daily, God and His Angels will be walking with you and guiding you on the right path to spiritual evolution.

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