Background Info and Interesting Facts

  • Ryan Reynolds goes under the alias "The New Adam Kadmon" or "Adam Kadmon" on this site. The alias was given during his indoctrination by God and the angels.
  • He is the founder and an ordained minister of this religion but often doesn't use the Rev. prefix before his name.
  • He has a son who is 31 and a daughter with his lifetime partner Linda Austin (Linda Marie). Their daughter is 11 years old.
  • Linda and Ryan have been together since 2006. She met Ryan through this religion when she came across it on the internet. (their meeting was prophesied before they met)
  • Ryan was a communications expert in the military for 10 years (1975-1985) where he won the trophy for Morse code and developed and taught courses for others to learn.
  • Ryan has spent the last twenty years researching animal communications, doing dream and vision transcriptions, and mastering the skills to hear and connect to the metaphysical. 
  • His most recent research involves opening a channel to the spiritual world through reverse music, receiving hidden spiritual messages from start to finish.
  • Ryan designs his own websites. Ryan and Linda have completely supported and maintained this and other related websites with their own money and on their own time.
  • Ryan has personally created 3 forums and 3 websites that contained the entire archives for this religion over the past twenty years.
  • Ryan was the guardian of three budgies that had unlimited vocabularies and spoke clearly enough for many people to understand. Victor (1999-2001) and Maylor (rescued 2010 - 2013) and Danny (2017 - 2018)
  • Ryan was invited to speak on Coast to Coast Radio twice to talk about Victor. After that he had approximately 30 other budgies guardians come to him for translations.
  • Ryan and Linda have a mission to get the spiritual information on this site out to the world. They also plan to establish a network of budgies that will serve as an early warning system for disasters and extreme weather events.
  • Thank you for sharing.

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