Prophectic Vision Interpretation Painting of Beach

Prophetic Vision Interpretation Painting By the Beach

Adam's Comment: There has been much death in destruction in Indonesia during the last 10 years. I believe the volcano eruption that happened prior to the major earthquake there was a warning from God that something was going to happen. As a result of the volcano, which was the least of the problems that occurred there, many people left the area and many others were prepared for the destruction of the earthquake that happened later in September of 2007. This prophecy explains a little bit about that.

Vision posted on September 26, 2006

Terri said: I'd just returned from vacation, where I'd been doing a lot of painting, which is something I do for a hobby. Before I left the resort, I started a painting of an old publicity poster for one of the beaches in France. I haven't even finished the painting yet.

Vision: Painting Of Beach

In this vision, the lady that's sitting on the right side of the painting came to life, and looked up, back over her right shoulder to the air. She seemed to be worried about something coming at her from above, for she had her hands up for protection.

Adam Wrote: October 11, 2006

Hi Terri,

It is so difficult to understand sometimes the difference of a prophecy that sends a warning like this. It seems the volcano is something the angels still want to warn us about. This is the translation I got so far for this painting. By the way it is another beautiful painting Terri.


1. This vision of Terri predicts the future event of the eruption of the Merapi volcano. This is a warning for the people that they will have to get ready for a major miracle. They need to have this warning to begin to leave the island and many will start to have a vision to leave this island for they will have a vision of a better life. This is a vision of mother and daughter and is a prophecy of survival.

2. The flowers are a symbol of a miracle of love on this island and the miracle comes from God, for each creation in life is a product of love that comes from God. It is a promise of "life prophecy". A promise that God will send a miracle to the region. We will need to rely on His prophecies for events that threaten His children.

3. We have got to protect as many people as possible from future evil. So if the people will follow direction from God they will have a better life. It is up to the people to believe and everyone who listens to God will survive in the region. They have to listen to the warning of a prophet that God has chosen. The volcano will result from the testing of the atom bomb in Korea. A result of the evil of man. This evil is released from humans and causes a seismic event in the region of Java.

4. We have to protect the future of God's earth. This will be the beginning of the prophecy and it is the reason for this religion and people will understand the reason for the volcano. When the earth is attacked with an atom bomb, it will have a negative reaction. We don't want this destruction to cause death to the people of Java, so there will have to be a miracle in Indonesia. So how do we prevent this evil in Indonesia? We have to pray for God to help protect all the people there and hope that He can somehow warn them.

5. It is up to the people if they will listen to God for He cannot prevent it from happening. God cannot prevent death without a release of a miracle in religion. If God protected those who were evil, there would be no reason for religion, and we would not be responsible for our actions in life. There are often people who are innocent and die when God warns them and gives them a prophecy if they do not listen. Just like all of your children, who often do not listen, people often do not listen to God their Father.

6. God will often give us an answer when we are asking for direction. He gives people a gift of His religion so they will learn while He speaks to them in His religion. God needs to speak to people in religion and He exists to protect humanity.

7. We have to evolve in life. In Terri's painting we see the beauty in God's creations. There are people who are expecting this event, yet they still have a reason to live near the volcano. They have a joy for life and their joy is seen in this vision.

8. And that love is the same that God has for them, for love is the reason God has religion. God knows His love will teach you only if you will accept it. When she takes the flowers, it is a symbol of God's love. The girl already has a bouquet and God's love is still abundant there.

9. She is waiting for her mother to tell her that her bouquet is beautiful. The mother is thinking of the events of life. For many events have already happened there. Her only goal in life is survival and the child has no worries at all.


This confirmation came almost 1 year later to the day with one of the largest earthquakes that Indonesia has had in recent past. Prior to that there were many warnings sent by the volcano to warn the people of the impending disaster. People were prepared and there were a limited amount of casualties for an earthquake of this size and therefore is confirmed as another prophecy of survival.


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