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The Barn House Dream Interpretation-Translation-Transcription-Prophecy

Posted: November 20, 2008 at 8:10 pm

This is a dream I had a couple of nights ago and did not have a chance to post it yet.

In the dream I was with my ex-wife and we were buying this property. I don't think that we were going to live there together, but we were just going to fix it up and sell it. In the beginning I remember it as being kind of an apartment building on a corner. It was prime property. I can remember looking at it from a distance in a car and thinking it was not ready for people to live in yet.

Then the dream switched to my ex and I walking around in this barn. I was thinking about making a house out of it. The frame was there and I remember seeing some of the 2 X 4 broken and said I would have to rebuild some of the frame. I imagined insulating it and making racks out of the frame that was there. As we walked around it I said this is where the kitchen would be and the living room etc. So there was a lot of work but I was willing to do it myself.

Transcribed by The Ryan Reynolds Adam Kadmon
December 11, 2008 at 10:03 a.m.

1. This dream is a symbol of the relationship that Adam is establishing with those people that are important in his life. Every person that we have had a relationship within our lifetime is important to our spiritual growth.

2. Everyone who we love is a very special part of our eternal soul. With them we have to maintain an absence of hate and have forgiveness for any evil that either have done in the relationship in the past. For all relationships are reunited in heaven and all the love ones we have will eventually be joining us.

3. We are allowed to have many friends in the metaphysical and many of them will want to go exploring with us. When Adam and his ex-wife saw this house, they knew it was something they would be interested in for it sat on a piece of land that was very important.

4. It was absent of anyone living in it. They knew there were people that needed a place like this to stay in heaven. Why were there people waiting to stay in it? Your relationships up in heaven live there, for without a place to live, they would not be allowed in heaven.

5. Each place that will be waiting will be made of a solid construction and the people who live there will be near all the people who love them. And the places will be there as long as you take care of them. 

6. So this seems like a lot of responsibility in heaven. It really isn't that difficult for God will give you everything that you will need. He will give them lots of beautiful and interesting places to journey as well. This place is only temporary for those to stop in along the way, for there will be many people who will be traveling and just want to come and visit for a while. 

7. When there are loving people near us, there will be love around us to sustain us for eternity. Adam was looking at this barn and he wanted to make it a place to live. And his ex-wife was with him for she needed his help.

8. She was watching as he was looking at the work that needed to be done. When we are building a place to live, we want the structure to be strong and suited to the way we want it. Everyone has a different idea of the house they want to stay in when they come to visit you for they will be there to visit you many times throughout eternity.

9. When they come you will be able to re-experience any good thing you did with them in your lifetime together. And you will also be able to experience many other wonderful things that you wanted to do together. For it is the love that you share with them that will allow you to experience these miracles.

10. You will have reasons to involve the other people you had relationships with as well. You shall encounter many relationships that you have not remembered for lifetimes. God does not allow you to remember them for a reason. Each time you are reincarnated, your physical vessel seeks out new relationships which are loving and they are recorded in the memory of your soul.

11. When you arrive in heaven you are given the knowledge of all your past lives. And once you are in heaven, you are given the ability to transcend through space and time, so you can revisit any of your past lives, to reverse any evil that may have occurred in it.

12. When you relive a life without confusion and evil, you are able to experience the happiness you never had in it before. And when you have relationships void of all this evil, you will be able to influence others so they can join you in heaven.

13. When these people arrive in heaven, you will have eternity to be with them. So this is the reason that you must be free of confusion and you only have love and compassion for others in your heart.

14. There are many different planes of reality in heaven. This house of Adam’s will be there for those people who choose to join him in heaven. And each of them will be building their own place for the people they love as well.

15. There is a reason and meaning for life. We have eternity to seek happiness and God gives us many life times to achieve it. Now, with this knowledge you be able to reverse any evil you have done in your past lives. You must remember that you have to evolve spiritually enough within a life time to make it to heaven so you will be able to begin the metaphysical transformation.

16. You will be surprised to know that most of us already have had thousands of life times that have stretched through eternity and they are not just in a human form. And each life has something different to experience in it.

17. Humans are one of the very few life forms that are on the highest step of the ladder of evolution, closest to heaven. So you can expect to have lots of reason for loving an animal, as some of them have actively been trying to help those they love get to heaven.

18. When they rejoin you up in heaven they will greet you as their equal for they knew that you loved them and took care of them. Some of them have already returned in this life time to help reverse any evil that they have done and helped others to get you closer to heaven.

19. So this religion is a result of the miracle of love they have for you in heaven. And it is not just something that consists only of the love some animals had for you, but the relationships you have had throughout your lives which have already made it to heaven.

20. Now we shall have a prophecy and it will resolve a lesson that we had here previously about some articles that we have had in the newspaper about survival. There will be many times when you will see evil cause death and destruction, but there will also be an article of a miracle as well.

21. And this miracle is one that will result from this religion. We will see how some evil is reversed and a disaster is prevented very soon.

22. We'll experience a miracle confirmation in Monday’s newspaper again. A prophecy came from God and included a lesson about heaven. The lesson shows how God has logic. And it really explained the logic of eternity and how it affects your future. It answers questions of why many animals are communicating.  

23. So are you coming to our forum? God said, He gave us life through spirituality. We have a project concerning life. It is so unique when it's from heaven. There are things to learn about heaven and eternity and experiencing prophecy.

Adam's comment: So again, the prophecy of survival makes the Toronto Sun as prophecied and even on the front page. There are two newspaper clips posted. One on the front page and the second is the story which both came out on Monday, December 15th, 2008. The article even mentions how the mother said that her son was "protected by God and that is why he survived with only minor injuries.
Thank you God for another miracle and newspaper confirmation.

Here are the articles in the Toronto Sun:


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