Dream Interpretation For Michael Jackson Prophecy

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Michael Jackson Prophecy Dream Interpretation / Transcription

Adam said: I had this dream while we were camping and posted it on June 24, 2009, but did not have time to do the transcription right away. I found out on the 25th that it was a prophecy of Michael Jackson's death. The transcription has an important message in it. It is funny but I was not really a fan of Him prior to the transcription or his death. I was not sure if some of the things that people said and some of the charges were true. After the transcription I found out that most charges against him in the past were false.

My dream on June 23, 2009

I was in this large house and this older woman was in charge. I really do not know who she was but she seemed to want to have control over what I did. I decided to go somewhere and before I left she told me I should tell her where I was going before I left. I felt a little upset with her because I felt I should not need to tell her where I was going and responded, " I am 22 years old. Then I thought for a minute and realized I was 42 years old. Then I said, I am 42 years old and I am not a child and should not have to tell you where I am going. She looked at me kind of puzzled and said well okay. In reality, I am 53 years old so I was even wrong the second time.

I started a receival session with the angels yesterday which relates to the dream I had which was posted about 1 day before the death of Michael Jackson. One of the main subjects in the newspaper article that came out on Friday was in relationship to Elvis Presley who died at age 42. So this dream was sent to me in connection to Elvis and Michael's death. I am sure it will be a very important lesson and prophecy.

Hi Everyone,
I am sorry that this took so long but I have been very busy and this was an extremely long transcription which involved two dreams. I will be posting the newspaper article that relates to the dream and transcription sometime today. The dream happened before Michael died and the article was in the newspaper the following day. The article shows the connection to Elvis who died at age 42. I also posted a second dream called the Little Submarine which is part of this transcript on June 28th at this link.

1. In your dream where you said you were 42, it was a prophecy about Michael Jackson. We will explain it. Michael had a connection to the family of Elvis Presley who died at 42. Michael even had fear that he would end up dying mysteriously and similar to the way Elvis died. And he had a reason to feel a lot of confusion for he wasn’t in very good health. What happened to Elvis has repeated in history because they both regressed spiritually later on in life.

2. When we have spiritually evolved to a very high level in a lifetime, we will often devolve when we are having difficulty in life and forget we can seek the help of God. Anyone can suffer spiritually, and God will help those that ask for spiritual direction. 

3. In this dream you said that you were 22 in the beginning. This was the age when both Elvis and Michael often thought they were on a mission from God. Both were very involved with songs of love and had compassion for all life in general. Elvis never had a drug problem until he began to take them by prescription and it was the same for Michael. They were both against street drugs in society until they were addicted to prescription drugs. Both were experiencing problems financially as well as legal battles prior to and around the time of their death. Many of the law suits were unwarranted and without reason and this caused a lot of stress in their lives. This also affected them spiritually and gave them reason to stop asking for direction from God.

4. They needed a crutch of evil to help them with their survival, however evil never has any compassion for life. Some think that Demerol is the perfect prescription for killing pain. When we have a lot of pain resulting from evil, God promises to reverse this pain spiritually. God will never let us have more pain then we can handle as long as we ask for help from Him.

5. When this pain is more physical, He provides something spiritually to relieve pain. Never will we experience something that will cause us more pain and suffering without a way to relieve it. When you experience pain and suffering there will be many prescriptions doctors can give you to help. Sometimes you will physically require it.

6. God made man responsible to relieve the pain in our physical body when He cannot help us spiritually. Suffering always comes from evil. When something is not existing in love, it will cause a lot of confusion, and it will cause a reaction of evil in our soul. A reaction that causes a spiritual change in our soul is something that will always be present in your genetic structure until you reverse it through spirituality.

7. Elvis had a lot of spiritual changes in his life as he got older. In this dream Adam was not able to go anywhere without telling this woman where he was going. Adam felt like he was being treated like a child in life. Everyone should have the right to take a journey when they want to in life unless they are a child and might journey into danger. Unfortunately both Elvis and Michael were not able to take a journey when they needed a spiritual cleansing.

8. And this did not allow them to find their way back to their God. Both of them were only allowed to experience the corruption and evil that constantly followed them. So what can we learn from the death of Michael and Elvis? There are many famous people who have experienced the same thing.

9. When you have evil chasing you all through your life, you will need something other then material things to help you survive. We can all make a fortune and squander it foolishly trying to find something that will make us happy. If we can take direction from God He can show us the way to eternal happiness and He can always guide us away from evil if we are willing to listen.

10. In this dream that Adam had, he symbolized the number 22. And this is a special number in the metaphysical world and it is a very important number in heaven. It is part of the creative process which causes spiritual growth without confusion. It is spiritually protecting us through the process of every change in our life time. There isn't an original number that has more affect on the human soul. It is often referred to as the master number of creative reasoning relating to the spiritual world. It is a symbol of the creative force that drives the metaphysical.

11. When 22 is cut in 1/2 it exists as the first prime number solely on its own and it reverses a lot of confusion for everyone when they first learn to add. There is an array of reasons that 22 is such a spiritual number. When Adam was 22 he was in Egypt in the military. He had some contact with religious evil and he needed to reverse a lot of it. He was not proud of many of the things he had done which resulted from drinking too much and he drank because he was in spiritual confusion. He needed to reverse this evil spiritually in his soul before he could start spiritually evolving.

12. He finally decided to seek his first spiritual cleansing several years later after he traveled in Israel and he experienced his first miracle there. But even that was not enough to make major change in his life and he drank for many more years until he finally found he had a mission. Even now Adam is still reversing his evil on a daily basis.

13. So why has God chosen Adam to create this new religion? He knows that Adam will always be spiritually evolving and the things that he has done in the past have always shown a compassion and love of life, even when he was in total confusion. When your children evolve from love, you will find their mission will come while having a spiritual cleansing. So, you will find that your mission is matching every belief system you have and when you search for the truth from God, your mission will be something that is supported in heaven.

14. Now we will move on to another dream that Ryan had recently about a little submarine.

Ryan’s dream:
Last night I had a very strange dream which was more like a movie. Linda and I were on a mission to receive some living artefacts in an underwater place. We were given this tiny submarine which was much smaller then we were. We were suppose to go in it and submerge ourselves in this water opening and retrieve living biological examples of life. In the beginning I was wondering how we were going to get in the submarine because it was so small. Somehow we did and when we arrived there we put on some scuba diving equipment(I don't know where it came from) and began exploring what seemed like an underwater house. For some reason we were not suppose to be there and we knew that it was a dangerous mission. We began to search around and notice there were some strange plants and animals in the house that were on display and thought they would be good examples to bring back. Suddenly I began to run out of air because I had been there
so long and a warning signal went off saying I should surface. However, it did not seem to worry me that much. Shortly after that there were some people who came down in scuba equipment who were protecting the place. They were after us. I struck out at one and knocked him out just in time to take his scuba gear and use it for myself. I believe Linda had surfaced for a while and then came back down. We began picking up the plants mostly and putting them in plastic bags and found ourselves surrounded. I remember thinking it was too bad that we had almost completed our mission and we were going to get caught. Suddenly we heard someone on a microphone telling us all to surface. I remember thinking at the time that we were being rescued by the people who sent us and was happy they would be able to see what we had found.

Transcription continues:
15. They had a mission to explore down in this water, for life. If you are going on a mission where you will encounter a dangerous opposition to what you have been asked to do by God, you will need some kind of special transport which is symbolized by the submarine in this dream. Many times, if the mission is more difficult, you will require a vessel that is portable and very easy to take with you as you may have to get out of it quickly. In this dream you thought it was not possible to fit in this submarine. God will give this type of spiritual vessel every time you take a mission from Him.

16. So what kind of magical qualities will this vessel possess? You will see how it will evolve into anything you need while you are in the evil surrounding you. When you will encounter problems, you will not even know you are using it. It will have many metaphysical properties connected to the angels that will protect you in heaven.

17. Even when you have a lot of confusion, you will still be able to use this vessel to move on through the evil waters of life. If you have an evil reaction while moving through the waters of evil in life, it was done to survive and you will always need to reverse the evil you have done through it.

18. What we do in life is something that must not exist in the destruction and murder of innocent or any life. When Adam struck out at this person while he was in the water, he was not trying to kill her. Adam was trying to survive on the air that came from the vessel from God. God knew He was searching for life, and that he wasn't there to take one.

19. If God couldn't protect him from evil when he was on a mission, then he would not have a reason to put his trust in God. And if you cannot trust in Him, you always will find a new mission of evil. If your missions are always changed to evil, you will find in time that your soul will end up in spiritual confusion. Once your soul is in spiritual confusion, you will need a spiritual cleansing to make change in your life.

20. When Adam encountered someone evil in the waters of life, he struck out physically when his life was in jeopardy. We often will strike out naturally when our life is threatened. And this is something God will forgive you for as long as you maintain love and compassion for life and it is a non selective process. You cannot be selective with your evil.

21. Each time you use evil when you are threatened in life, you are using up some of the resources of your spiritual bank that you need to evolve and you will need to replenish it by doing something that exists in love. If you return to your evil ways often, you will never be able to make it to heaven. Every soul is structured to evolve in love as well as reversing its own evil.

22. This symbol of air that Linda and Adam needed while they were submerged in the waters of life was a representation of love being replenished. Linda had to rise up to the surface to replenish the air that she needed. The air that God has provided to live is reminiscent of the love that we need to survive spiritually in life.

23. God provides us ways to live without it when we are submerged in evil, but we will always need to replace it when it runs out. Once we have everlasting love, we will have an unlimited source of it. As for Linda she found a reason to replenish her air from a different source then Adam. God replenishes his love in many different ways depending on how long we have been without it.

24. If you are lost in confusion in life you will often be without love and you will always be looking for it. Heaven knows Adam spent most of his life lost in confusion looking for love even when he was in relationships where people loved him. However, he was in so much spiritual confusion other emotions took over his life which controlled him. When we corrupt the air that God gives to us, we need to find a way to filter it so it can sustain our life. The true nature of surviving is dependent on how pure the air is we breathe just like our soul needs pure love to live in heaven.

25. So heaven needs love that we can replenish for eternity. And if you run out, you will have to return to earth. Yes, there is a reason for it. We have a vacation each summer because we are often tired of all the work we do during the year. When we are tired of life we need to have something that will replenish us physically and mentally. This is just another way for us to get out of the confusion of the evil in life. Once we are out of confusion we have less problems spiritually.

26. Evil will build up with our problems if we can't reverse them. If we can reverse them we can have some happiness and we will see our lives changing. In this dream Adam was happy when he found these plants and animals they were looking for as these things he had were alive.

27. If our mission is to find some living examples for someone, rescuing them from a display of a life of evil, then we know we have a mission from God. If you want to keep a display of things that are restricting spiritual growth, we won't have the kind of love that supports things that are alive and we will not care if they suffer.

28. Adam and Linda were collecting them so they would be free and that is why it was a mission for compassion of life. When a life is on display in evil and confusion, God will want to relieve their suffering. When God sees a life that is always suffering, and they have no chance for spiritual evolution, He finds a way to reverse this pain.

29. Adam heard that someone was waiting. They called and told them to come to the surface of the water. This was a symbol of someone escaping from all this evil. When he escaped he brought these plants and animals to the surface and when he got to the surface he would free them. It was natural for these plants and animals to live in an environment where there was air.

30. Why did Adam and Linda also put plants in the bags? The plants needed to be in a place where they could continue their mission for God. Even plants have been given a mission from God and that is also to help sustain life on earth.

31. So what can we learn from these dreams of Adam? Some people have a reason to have a display of evil and the display is usually to prevent the spiritual evolution of a life that has a mission from God. When we are sheltered from love and prevented to have spiritual evolution we are suffering until God can free us. Love is as natural as the air that we breathe for human survival. When someone has a mission from God you will have compassion for the suffering of all life.

32. Even plants can have a mission from God and when they are not able to fulfill their purpose, they will not be able to develop a soul to evolve.

33. There is much confusion of how living things develop a soul. We will be learning this in future lessons that we have. You will have the original explanation straight from heaven very soon here. 

34. Now we have a prophecy here. Michael Jackson has lost his life but he has not been forgotten in heaven. He has arrived in heaven for he really was a loving person in life. There were times when evil was in his life, but this was because he had confusion when he was always being chased by evil. He had a mission from God but it was changed because he was always surrounded by evil.

35. God forgave him for he never had a chance to spiritually evolve in life after a certain age. We shall see how many shall learn from his mistakes and get the help they need. The angels had reason to meet him in heaven and make sure he is ready. And he is very close to making heaven his home for eternity.

36. And now it is time for the prophecy that will happen in a newspaper article. We will see how there will be an article in the newspaper on Wednesday that will symbolize the life of Michael Jackson as someone who was like a little boy who didn't have any freedom from the time that he was very young. For at the age of 11, he wasn't able to have a normal childhood. He was abused by his father and emotionally and spiritually corrupted. He was not happy with his image when people would see him perform because of the confusion he had as a child. And he had his three kids who loved him deeply in life.

37. He had much love from all these people at his memorial. It's time that people start showing his life wasn't like a normal person who just needed some help. There were many people who were dependant upon his lifestyle and this was the way that Michael lead his life from the beginning. We saw people mourning for him. Did they cry because they knew that all this money he gave showed his generosity?

38. And Michael gave it away all his life like it was nothing and many knew he would try to avoid any lawsuits. So this was the basis of the accusations made against him. These accusations really were what destroyed him and it turned his heart against most people. Everything was causing confusion but he still was a good father and really took care of his children.

39. Now let’s return to these dreams of Adam. When your objective in life is to display how you can prevent spiritual evolution you have no compassion for life in general. Even if you prevent evil from evolving into something good then you are doing the same thing as before. If you cannot see how Michael Jackson was a product of spiritual regression because of the evil around him, then you will not have a mission to make change for the future. Even the plants that were in this water could evolve if humanity could find some pharmaceutical value for them.

40. Can we find some animals that are important for survival of the world and have a mission? If their mission is to prevent suffering and death, then it is a mission from God. God has a mission for the survival of humanity and if you think that He is insensitive for other life forms, you are wrong. Every life form has a means of spiritually evolving through the course of its life. And we will see how God prevents suffering for those who are restricted in their spiritual evolution.

41. We will see how every original life form can evolve with a mission that is based on love of humanity. We will see how those who seem to be suffering in the clutches of humanity have been given miraculous abilities of the soul for there is a mission for every creature of God. And God ensures that every creation of His will evolve spiritually so it will eventually develop a soul that can live through eternity.

42. There are many things that we can learn through the creation of a soul. We shall see how creation is a process of the creative love and compassion of the eternal love of God. When we know the process that God has used to create everything in the universe, you shall never doubt that His love is the driving force of life.

43. We all have a choice to spiritually evolve in the way that we have chosen and God gives us a chance to experience every life form so we will be able to make a choice which one suites us spiritually. And every one has a way to experience something good spiritually. So when you are confused by evil, try to look for a spiritual lesson.

44. If we are spiritual and can learn from something, such as a display of evil, we will try to understand the confusion that caused it to be this way. By doing that we can ask God if He can give us a mission to prevent it from happening in the future. God would never object to giving any one a mission that will prevent suffering of any of his creations. Humanity returns the love that He has given to every soul, by showing our love of every life that he has created.

45. Even when we see how one of his life forms is causing evil, it can still have a lesson that can cause something to happen that is good, if we learn from its mistakes.

46. What can we change from what happened to Michael Jackson? When we see someone who has spiritual confusion, we should find a way to help them and understand that they need to have some normality in life. They have a right to have the same freedoms as other people and we should find a reason to give them some privacy and not be so critical about the way they live. So we should understand when they will experience more problems then most people do when they have no freedom. People who are being chased by evil will have to find ways to protect themselves which may be outside the bounds of normality.

47. We have found a reason to look back on the life of Michael Jackson in this religion and saw that he had a mission when he was very young. Yes Michael showed a special talent. A talent we won't see for a very long time and he was a spiritual person who found the beauty in the creations of humanity.

48. Certainly his music showed the same kind of creative beauty and he shall be rewarded for that in heaven. Such pressures for anyone would cause confusion in life and he deserves to withdraw the spiritual rewards in his bank that he has collected during his life time. So remember if spiritual evolution is stopped in a life time due to spiritual repression we can still make it to heaven. Often evil will get you lost in confusion because you are a prisoner to the people who control you. As long as you have compassion and love in life and live a spiritual existence, you should make it to heaven. Every action you do that lives in love helps you spiritually evolve.

Second part of confirmation article that came out on June 26th, 2009.


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