The Angel Scrolls Introduces Biological Quantum Communications

Since the development of digital audio software reverse speech has been extensively studied and David Oates has been in the forefront of it for the past 35 years. I have also been studying it for about 15 years and agree with much of his findings. He believes that we communicate in forward mode as we are consciously speaking and we also send a reverse message subconsciously. At one point on his website he also says it is a connection to the soul and the subconscious mind.

I also believe that it is a connection to the soul, but have a few different hypothesis that I would like to share with you. First off, forget all the hype about reverse recordings being evil and somehow connected to the devil. Although you can get evil results from it, this occurs because the person's speech you are working with is experiencing evil thoughts or perhaps qu10even more bizarre, their soul is in a lot of confusion, not just when the recording was made but in the future or even after death. If you experience what you feel is evil while listening to a reverse recording then you should find a different source. If it happens consistently, then perhaps it is time to reevaluate your own place on the path to spiritual evolution. If you believe in a trusting and loving God whose main purpose is to prevent pain and suffering not only for yourself, but others, then you should have no problem discerning the difference between what is truly evil and what is something that a loving God would want to pass on to you through the angels.

So how is it possible that this connection can pick up a person's emotions or thoughts after death? It is a highly accepted truth that most religions believe that the soul is eternal, however when we have evidence of paranormal events happening because of it, we often find these events fantastically hard to believe. If we can truly believe that the soul is eternal then we can begin to understand what happens in the metaphysical. In the metaphysical or spiritual world, as in conjunction with the quantum world, there is no correlation between space and time, for like a huge super-computer, everything is happening at once and certain programs rely on others to function properly. The operating system of God keeps everything to do with the soul functioning, and spiritual evolution is the anti-virus that corrects it when it gets infected.

Do you really know what happens to the billions of atoms in our body when we die? They do not just disappear, they end up all over the place. Once you die, decomposition begins at the quantum level with the molecules that make up your body and they are broken down and incorporated into new molecules. If you believe in reincarnation like we do, then the atoms are brought together in a new life form and reborn later, still keeping that connection to the everlasting soul.

With reverse recordings, we can actually experience and interact with ourselves through them, after we die. How is that possible? When you have eternity to do whatever you want that is good, then in theory we could react and intervene not only with our own past but anyone else that we feel might produce change. And this explains paranormal events such as miracles, ghosts, apparitions and communicating with the spiritual world. It is an evolutionary part of the driving force during a quantum life cycle that affects change in our soul. It focuses on less pain and suffering throughout each life cycle of ourselves and those we have loved in past lives and encourages a more rapid spiritual evolution of these souls. It is the way that God protects humanity and prevents its total extinction and it is how He reverses evil that causes pain and suffering for us. Yes, evil can be reversed and each and every one of us has the opportunity to help in God's master plan which will eventually see humanity experience less and less of it as we evolve.

When I have worked with human reverse recordings in the past I have found, like the late David Oates, I was able to pick up various clear sentences and phrases that relates much to what the individual was saying. In a test case I did a reversal of a man who did a TV interview and later was charged and convicted of murdering his wife. The reversal clearly showed many examples of him talking about how he did the murder. It was a little frightening because I felt I was listening to pure evil. Subsequently, I never did that again. I have found that some of the human reversals I have done in the past have more information in them then others and when I do them it seems that I have a stronger than average connection to the spiritual world which attracts more spiritual communication. For the purposes here, I do not do human reversals, but ones of my own budgies and find a much stronger connection to the spiritual world with them, allowing me to translate everything they say in reverse. Sometimes, I find that the reversals are even clearer and contain more context then the forward recordings and that was very surprising. This again relates to quantum mechanics because these little creatures have a much stronger and closer connection to the quantum world and are able to communicate clearly in both directions. Anatomically it makes sense that they can, because they are capable of producing more than one form of communication in different frequency ranges and you just have to know and adapt yourself to the right frequency to understand them. Quantumly, this is also similar to the way atoms communicate with each other when they are entangled. If two atoms are brought close together or make contact they absorb some of the properties of the other and it is called entanglement. Once they are entangled they rotate in the exact opposite of the other, and if you separate them and produce change in one, change in the other will happen at exactly the same time no matter how far apart they are.

Providing Proof of Biological Quantum Communications

So how do I prove what I am saying actually happens with the reverse recordings of a budgie. I will do it by giving you some examples of a simple file I recorded of Victor when he first began talking in 1999.  In the examples I will provide the original forward recording which is often quite hard to understand. Then, in the reversal, you will be able to hear him communicating many things that we humans may be able to pick up subconsciously. I believe it is his soul speaking to mine, and this theory will be further developed in the future.

In the examples I will provide, there will be some short clips from the recordings I post. Then there will be snips from the recording. Each section in forward mode will be then reversed after a pause of one second. It will then be slowed down to 2 different speeds so you can pick up what you missed in the first attempt. I normally do not like clipping parts out of a recording because all the recordings and translations of Victor and Maylor are in their original form and not clipped and strung together. Exemptions were made only when there was extended chirping going on where I had to edit it out or periods of silence. However, the original recording will be here as well so you can compare the reversals with the recording itself which will prove there is no deceit going out. Once you listen to them you will be able to see how they really do not conform to our version of reality. Even if you have the same word used twice in normal mode, you will often find that they sound totally different in reverse. That means there is something metaphysical happening with the recordings that cannot be explained.

With the experiments,  I took some short random videos of Victor and the results are actually far better than I hoped for. If you listen to them you will be able to clearly hear Victor communicating with me at the quantum level in reverse. Even more interesting, there are parts where I am responding to his reverse communications. So, this is probably one of the most incredible discoveries I have made yet and it allows others to witness some of what I am hearing and transcribing during the dream interpretations. For those who still have some doubt that Victor's recordings are not real, this should convince them once and for all. There is no way that this could ever be fabricated. The raw audio files of the recordings I worked with are available to download with the example and you can try them yourself. The entire recordings are used, so I just didn't take small parts out of it to make my point.

I should also let you know, there is a free program on the internet called "Audacity" that allows you to reverse any part of what he says. You can also use Windows Maker with also allows you to reverse sections of the audio by importing the video and working on the properties of the audio file. If you choose the same phrases that I did, you will be able to come up with the exact result in reverse. This is also a prophecy that was fulfilled in my last dream interpretation that stated there would be an experiment that anyone could do, that would confirm what I was talking about. The transcript was given in the explanation on dreams and visions on this website.

These are experiments in Quantum Communications that I have done thus far. You will be able to see the videos at the bottom of each page.

Biological Quantum Communication Examples

New Maylor The Budgie's Quantum Recordings

See Victor the Budgie's Quantum Recordings






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