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Last night I had a very vivid dream that I know is important to this religion. Last night I asked God if he could help me with a dream that would give me direction in this forum today. This is the dream that he sent me. I will be transcribing it sometime this week and as soon as I get a chance.


Adam's The Reverend Dream (Minister Malony) - Dec 12, 2007

I was in this large building and I was either the manager or someone who was in charge of the building. While I was working, a minister came up to me and I believe his name was Maloney. He was a high ranking officer in the military as well. When he talked to me he pointed to a door and said he wanted me to open the door and show him if the security officers who were working in there had cleaned the office yet. So I opened the door for him and found a security officer sleeping in his chair. It did not look like the office was cleaned yet. Then the minister pointed to two other security officers who were sleeping in a pile of clothes in the corner. I went over and woke them up and asked them what the heck they were doing sleeping when they were suppose to be working. One of them blurted out, well we just got off shift six hours ago and needed a rest. The the minister said, 'oh, okay, I did not realize you just got off shift." We went out of the room and Rev Maloney came up to me and said that I should call the head office and tell them what happened with the security guards. Then he said, make sure you do not wake me up if you have any problems when you tell them. Then the dream was over.


After I posted this dream I told Linda that I had know idea what the dream meant, but I did have a feeling that the minister in this dream was trying to cause problems and was very arrogant. I also felt that this was not the kind of actions that a man of God would do. First he demanded to see the office, and then he was very upset when he saw the officers sleeping. After that he agreed with them that they had a reason, and then told me to report it to management. So I was experiencing a lot of confusion in this dream and did not know if I should report the security guards to the head office.

This is the transcription I got while in receival with the angels on Dec 14, 2007

1.  The minister was a symbol of a priest that had forgot his religion. God wasn't pleased with him in the priesthood, for he wasn't practicing what he had learned. In the priesthood you have an obligation to choose a life of honesty all the time, even when you are feeling emotional evil. This will make relationships good.
2. There is no reason to partake in anything that really benefits a life of evil. This minister was in the military, and he was looking for a reason to cause a problem with the people who were responsible for cleaning the office.
3. So lets reverse in reasoning here. Adam was responsible to look after the building and the minister shouldn't have demanded to inspect the condition of the office. And when he opened it up, he found evil there. At first it really looked like the security officers had no reason to be sleeping in this place.
4. His reaction was evil, even after he found out they did have a reason. He could of asked questions to them to get more of an explanation, but this is the way he reacts most of his life and even Adam would not forget the way he was treated.
5. This is how relationships with people are corrupted with our actions of emotional evil. Maloney was a real hard person, and he wasn't spiritual for this reason. Adam reacted with fear when he found the officers in the office, and this was a result of confusion.
Adam felt the minister in the military had authority to make an issue of something that he was in charge of, and this could even cause a problem with management for the officers.
6. This religion will not have these kind of things happening here. We have given Adam a responsibility in this forum to resist this kind of evil. When Adam resists this evil, he is managing it in a very spiritual way and the people will realize he is a loving person.
7. If we are Christian, we have a responsibility to resist evil and we will find the good in everything, providing it isn't pure evil. And we will not try to cause harm to someone else in life. God gives you special treatment every day.

8. Jesus made them see how people can throw stones, and even take another life, when they were a bigger sinners themselves. So that is how this kind of confusion causes evil actions.
Linda Commented on January 6, 2008
We've all been in situations where we felt confused by someone elses actions. Probably most of us, at some point in our lives, have reacted in a way that caused someone else to feel fear or react to us in an evil way. I know this started me thinking about the way I've handled some situations in my life and the way people reacted back in a negative way because of it. This really helps put things into perspective doesn't it?
Thank you God for giving Adam this dream and especially thank you for forgiving us when we have hurt others.

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