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Sinking Car Dream Interpretation-Translation-Transcription-Prophecy

A couple of nights ago I had this troubling dream and even though I was not sure I wanted to post it, it stuck in my mind, so I thought I should. I was driving down this road late at night with Linda and our daughter Kayla. Linda was beside me in the front seat and Kayla was in the back in the baby car seat. It was late at night and we were on the highway. There were no other vehicles with us at the time. Suddenly, a deep fog showed up and it was difficult to see, however, I continued driving as I could still see somewhat in front of me. After a short period of time the fog became much thicker and I could not see at all. Before I knew it all I could see in front of me was a large tree, so I swerved to the left and ended up going straight into a lake that was parallel to the road. The car began to sink quickly and it was still pitch black and I could not see anything. I could hear the water entering the vehicle. I told Linda that I had to go into the back seat and free Kayla from the car seat and as I did the seat belt seemed to be stuck. I remember thinking that we did not have much time before the car filled with water and was worried that I would not get to Kayla in time. I also thought that even if I did free myself from the seatbelt that it would be next to impossible to free her because it was so dark and I could not see what I was doing.

 The dream ended.

Transcribed by Adam Kadmon April 8, 2012 (Easter Sunday) 

1. Linda and you were driving with your daughter and many of your journeys will happen this way. Each journey is easier when you can see where you are going in the vehicle of religion. When you go with Kayla in the vehicle of this religion, you can never forget about her even when you have fear for your own life. Living for her is a very important part of spirituality.

2. For these many lessons there shall be things that will be difficult to see if you are on the road of confusion. You also have fear of running into the tree of evil. In this dream you did not think about yourself when there was a possibility that your life was going to end and you thought Kayla was the most important thing and your thoughts went against your own personal survival. Through this you know that your natural reaction was for Kayla and her survival.

3. When we have reason to have fear from something that could be risking our life for someone we love then we know that we may have to make a sacrifice. We want to be very clear on the type of sacrifices that we should make for someone else.

4. First we don't make a sacrifice to our God. There is never a reason to make a sacrifice for any religion. There is an exception when it comes to someone that we love and God will always give you a choice when you think about helping someone you love.

5. Within a family, there are many times that we don't even realize we are making sacrifices to those that we love. When we have a reason to think about someone else, rather than ourselves, we are more giving in a spiritual life and it eventually becomes natural to you. If we have to fear that the action of saving a life can put our own life in danger, then we will never have a future.

6. So how do you prevent yourself from the fear of saving a life? You have to make a decision spiritually that you are free of the fear of a reaction that is evil when you have to provide a life saving action for someone you love. Without the miracle of evolution, we would not be able to ensure that someone we love shall survive in the future. Let us explain what we mean here.

7. The purpose of God is to ensure certain survival for the spiritual life forms he has created. Especially for the future of humanity. There rarely is a reason He would not love every life form He has created unless it had no capabilities of evolving spiritually. And yes, there are certain life forms that He has created that do not have this capability, however, they still have a purpose for the survival of humanity. There is always a reason for everything and every life form will be given an opportunity to move up the ladder of spiritual evolution so it can evolve spiritually.

8. Serious confusion evolves in a life form that doesn't have a chance for spiritual evolution and they are never capable of real love for their offspring or any living form they are connected to. There are many destructive life forms that can release a disaster for humanity, but still have a purpose. Now we will review some of these that have a purpose, but still cannot evolve spiritually. There are actually many of these kinds of life forms once you begin to understand the reason God made them.

9. Remember that God doesn't create any life form to cause death or suffering to any other living thing. Additionally, God does not create any life form to purposely suffer no matter if it is capable of spiritual evolution or not. However, he does create life forms that will provide the future survival of humanity and all of these are free from suffering.

10. When God creates a life form that is free from suffering they are free from any emotions such as love and compassion for any other living thing but they still have a purpose from God. They are never given a mission of evil and each of them originally have a mission that always starts with the protection of humanity. Many life forms were originally created without any feelings and are not capable of knowing the difference between good and bad. This problem can cause much confusion, however, it is a necessity for the survival of humanity.

11. If humans had the same kind of confusion that these life forms have by not having love and compassion for others, then there is certain death for humanity. If your soul has a reason or mission in life to survive no matter what consequences you have it results in much evil. Everyone of you have seen news of events that show no compassion for others even when we have the ability to experience all the opportunities that God gives us during spiritual evolution. If you can't evolve in love, then you cannot have a life that is free of confusion.

12. You may wonder why God has made creatures that cannot have spiritual evolution. What is the sole reason that God creates something that is not capable of spiritual evolution? It is to prevent suffering of a living soul which is meant to provide something that is missing for the survival of humanity. There is never a reason to give your life for a life if you are capable of spiritual evolution, unless you are spiritually able to make your own decision. If a life form isn't capable of making a decision then it is not conscious of what it is thinking and it does not have an evolving soul.

13. Once a soul that does not have conscious thought, looses its life, God moves them to the next level of consciousness where they can begin to have spiritual evolution. This is a little different to what we have spoken about in the beginning, for you were not ready to understand. Spirituality is a religion that you evolve through understanding when you are ready. There will be many occasions where there is something that you have trouble understanding until it is made clear in a future transcription.

14. Now, what is the real reason for this lesson? We wanted to be clear on the difference between sacrificing life that is not able to have spiritual evolution, and one that is, so there would be no confusion for humanities survival. If you have a soul mission for you own survival, then you are like a life form that God created that has no love or compassion for any other and God will know that He made a mistake giving you the capability to experience a higher form of spiritual evolution. If He doesn't trust you to make decisions that help you evolve spiritually, then you will need to return to a place on the spiritual ladder that you have devolved to.

15. There have been occasions civilizations have needed to go back because they all lost their love and compassion for fellow humans and God doesn't want it to happen again. Let's go back to the dream that Adam had. In the last part of the dream Adam tried to release his seatbelt and it felt like it was stuck. Was his fear now for himself or Kayla? Even though he had confusion, he still wanted to save Kayla. Adam didn't care if his life was taken, as long as he was able help his Kayla.

14. His life was not something that he deliberately wanted to sacrifice, but it was something that he wanted to do. When we have made a decision to forget the fear of losing our own life, to save someone else, then God will give us another chance to pick up right where we left off and he will prevent any suffering that we have as a result of it. He also will make us free from pain when we are suffering and we help someone else who is suffering.

15. When we choose to help someone who is threatened by evil, then we will have a reversal of evil in our soul and we shall have a miracle. Jesus had a life of intervention from God because he was continually helping those who were threatened by death and evil and he never responded with evil against evil. When a prophet knows they will be protected by and receive a miracle from God every time they protect someone from pain and suffering, they have a reason to not have any fear about their own survival.

16. Jesus was lost in the confusion caused by Israel and he still had a reason to think about the people he loved. This is not the same thing as being a martyr. We shall now try to explain the difference. A martyr believes what they are doing is done for their God and not for the people they love. Often their death is not related to saving someone. Martyrs often have confusion related to the need to sacrifice them self for God. When they are lost in confusion, they have chosen death rather than trusting in God to produce a miracle. They feel that their loss of life will result in something that will reverse some evil even if others have to die in the process.

17. This isn't something that God recognizes as encouraging spiritual evolution. We have told you that Jesus had reason to risk his life for his family. When he decided to risk his life, for Mary and his unborn son, his choice was a right of every person that has a family. And his action caused a miracle. God relieved him from suffering and he was resurrected.

18. God, He saw, that Jesus had a reason to feel that everyone in his life that he loved would die, and his confusion clouded his reliance on a miracle from God. God needed some time to work through His people to reverse some evil which would cause a miracle to prevent the crucifixion of Jesus.

19. You should never choose to sacrifice your life or think that it is something God will prevent if you decide, for God needs time to reverse confusion to protect you. However, if you need to risk your life to save someone else, God promises you resurrection of the soul, and you will be reborn again exactly where you left off. Now how can we be reborn where we left off?

20. The miracles that God is capable of are endless. You can be reborn in any place or time that he chooses. He believes in you when you try to do something good for someone else, especially if it can reverse evil. You will know that you have His protection. God would never expect you to sacrifice your own life, for someone else, but He knows when you have done something very good for the people you love.

21. When you are in confusion and you think about someone else and you are trying to prevent further suffering, He can take your fear and prevent you from suffering. He wants you to believe that a miracle will happen. It's your calling Adam to release all the confusion that you have with regards to the resurrection of God's New Religion and also the future of humanity. We promise you that every time you experience religious evil we will help you find a way to reverse it and you will see a miracle happen because of it.

22. Now let us have a prophecy with this lesson and dream. When you are facing confusion, you will choose something that will reverse some evil and help others. This prophecy is near to happening in your life. It will give you a reason to believe in the resurrection and it will give you time for making a decision which will save a life of someone that you care about. You shall have no fear of it happening but you will be prepared when it happens. You will have another vision of a faster vehicle that will be involved in evil.

23. When you have this vision, you will stop driving the vehicle that you are in and prepare to help someone else. You have done this before, so we know you will have no fear. You will have a choice if you want to risk your own life to help someone else. And we know you will make the decision without any fear that it's something that God would need you to do. So we can't guarantee that you will not be risking your own life, and it could end up being the death of you. And God wants you to know that he will not be disappointed if you decide if it is too risky.

24. Without the vision you had, you would not be able to make the choice and reverse some evil that could happen as a result of it. You will have intervention from God, no matter what decision you make, as long as you try to help someone there. You must not think that you want to become a hero for it is your compassion for life that is driving you in your decision.

25. Now, everyone in their life will have an opportunity to save someone or prevent the pain and suffering of someone else. And if we all thought about someone else, instead of our own self then there would be much less pain, suffering and death. This is how spiritual intervention from God can make every region of the world a better place.

26. We are now near to the conclusion of this transcript and we will have a confirmation coming soon in a newspaper article. It will be related to the dream and the transcription. It shall unfold as a prophecy of survival and happen very close to where you live. Your own life will have this future prophecy unfold as well for this is a very special occasion and God wanted it to be something that was remembered.

Adam had this dream on March 25th, 2012 and transcribed the dream on April 8th, 2012. Although the event happened before the dream was transcribed, there are many similarities in the dream and the actual event which happened on March 29th, 2012, where a man was trying to rescue a mother and 21 month old child from a car that went off the road into a pond. I believe this is another prophecy of survival as the mother and child were eventually saved.

Even more incredible, on the same day that I was doing the transcript, a man saved some children from drowning and as a result, sacrificed his own life. I would like to thank God for letting us know that this brave and wonderful man will be reborn as described in the transcript. There is no way I would have known about this event as it happened in the United States and I live in Canada. What a wonderful lesson God and his angels gave us this day on sacrificial ressurection. If you read to the end of the article, you will see how it was a miracle in the first place that this man was alive as God must have had a plan for him and put him in the right place at the right time.


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