Spiritual Dream Interpretation About Caged Dogs

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Caged Dogs Dream Interpretation / Transcription

Adam's comment: This is not the typical confirmation with a news event but it is connected to an event that happened later where we took some pictures which had many orbs in it. The pictures were of an empty townhouse unit after the same person left who was walking his dog and not cleaning up the mess it was making. I also had a bit of difficulty posting this transcription because there was an admonishment in it and thought that I may have not clearly heard what the angels were saying.

This is a verse from that part of the transcript:

14. Anything that comes in a miraculous way will be difficult for anyone to explain and that is the reason we have all these lessons in here. They are used more as a demonstration of the miracle, rather than the explanation. For it would take many years to explain the concept of creating a religion that comes straight from God.

Linda's dream posted March 20, 2008 at 8:00 pm

This dream took place at a large older style house near a lake in the country. I was there with another lady and we were there to teach a course. We were waiting during the day for these people to come in the evening. We were preparing this fenced in area outside where the dogs stayed, but the dogs weren't in the pen at the time. We were setting up the area so people could sit. The course was taught twice in a row. The second night we weren't as prepared for this group to come and the other lady had to ask one of the guys to get a table that was in the house. I knew which table she meant, so I helped him move all the stuff off of it. He spotted these games, like a game boy game and asked if he could take it outside to play while the course wasn't being taught. I don't really remember what the course was about I only remember wanting to make sure everyone would be comfortable sitting on the grass.

Transcription by Adam Kadmon posted: May 17, 2008 at 2:06 pm

1. And God has sent a dream to Linda as a prophecy to answer her question. Linda was at a old house in the country and she was with another lady. This was a symbol of a very spiritual place and she was there to give some information on how animals such as dogs have a very high intelligence. There were people coming later in the evening and they were making a dog pen so these dogs could be displayed to everyone who came.

2. This was a symbol of something that was being held back by humanity. What was the reason that these animals needed to be held back from the people? Most animals do not show spiritual reasoning except for their own species. Therefore even the intelligent ones can have an unexpected action with evil results. There are many situations where animals have found a reason to turn on people they love without a conscience. Therefore they have found reason to just ignore God's first rule of life and anytime that evil threatens them, they may react with evil in return, especially when they have fear.

3. Some animals always will react to evil without reasoning and animals have feelings that often cannot be controlled. These feelings will eventually turn them against God's first law of preservation of life. However, there are some animals who have spiritually evolved enough to have compassion for life but they are a very small percentage within any given species. Most animals also have a lot of confusion which would never allow them to have a connection to God. Plus their actions of love are much different then God has planned. This doesn't mean that all animals should not be given chances for spiritual growth for even humanity often has the same problems with regards to the preservation of life.

4. So if we cannot hold back these problems then most animals will go in the direction of evil. The animals that survive out in nature, do not understand the difference between good and evil and base their life on survival. They can have love one minute and without conscience destroy a life in the next. Those that have been domesticated will often have love for their guardian but will often not maintain this love if they are separated for any length of time. So this means they cannot maintain love for eternity.

5. Now God wants to make this promise, that there are animals in heaven that can maintain love for eternity and you will see some of the ones that you have loved in the future. So what was this information that Linda was going to give to the people in this dream?

Adam's Comment: At this point 1 p.m., I had to go to work and do an inspection of the property I look after. I help to manage a property and one of my responsibilities is ensuring the tenants follow the rules here. It is one of the best townhome complexes in the area because we follow up on those who do not follow the lease agreement. Obviously, one of the rules of the complex is no drug dealing. So, to start the story, last night Linda and I got a call from a concerned tenant about another tenant who was having multiple cars come to their home constantly, and they suspected them of dealing in drugs. This is obviously something that could be a concern to our community. During my rounds this morning, I noticed a man walking a dog. Another rule is that anyone who walks their dog has to pick up their own mess when the dog is done. Since I have been here, for about six months, I have never caught anyone breaking this rule, except today, while I was taking a break from this transcription. Coincidently, the person that I caught with the dog was the same person who was reported as suspected of dealing drugs the night before.

God and the angels obviously knew that this was going to happen and started me on this transcription today, to help facilitate the lesson. When I caught the dog doing it and the person walking away, I made him very aware that he could not let his dog mess without picking it up afterwards, especially when his dog did it near a busy playground and path on our property. We still have not dealt with the drug dealing problems but I am sure there will be some way of solving the problem for the community.

Transcription continues:

6. This is a good example of how animals have no compassion for humanity. Every dog has the necessary tools to bury its own excrement and most choose to leave it out in the open. It is intelligent enough to realize that it isn't very sanitary to leave it in the path of people, so you see how this reasoning isn't spiritual. And this man that was walking this dog is a drug dealer and he wasn't very spiritual because he didn't pick it up. Can you see his reasoning?

7. When someone is not spiritual, they don't worry about the peace and tranquility of others. If he did he would not deal in drugs. And we all know some dogs can be very inconsiderate for their neighbors. We do not want to be hard on any dog but they are known as the closest animal friends to humans and they can serve as a spiritual companion. However, this does not mean that they are spiritually evolved as they have found reason to procreate without any love.

8. In this dream, Linda had a lesson which would be twice in a row. This was a symbol of the prophecy of the two dreams that Adam and Linda had relating to animals. Each dream was an answer to a question asked by the same person which resulted in a miraculous lesson. When Adam saw these questions, he did not know an easy answer for them. Each of these questions resulted from someone who wasn't paying attention to the lessons here.

9. So this person refuses to acknowledge the connection Adam has with heaven. These animal questions were sent to cause confusion and resulted in prophecy. We know that religious confusion seeks evil, but these questions were turned into a reversal of evil causing a miracle.

10. In Linda's dream, she wasn't prepared very well the second night and she needed something to display her training aid on. So she asked this someone to bring her a table out of the house for she needed to display her collection of the dreams she had. These dreams are symbolized as training aids. She had to remove the ones she had on a table first before she could use it. This was one of the bunch of dreams that she had the longest on the table.

11. This person was asking Linda if it would be okay to take this game outside and play with it for he did not want to pay attention to this course. This is a prophecy for anyone who doesn't want to learn the lessons here. Some will try to play a game inside it and try to take it to the next level. Every new level of game boy will try to cause you more confusion then the other.

12. So why does Gameboy try to cause all this confusion? He has no respect for the tranquility and peace of people here and there is no reason to play this game. He could play it for hours and hours on end and never accomplish any good. He lives to interact with evil and destruction and he lives for the confusion of life. He is someone who wants to create a problem to people who are visionaries of this religion. He is someone who will come under false pretenses and will pretend to be someone he is not.

13. This is how evil will try to raise its head in a religion of God. So what is his reason for bringing up animals in this religion? It may be to bring doubt on the connection that Adam has with the angels in heaven. We made a statement before that animals were not the source of the transcriptions that Adam has given here. Even Adam has trouble explaining the source of these transcripts.

14. Anything that comes in a miraculous way will be difficult for anyone to explain and that is the reason we have all these lessons in here. They are used more as a demonstration of the miracle, rather than the explanation. For it would take many years to explain the concept of creating a religion that comes straight from God.

15. The visionaries here are just beginning to understand the complexity of prophecy and creating miracles from God and we will not be sidetracked by someone who has a different mission. The angels would like to apologize if we are abrupt, but the importance of this religion is far greater then anyone's personal mission to cause confusion.

16. We would like to congratulate Adam for not having a reaction of any emotional evil with the events that have happened in this forum in the past few weeks, for again the visionaries have become silent, even though we have had many miracles happening. They have much more reason to believe these transcripts come from heaven then they ever did before yet many refuse to give testimony to any of it. The angels have given you a spiritual quenching with many miracles and most of you have not even acknowledged it is happening.

17. Can all of you just write this off as coincidence that you are experiencing? If you do, you are really blind to the miracles that God can perform in this religion. So when are you going to be responsive to any miracle that God has created for you if you can't even see the ones happening under your very nose? God beckons you to free yourself of the evil in your soul which prevents you from having belief that God is part of all that is happening here. Every miracle that you have experienced is something that is a result of love.

18. Therefore any expression of love for this religion will help to create another miracle. Adam and Linda know they have something wonderful happening as a result of this religion and they have chose to experience it together. They would love to have the support of everyone here, but that is something that depends on you. They have given you the truth about everything as both of them have spiritually grown and they have found a way out of confusion. These prophecies came from the both of them in heaven as a miracle.

Posted by Linda- December 20, 2008 at 4:49 pm

Hi Everyone... Adam and I were taking pictures of damages and stuff left behind in a townhouse unit where there was an eviction. The people that lived there had to leave due to causing problems on the property and preventing the reasonable enjoyment of their neighbours. One of the people there was the one involved in the transcript Adam did a while ago concerning someone who didn't pick up their dog poop. You can search on this forum to find that reference.

So we took pictures of the whole house and as I looked at the pictures when I got back to the office I discovered the orbs in the pictures in the basement.

I will attach the link to the pictures below.

We have seen pictures with orbs in them before but never like this!

Here are the pics of the orbs.

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