Dream Interpretation About Dogs and Friends Dream

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Dogs and Friends Dream Interpretation-Translation-Transcription-Prophecy

Linda posted: March 23, 2008 at 5:44 pm dream from February 25, 2008 - Dogs & Friends

I went into a very big house with three dogs. Hugo, a German Sheppard, my dog that is deceased now but at that time was a puppy, Kashmir, and another dog that may have been a German Sheppard as well. We were walking through the house checking everything out when we came upon a room that was full of other German Sheppard dogs. I don't think they were being vicious but I remember them coming towards us. So I panicked a bit and somehow tranquilized my 2 big dogs thinking that they would be safer if they didn't fight the other dogs. So I took Kashmir with me and we slowly backed away from the pack of dogs and went into another room that was near the front door. There was a ladder coming out of the ceiling in this room sort of like a tree house ladder made of sticks and things and it had all different levels. I think it pulled down and that is how I was able to get on it with my puppy. I put Kashmir on a bench part further up the ladder. All the dogs followed us in and were congregating underneath us, looking up at us. I wasn't really super scared but I was intimated and I was wondering what I was going to do and how was I going to get my other dogs out of there. After a while most of the dogs went back to the other room and the ones that were left were mostly puppies and a mother dog. So I decided to try to escape out of the front door which was just below and to the side of the ladder. So I slowly got down with my puppy and went for the door. I somehow ended up opening the door more than once and slamming it shut without leaving. I went to try again and someone came out of another room that was off the front hall room. He said "Oh Hi, is everything ok?" I was very shocked and said I didn't realize anyone was there. So I'm talking to this guy and everything is ok and the dogs are ok and someone came and knocked at the door. He tried to send the person away or get them to come back later because he wanted to spend more time talking to me alone but more people kept showing up. So it ended up becoming a get together and he showed me around the house and some of the people cleaned up an area and we had a meal together.

Adam posted: August 20, 2008 at 12:40 pm

Hi Again,

This is going to be a long post with regards to the events that happened during our vacation. In it there will be some evidence of God's miracles happening close to us, an example of a type of prophecy, and a newspaper confirmation in the Toronto Sun as well that came out on August 19th. We will also be testifying to a sad event that happened while Linda and I were on vacation as well.

First off, for the most part Linda and I had a great vacation until the last day while we were packing up to leave. I will talk about that later.

While we were at the campsite, on the last weekend there was a Fred Eaglesmith bluegrass and country festival. They had about 14 different bands playing all day long and into the night. It was an extremely good way to top off the trip. On the 15th Linda and I decided to go to the concert. We enjoyed the music very much however there was a lot of drinking and drugs going on. We pushed our limits a bit as we did have a few drinks before we went to the concert. In our earlier years Linda and I would have joined the party afterword, however, we have both grown spiritually and made many changes in our life over the past several years so we avoided staying after. While we were gone we left our cat Angel and the budgies in two different tents. At about midnight the concert was over and we rushed back to make sure everything was okay. We had campers on both sides of us that we trusted, and knew would watch out for any intruders, so we felt comfortable leaving the campsite in the close knit area. However, when we returned, we checked the budgies and Angel immediately. The budgies were fine, however Angel had somehow opened the zipper on the tent and she was gone. Our immediate thought was that she was gone for good and we would not be able to find her. However, after several minutes of looking we found her close to the tent as she had not gone far.

I started this transcription the morning before we went to the concert and finished it the following morning after the concert.

Transcribed by Adam Kadmon on August 15, 2008 and posted on August 20, 2008 at 2:39 p.m.

1. Linda was in the house of religion and she was with her dog Hugo and Kashmir who was a puppy, and another German Sheppard. She knew they needed protection when some other dogs were in a room that they weren't suppose to be in. There was much evil in the dogs there and they were confusing her so she began to back away from them.

2. When a problem due to evil arises, we will naturally try to hide from it. And even if we know we have religion surrounding us we shall still encounter things that are evil. The reason we evolve in life depends on how we react to something evil.

3. The symbol of tranquilization that Linda gave to her dogs was a representation of something we all can do for someone else even when there is fear and confusion present. When you calm down someone else, you can calm down yourself and this repels evil.

4. When we escape from evil, we should always try to be calm, for evil grows in fear and confusion. Linda was very near to the ladder of evolution and she also was near a door where she could escape. She opted to take the ladder where she could put Kashmir. We can often escape from evil without evolution of our soul because evil will temp you to escape from it in a way you will not be able to spiritually evolve.

4. Every problem in life gives us opportunity to spiritually evolve. These problems are a natural form of nature which God does not release on you. He provides a spiritual escape for all the evil that causes us fear and confusion. Linda and Adam took a spiritual escape last night. Linda made very sure that they left the concert as soon as it was over and there was no reason to stay any longer.

5. When there is evil surrounding you, you can evolve when you begin to sense there is a problem. When there is reason to escape from evil, you can still have a good time. The ladder still has a platform on it where you have spiritually evolved to. And when she put Kashmir there, Linda knew she would be back.

6. Linda had a reason to want to go out the door of religion because it was something that she had done many times in the past. Because she didn't understand where religion ended she was a little bit confused about if she wanted to go or not. She opened the door several times and slammed it shut. She took Kashmir with her because it was something she had done often before. Kashmir protected her when she was a big dog.

7. This didn't live in reality because there were many times that Linda didn't get protection from Kashmir when it came to some evil that she was involved in. She found no reason to go out this door when another person talked to her. This is the relationship with someone in religion.

8. When evil is present even when you love someone, it will try to confuse the relationship. If Linda had of stepped out this door, it may have been difficult to find her way back. You must know Angel your cat demonstrated that evil also calls her and she will get angry when she wants to be free and explore. Last night Angel escaped through the door which affected her safety and she knew that she would be doing something Linda and Adam didn't want her to be doing. This was a prophecy for Linda, Adam and Angel.

9. Even though Angel was doing something that she should not have been really doing, they were happy when she didn't go very far and that she came back to the place where she would be safe. There was evil every where that Angel could have gone, but she knew that she would be safe where Linda and Adam could find her. However there still was a chance that something evil could threaten her life.

10. In the dream Linda met another person coming from another room. She did not really know who this person was but she knew she was safe in the house of religion. If we are in the house of religion we have protection from the evil that is in people.

People will have reason to leave their evil in a separate room if they want to be with us. Remember evil will attract evil and if you have reason to enter a room full of this evil, you will spiritually devolve. When others saw how this event wasn't evil, they began to clean up every where.

11. Linda started to have people coming who wanted to have a meal. When you have a meal in the house of religion it will be absent of any evil. And this will be another spiritual occasion where God will give you the opportunity for spiritual evolution.

So when a prophecy unfolds, God gives a special lesson and when we have a reversal of evil in life, God will perform a miracle.

12. Adam and Linda could have been upset because each of them were effected by something they should not have done. But they were still able to have spiritual growth from it when they found a reason to substitute love for anger. Angel also had some spiritual growth when she realized that she needed to be back where she was safe. Now Angel will never get angry with Adam when he tries to prevent her from going some place that she should not be for she knows that Linda and Adam love her.

13. When we can spiritually grow in something that is evil, God will always be happy for He needs us to understand so we will begin to have some real change in evil things. It is always reversing evil when we have change for the better. You can always evolve even when you have some evil tempting you, as long as you are able to escape before this evil prevents you from reversing this it in your soul. When we are reversing evil we sometimes have to see it in us first before we change.

Adam's comments:

Obviously there is a lot to talk about in this transcription. Linda and I had a bit of a disagreement about what we should and should not be doing while we were at the concert and we could have let it affect our relationship. However, we chose to learn from it and decided that we would not have anything at all to drink during the rest of the festival. We went the next day and spent about 8 hours watching the bands and had a very good time.

On Sunday, we talked about how nice the weather was and how wonderful the week was that we had. We began to pack up the tents. It is funny, but the only time that Linda and I have stress between us is when we are trying to do physical work together because both of us have different ways to do things. So I guess you could say that this wasn't one of our spiritually evolving moments. We went into the budgies tent to begin to pack it up, and started taking the things out. Up until this time the budgies were excellent in the way they never flew towards the door once to try and get out when we came in. However, the both of us were a little frustrated with each other and as one of us opened the door, we did not close it quick enough and Linda's budgie Teil, flew right out the door and into the trees. Both Linda and I could not believe what happened and we searched for Teil for several hours and could not find him. Linda posted some flyers around the campsite hoping someone would find him and return him.

When we returned to work on Monday we received some examples of miracles that God performed on two other people that we are in constant contact with. In one of the previous transcripts we were told to look for the miracles that God performs all around us. The first one we found out about was a man who we know quite well and he actually helped train me when I started this job. He is a friend as well. There are only about 7 people that we know very well here at work and he is one of them. We received news on Monday that he had a severe heart attack while he was driving his truck and he was isolated at the time. He had to drive 21 km back to his work and when he arrived he was in very rough shape. Even the location he drove to was isolated and it took 48 hours to get his operation where they had to do a double angioplasty. I was told that the longer you have to wait after a heart attack, before you get an operation, the survival rate decreases. Two days later we found out that he had come out of the operation very well and so far there are no signs of any major damage to his heart. He was actually in good spirits and they expect him to be out of the hospital within a week. I would like to thank God for that miracle.

The second miracle that we found out about in this small group of seven I just mentioned was something that happened to a co-workers daughter while they were on vacation. They were returning from their vacation the day before we left and we did not speak to them until after we got back. They told us of how their daughter was swimming and some big waves came in and took her under with the current for an extended period of time. Thanks to God her brother was close by and when he saw her go down and not come back up he was able to go down after her and pulled her to safety.

To top it off with my 2 friends rapid recoveries that happened earlier this year, it opens my eyes to some of the wonderful things that God is doing not only with us but others near to us as well. I believe we all have God's miracles happening around us all the time and we can see them more when we begin to look for them.

This takes me to the newspaper article in the Toronto Sun. To tell you the truth I had not even had time to really check the paper for over a week. However, when I finally did get a chance on Tuesday God and His angels did not let us down. This article talks about God's Miracles and how almost 60% of people believe that God will intervene when someone they love has been given no chance of survival. Also in the article you will notice how they use the word "reverse" in one of the headlines in bold. When I saw that I knew that this article was something God wanted us to see.


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