Cottage In The Snow

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Adam's Cottage in the Snow Dream Dream Translation / Transcription

Dec 29, 2007

Brought over from the Spiritual Dreams and Visions Forum ( on January 5, 2014

I had a dream of being in this large cottage in the winter time. There was a huge amount of snow piled up around the cottage and it was difficult to get out. I took a walk outside and tried to make some paths so we could move about the cottage, however it did not work very well. Then I got on this sled, which seemed to be motorized. I got up to the mount of snow on the sled and slid down it towards the cottage. When I looked up behind me, the sled had made some perfect stairs. I walked the stairs and they worked fine, so I went to tell someone in the cottage that I had made some stairs. When we went back to look at them the stairs kind of crumbled and were not good any more.


Transcription by Adam Kadmon while in receival with the angels on January 4, 2008

1. Your dream of a cottage symbolizes religion and you have a big problem of being snowed in there. So you will need to make some paths in the snow and you will need to make some progress on a sled.
2. It is a way to get around in the snow and it is a way to prevent you from getting stuck when you have to find your way back to religion and this sled is a symbol of spirituality
3. God has put you on this sled for a reason. This is part of the journey that you will be making for God.
4. There were some stairs in this dream as well. Each time you build these stairs, you will be completing a mission.
5. Why don't these stairs stay so others can use them? When we walk a religious life, we often assume the stairs to heaven will be close to the cottage of religion, but spiritually we have not taken the journey that you will need to get to heaven. If you refuse to evolve in your spiritual journey in life, you will always end up back in religion where you started from. Then you will have to refuel the sled for another journey.
6. Your ultimate goal is to build these steps so they will not disappear, so others can find their way to a better life. This is Adams mission.
7. When you looked outside from the cottage, you thought the obstruction was this hill of snow. We know this hill is a big hill and it seems like it is void of spiritual reasoning. How can you find a way to the top of it?
8. God put you on this sled so you can travel in this life spiritually and you can have a good time while you do it. God knows you need this cottage to return to when you need to refuel this sled. God has given you a base at the bottom of this spiritual hill to learn how to understand spiritual reasoning.
9. So let us reverse here in spiritual reasoning. Adam has been given a mission and his cottage is based near the hill of spirituality. He will have to go out often to traverse the path of spiritual freedom. He must build the stairs that others will use to get to heaven and he will need to use his spiritual experiences in life to lead him away from evil and make a path for others who need it.
10. He will often have to go back for refueling where the angels will be waiting to give him direction. When he returns to the cottage of religion,he will find out where he took the wrong direction. He will learn to resort to his spiritual reasoning each time he takes a journey.

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