The Victor Chronicles

These are the audio and video files of Victor the budgie who lived from 1999-2001. During that time, he developed an unlimited vocabulary and learned how to converse in full blown English. A short time after that something even more miraculous happened when he began to talk about God and spirituality. This is his testimony which eventually resulted in over 30 other budgies, that I was in contact with to communicate similarly.

Due to the difficulty that most people have in understanding him, I have provided captions. Some recordings have a text version and a slowed down version, as well as a full featured version. If you have trouble understanding one version you may want to try another. Please use headphones as it makes it much easier to understand him.

This section contains the audio with caption versions. When I first began recording Victor, I was only using a tape recorder, so there were no videos for them. However, I did provide some audio versions of the videos because some people have found them easier to download than the full featured videos. Some others find the audio versions are less distracting, making them easier to understand than the full videos as well.

You can see the full featured videos at this link- click here.

These are the slowed down versions of the videos with the same name. The reason I made them was because of the speed at which Victor talked. It was sometimes in excess of 200 words per minute and made it difficult for most people to understand. Additionally, the captions would go by so quickly that some would have trouble catching them all. Please excuse the odd sound of both Victor and my voices in these versions.

These are some of the shortest audio files that I put captions to when Victor first started talking. They are a very good place to start for those who have trouble adapting to his accent and much easier to understand than the longer more complex versions. Many more will be added later.

The full featured videos are here so you can see Victor talking. In some of them you will be able to see how his chest and body moves as he speaks. They also demonstrate his interaction with me as he is being recorded. In many of them you will be able to hear his mate Betty chirping away in the background so you will have to try and block that out as you listen to them. I hope you enjoy them.

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