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Posted: May 24, 2008 10:09 am

Adam Kadmon wrote:

Hi Everyone,

Last night before I went to bed I asked God to give me direction on how to move forward in this forum.

Adam's Bee and Teddy Bear Dream, March 02, 2008

I was in this building and there was a large bee buzzing around. I had fear that this bee was going to sting me or someone else. Therefore, I decided I would go on a hunt for it and kill it. I chased it around in different rooms for a while with not much luck. Finally I saw that it had landed on a piece of furniture so I took this plant container with a plant in it and knocked it off the furniture. Then I took the plant and squished the bee into which seemed like a muddy area on the floor. Suddenly, as I was squishing the bee, it turned into a cute miniature black and white teddy bear. The teddy at the time seemed to be alive but when I squished it into the mud I felt sorry for it as I as doing it.

That was the end of the dream.

Hi everyone,

Just to let you know that I am not personally aware of the press following this religion, however, since the angels have told me they are in this transcription, I have no doubt that they know what is happening here. This was the next dream that I had.

Usually my dreams are a little different then Linda's when it comes to how they are displayed. Most of the time my dreams are taken from the next one that needs to be transcribed in the thread from the top, whereas, with Linda, the dreams usually come from the oldest dream she has waiting at the bottom. Obviously this changes as soon as it is posted though as all new threads go to the top.

Posted by Adam Kadmon on May 24, 2008 at 1:09 p.m.

1. You were in a building where a bee was buzzing all around you and you know that often a symbol of a building is this religion. This bee is a symbol of the press in here. This is a prophecy for the newspaper that they will see happen. Adam is aware now that you are watching him in this religion. God has asked the angels to show you something by causing a miracle. This miracle will be connected to a prophecy.

2. They are always trying to increase the distribution of the morning newspaper. So if you could post something in the morning newspaper that would relate to a prophecy the next day, it would be very incredible for the subscribers. Adam would be able to do this very consistently for any newspaper and each new transcript has a spiritual message with the prophecy.

3. A newspaper will play a big part in changing religions all over the world. You will experience a prophecy that happens in every dream that Adam transcribes. Each of them will be ready for the newspaper on special mornings. In this dream Adam was chasing this bee around to kill it. What was the reason he was trying to kill it? Because he knew it could sting him if it wanted to.

4. So this bee is a representation of something that usually is harmless unless it is provoked and often it can be provoked by accident. What are some things that we can do to provoke it and how can we be sure that it never stings anyone in this house. If we begin to watch it relentlessly to ensure that it is not after us, we hope that it is just curious about us, and we wonder what is the reason it has come. We know that if we show emotional anger towards it, it may fear that we are going to lash out at it in anger. We know that it has an attraction to something that we are doing, so we try and stop doing what it is to prevent it from coming.

5. There are many of us that can be allergic to the sting as well, so we know we have to be very careful. Many people have no fear and show reasoning when a bee is present and they would not let a bee affect them from growing spiritually. For every time we have fear and we are in confusion, we are not growing spiritually.

6. In this dream Adam had a reason to chase this bee and try and kill it. He saw it land on some furniture. When we dream of killing an insect, in is a symbol of preventing it from growing spiritually. We also know that furniture is a symbol of religion.

7. So when this insect landed in this religion, Adam took a plant and tried to kill it. This plant was a symbol of something that we can use for the evil purpose of preventing someone from spiritual growth. When Adam scrunched this bee into this mud, it was not something that lived in reality, so then it is a warning for him not to have fear of the press for it is really like a cute little teddy bear.

8. Once he pressed this bee into the floor it had mud in it and he felt very bad. So this is something that Adam knew that he should not be spiritually doing. He would not prevent the spiritual growth of this newspaper by putting it in the mud. This mud is a symbol of something that is mixed with something that we need to sustain life. When it is mixed with something else it represents something evil. So when you mix evil with something that you need for life, it will prevent it from its ability to sustain life. So we have to find a way to filter the evil out of this mud.

9. Therefore, we will have to put a process in place that will be able to filter out the things we need in life. And that is what prophecy can accomplish for people who need a belief system that they know comes from heaven. Those who wish can experience a spiritual journey every day. So what is the religious prophecy in this dream? When you have fear of something in life it will cause you confusion and it can prevent you from growing spiritually.

10. We all know that many religions actually prevent people from growing spiritually in life, for even if they are correct in one area, they are incorrect in another. When they are incorrect, it is religious evil which is something that multiplies rapidly to create more evil and confusion in that religion. When religion has evil, it conditions our soul into many beliefs that are not supported. That is why we need a religion that can be supported by current prophecy.

11. How is the future affected by prophecy? It helps people in regions of the world to have spiritual growth during their lifetimes and this is something that is usually evident in what the press is reporting in the particular region they live in. So the press has a big responsibility to assist people in their spiritual growth as well.

12. What is the downfall of not following some kind of a spiritual belief system? If they don't they are not experiencing prophecy that will help to quench their spiritual needs. They do not have a personal relationship with God on a daily basis. They will be lost in confusion and evil even when they are good people. They will not be able to understand the true meaning of a religious life and they will not see its benefits. They will not be able to sustain their love for any great length of time and will cause more evil then good in their lifetime. They will have trouble understanding the difference between good and evil which will often cause reactions of emotional evil.

13. God knows that everyone has their basic instincts to do good in life and they need a means to find their way. You have future generations to think about and there are many evil things that we have to reverse in humanity before it is too late. We all know that humanity has to evolve in a positive way and God needed to find a way to make this happen.

14. When God reverses this evil we will see how many things in this world will be changed and help many to receive more happiness. There will also be benefits in heaven which will sustain humanity for eternity. We will never have to worry that our children will go through the destruction of humanity, so they will be able to experience all the good things in life. God will not be able to eliminate evil totally in the world, but He will be able to take an active roll in bettering it.

15. God has a vision of life that is much better once we can learn how to experience His miracles. So those that have fear of the future, will know that God is helping in every way He can. So this prophecy of the distribution of love will be something that many more people will be following and very unique in its form.

Posted: May 25, 2008 at 5:11 a.m.

Hi everyone,

Interestingly enough, I turned on the TV at 6:52 a.m. this morning and went to CNN. The first news that was on was a story of survival of some divers in Australia I think, that were missing for two days. They were found by a helicopter. The main focus was that the divers based their survival on remaining calm for the two days.

I do not think this will be the prophecy, however, it is quite a coincidence that it was the first story on the news when I turned it on and it was a story of survival. The helicopter could be the "bee" buzzing around, but that could be pushing it a little. Perhaps there will be something different on this later today. Also there were a couple of other stories on CNN that involved helicopters as well.

Posted: May 26, 2008 at 5:42 p.m.

Hi everyone,

Yesterday around 7 a.m. I thought that the CNN article that was on about the survival of the two divers related to this transcript. Later on in the day, Linda went to pick up the paper. During that time I transcribed a dream in the morning which was the car running on dream. Two interesting things happened. The newspaper article made the Toronto Sun Second Page. Here is the article. When I saw the article I wasn't really sure if there was divine intervention. However, later on when I read the rest of the newspaper and saw another article, it changed my mind.

Here is the article on survival of the divers:

So I transcribed this dream before I read the paper:

Adams 2nd dream:

My car was not working properly. When I turned it off it ran on and sputtered for quite a while. Someone was there with me and said they could fix it. Then the dream switched to a steam engine, and the person opened the cap to let the pressure out of the engine so it would stop. I am not sure but I think the problem continued. In the next part of the dream I was talking to Linda and said my car would not work so we would have to use hers. She said that if I used her car I would have to pay her mileage. I was a little surprised at what she said but I remember feeling that I probably would not be doing much driving anyway.

Here is the transcript for that dream:

1. There will be another article coming, but you were right when you said that media can be represented by a helicopter. For they are like a bee buzzing in a region to find news in that area. Why does a bee have a reason to be buzzing around a certain area? It is looking for some news to bring back to their hive and they are honestly a resource to support the beehive of religion.

2. When they see some evil that could threaten their survival they will move in closer. Bees will always be drawn to life for they know confusion threatens their existence and they do not want their hive near to it. Those beehives that are put too near to population usually have a lower chance of survival, for humanity can find a reason to fear and destroy them. So the beehive of religion is often feared by the majority of humanity.

3. What is the procedure for a bee who saw some evil in its area that may threaten the survival of its hive. This bee has a responsibility to return and tell everyone what he has seen so they can avoid it in the future. They would not rely on some idiot bee who causes a reaction that would cause more fear. When fear and confusion causes a negative reaction with humanity, then it is something that does not come from love, and we cannot expect it to be the truth. So this bee must approach everything with love in mind. And we know there are reporters who can do this.

4. Adam had a vision about a car that wasn't working properly. It was running on when he tried to turn it off. What was the problem that made this car run on? It was ignoring the ignition switch. Obviously this car had a problem that prevented it from releasing the pressure that was collected in its engine. Why would this pressure keep building up in this engine? Because there was something that was wrong with the fuel and it wasn't able to filter out the impurities in it.

5. If there is something in the fuel that affects the engine of religion, then it will build up a lot of pressure and not be able to run properly. Even if you let the pressure out, it will still have the same problem if you are using the wrong fuel. Even when the fuel is clean, it may still have done damage. So we must be very careful or the vehicle of religion will never be able to run properly. When evil affects the engine of religion it will run on actions that are immoral to the rest of the population.

6. So what causes religions to run immorally? They have been forced to evolve independent of civilization. So when they are forced out on their own, they often find a way to replace what they are missing in life so they can be happy. This has been a problem when you hear of missionaries that make communes their life. And Adam has a mission that relies on being in the middle of civilization. It will never be like one of these religions that rely on immoral practices as the fuel of religion.

7. When Adam had a vehicle of religion that wasn't running very well he asked Linda if he could use hers. She said sure, but he would have to pay for the mileage. When a visionary uses someone else's vehicle of religion, then their vehicle is not running properly. If their vehicle is not running properly they will still need to find their way around in life.

8. When Linda said that Adam would have to pay for mileage, she was letting Adam know that she couldn't give him a ride for nothing and she knew that Adam would be able to provide her with something that would help to financially run her vehicle. We have learned that money is the symbol of spiritual freedom and we all know that it is something that we need to survive in most regions of the world. So this is something that all civilized nations are dependent upon. However, money can also make a lot of evil when it is the fuel that drives the engine of religion. So as long as we have enough to keep the engine running, and provide us with a reasonable amount of happiness, then it is okay to be used for the vehicle of religion.

9. So spiritual freedom is the same thing. We cannot be held responsible for the things that the general population deems as being acceptable because we have to be able to seek happiness like anyone else. On the other hand we cannot feel so spiritually free to do anything that goes against the laws of the society that we live in. When leaders of religion are held to a different set of principles then the society that they live within, it is a breeding ground for evil. So we have to look at religious people having the same laws and their actions should not be judged according to their religion, but what is accepted generally by the society that they live in.

10. For those religious people who feel that their actions are not something that is morally accepted by God in heaven, then they should want to make a change, and they should not be forced to do something because they are expected to be different. There is a reason that they should not be forced to supplement their happiness for their religion. It is because they have not spiritually made the choice to change and when we do not have a choice we are under a lot of pressure, and our engine of religion will not run properly. God will always provide them with a reason to make a change, when they are not happy in life or when they have evil affecting other relationships.

11. If they have evil controlling their decisions, then they will eventually have to pay for their mistakes. However, we have to understand that it is not God that makes them pay for the mistakes they make. It always is the evil which draws them into something that will affect their spiritual growth in life. And this evil is something that causes a mounting pressure that will affect their engine of religion.

12. So what process can we put in place to prevent this from eventually happening to all the prophets of God's religions. We have to begin to realize that no one is perfect. We have to find ways to help these religions integrate into society with understanding and love. We should not put any religions under pressure as long as they follow the laws of society. We should never prevent religious people from driving their own vehicle as long as they abide to our laws of society. And we shouldn't make them accountable for things that are acceptable in the society they live in. For when we tell them they cannot do the same things that are acceptable for everyone else, then we are telling them that they have to make their own laws.

13. This is a big problem with the media. On one hand they promote spiritual freedom and on the other hand they try to take away the rights of spiritual people. So this is actually spiritual repression for those who want to make a change in their life. We have all seen a lot of spiritual repression that has been initiated by the media and this always ends up affecting the people that are involved in it causing more evil then good. When we can't concentrate on the good things that religion can bring, then others will not benefit from it. Now we are not saying that we shouldn't get involved when some of these religions are causing harm to children and others. We must have a good reason to try and dissolve certain religions and that reason usually consists of religions that cause pain and suffering and ultimately death. However, if there is a religion that is causing these things then we can try and change it with actions that are based in love. The media must send the perfect representative when dealing with any religion, for if it is like a little bee that makes people panic by getting too close to the things that most people do in life, then he could not be relied upon to give the hive a true report. So every little good bee must have a mission to look for things that the other bees could use to make more honey and still be aware of the danger that it could run across.

14. However, not all of the dangers that every little bee will run into will still be there for the next little bee. If he runs into something that will affect the future of the hive, then he has a responsibility to provide the right warning.

So the question of divine intervention still lingered and this is what I found in the Sun a few more pages further:

There are similarities in both of the articles and lessons to be learned relating to God. So this was another confirmation for me. How about you?

Posted: May 26, 2008 at 6:30 p.m.

That article does lay some of this out doesn't it. The transcription said that you get a breeding ground of evil when religious leaders are treated to a different set of rules than everyone else. The leaders of the catholic school board used their position to treat themselves to treats. Now the system is short of money that is needed to teach kids.

The transcription specifically mentioned hurting children, and here we have children being the victims of their leaders behaviour.

Posted: May 26, 2008 10:13 p.m.

Hi Chris and everyone,

I also like the way the dream connected the article quite clearly as well. The Bee dream was a little hard to connect however, the "Car Running On Dream" was quite amazing. The dream itself had "pressure" or "heating up" and it had Linda asking me for mileage. In the article the press was putting a lot of pressure on the Catholic School Trustees because of expenses. Then it was quite amazing how the "Bee Dream" and the "Car Running On" dream came together. I still have a little bit of a problem of why the plant was used in the dream and maybe God and His angels can explain that.

Your article about the Bee's you found was interesting as well. It seemed like the person writing the article was pretty hard on the bees, and putting a lot of fear in people. Most bees in Canada would never sting you unless you really provoked them.

So to me this was a bit of an exaggeration on the writers part which could cause a lot of problems and fear for people who see bees as well.

One last point, and believe me, I have been thinking about it for over a day now trying to figure it out as well. In the first article of the survival of the divers, it showed how the article was an article that existed in love and survival and gave people a good feeling that these divers were saved. However, when you read the second article about the Catholic School Board it can make you angry or upset. So really, the bee is the press who could either sting you by making you feel upset or causing discontent, like it did in the second article, or it could be like a teddy bear, that makes you feel good and happy like in the first. Perhaps that is the message that God and the angels were trying to get across with these two dreams and newspaper articles.

Posted: May 28, 2008  at 9:39 a.m.

In my last post I had this question.

"I still have a little bit of a problem of why the plant was used in the dream and maybe God and His angels can explain that." Here is the answer which came in my first session with the angels this morning.

Transcribed by Adam Kadmon: May 28, 2008  at 11:31 a.m.

1. The question about the plant is being answered here for Adam. This plant is a symbol of something that needs to undergo a process. This process is to respect the process of life in the beginning of this religion. This is the plant of religion and it was used when there was fear in God's forum. It was something that God planted in this religion as a way to protect Adam when he was ready to give up on it. We promised that the angels would protect Adam so we had these plants waiting for him and they will always be there for him and others in the future.

2. When we have planted a dream for the future, we are reversing some evil by demonstrating that Adam has a connection to heaven. When he uses these plants from heaven they will help Adam and the visionaries out of confusion. They are not something that exists in any evil, but they may be something that someone does not want to hear and they will exist in the truth. When there is someone who is trying to threaten our mission, they will turn it to love as they grow.

3. Whenever the process of truth reverses some evil these plants from heaven will grow. Plants often give out some oxygen through photosynthesis and that is why God used them as a symbol. When the light changes carbon dioxide to something that is usable like oxygen or glucose, then it is something humanity needs.

4. Many plants will produce something that is important for this religion to survive. There will be a process that becomes more evident in the future and the use of these plants will show miracles happening. Now we have something to explain a lot better then Adam when it comes to how these two dreams were connected. When there is a transcript we have seen how it can produce prophecy, but there will be many ways to make prophecy happen in this religion.

5. First we had to make the visionaries understand it and we have showed you many different ways in here. Now each visionary will be able to experience a prophecy unfolding as they begin to follow these lessons. And this connection will either be with a dream that will convince them it is a prophecy, or with the transcription or a combination of the both of them. And the confirmation will often come with a newspaper article and the transcription will be the most important part of it.

6. The transcription will always be done shortly before it happens in the news, and it will be obvious that it is a prophecy. First you will look at the symbols in each dream separately, and not relate it to the transcription. For prophecy is often there without any lesson with it. When the prophecy is connected to the transcription, then it will always be a lesson from heaven.

7. And the timing is very important for its confirmation. The dream has to be transcribed before the event is released in the newspaper. And in each article there will be things that are relating to the dream. The dream can also be something that has meaning in your life. Remember that each transcription is related to the news article, and there will be something that we can learn from and trust in the article. If the article is laced with confusion, then the transcription will try to reverse it.

8. Now this may seem very complicated, but as you follow these articles you will begin to look for all these things. As you read them it will help to reverse your confusion. When a prophecy comes to light it makes you see the evil that can affect your soul from the problem of not hearing the truth. It can also resolve questions that cause us confusion when we don't know what to believe. They will show how reasoning is a very important way to reverse evil in the written things we read in the newspaper as it is history once it is a written article.

9. These articles will relate to survival and religion. They will also be lessons for helping us understand how everything involves changing attitudes in our life. Once you have a change in attitude in your life, you can begin to change. So the reasons for these plants are to help us to take something that is not useful and turn it into something that we can use to feed our soul. And we will now promise you that these plants will always be set in place as protection.

10. They are from the love of God and they will begin to flower throughout your life. They will be beautiful and they will often bloom when you need something spiritual to help you through the confusion that everyone has in life. They will never be used as a weapon to cause more evil. And every plant will provide us with a different emotion from God. And each of them will provide something that our soul could be missing.

11. These plants are for the future and the present, and they will grow with love every time God waters them. And these plants will be growing for a long time. Some of them are like perennials which will grow year after year in prophecy. Even though perennials stay alive and grow year after year there are plants that only live for a short time. But they will be reborn again time after time.

Posted: June 1, 2008 at 4:37 p.m.

Hi Everyone,

Adam and I were going over this transcript after he posted it and I just wanted to clarify a couple of lines.

This plant is a symbol of something that needs to undergo a process.

This process is to respect the process of life in the beginning of this religion.

We are all learning in here and some people easily accept that they need to change and grow spiritually, and others take a little longer. The point is that we all need to respect every individual no matter what stage they are at in their spiritual growth.

When people first come here they may not want to accept what is being taught and may not want to hear it. It may take awhile for them to realize they need to change and be open to it, and some may not ever choose to change. None of us are here to judge. We are just here to support and respect each other throughout the process. Don't ever forget we all have Gods beautiful plants to answer any questions we may have, so we never need to be confused about anything ever again.


Images of articles to follow


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