The Procession

The Procession

In 2000, Ryan raised a parakeet named Victor with a remarkable vocabulary. He realized that Victor was communicating, expressing opinions and saying things that had not been taught to him. In order to make this discovery known to the world Ryan made a website for Victor and opened a parrot intelligence group called "The Budgie Research Group". It quickly became one of the largest groups of its kind in Yahoo Groups.

Over the next 5 years, Victor's popularity and website became a hub for a number of budgies who also spoke well. The miraculous effect of Victor's recordings was a catalyst for these budgies to speak intelligently. As other budgie guardians contacted Ryan, they to felt their budgies were communicating, but they could only understand a small portion of what they were saying. 

In general, most budgies are difficult to understand, even if you record them. When Ryan first started translating the budgies speech he used a normal tape driven recorder. Depending on the length of the recording, it could take days to do a translation. He would have to go back each time he missed something and find the right spot and listen to it over and over again to fully understand them. He was able to do this because he was an award-winning military communications expert.

Keeping up with the latest advancements in digital audio software, Ryan further developed his skills enabling him to listen, understand and caption what these highly intelligent little birds were saying. So in essence, he was the first person to truly break the communication barrier between man and animal.

Soon, Ryan was translating over 30 other parrots for guardians who wanted to know what their budgies were saying to them. From 2000 to 2005, he spent thousands of hours analyzing budgie speech and putting captions to the recordings. He documented many budgies that were conversing intelligently through files he received on the internet. Even more amazing, these same budgies soon began speaking of God, a new religion, and the afterlife.

Things progressed rapidly and the group even began to experience supernatural phenomena happening in the recordings in the form of electronic voice phenomena. In 2006 Ryan decided that there was a need to find out more about the paranormal aspect of what was happening. He also wanted to know why these budgies were communicating about God and if they were somehow connected. An independent forum and group were formed to study the paranormal and spiritual aspect of what was happening.

Within weeks of establishing the new forum, the budgies began to explain their purpose and who they were receiving their messages from. They said they were passing messages on from the angels in heaven and that they wanted to teach the group about a religion straight from God. There were over ten people involved in the research group and they were mostly Christians. Ryan was a Christian as well. When the new group started, the budgies prompted him to do an internet search during a translation on Adam Kadmon. After he did, he found that some biblical texts prophesied Adam Kadmon as a new religion, and some religions even believed Adam Kadmon was connected to the first Adam in the Bible. Here is a quote from one of those sources: "Adam Kadmon is the symbol of Primordial Man. He is symbolized as the first being to emerge with the creation of the cosmos and is common to a number of religious and philosophical traditions."

The budgies told the group that because Ryan's grandfather's last name was Kadmon, he was directly connected to the Adam Kadmon bloodline, and they chose him to pass on their messages from God and the angels. They also named the forum The Procession, which they declared was a religion of God that was going to precede the second coming of Christ.

Not everyone was convinced that the transcripts Ryan received were coming from heaven, and even Ryan had his doubts, finding reasons to question them at times. He was not a very religious person, but he did believe in God and Jesus. And even though he had read the Bible, he felt that there were problems associated with it, especially in the old testament where God was portrayed as a vengeful and punishing God. So over the next year, he was often confused and needed to confirm that these communications were coming from the source that they claimed to be. Other Christians in the group also had their own apprehensions. Many of the things that the budgies were passing on to them were not consistent with their belief systems. To support his findings, Ryan analyzed the speech and added captions to what these budgies were saying, as proof. There were many examples of how the recordings were confirming the messages he received. Due to the massive amount of information he was receiving Ryan knew he could not caption everything the budgies were saying with 100% accuracy.

About a month or two into the project, they were told that members of the group would begin to receive dreams and visions from God and that the angels would explain what these dreams meant. This is similar to what Daniel did with dream interpretations in the Bible and even King Solomon was known to receive communication from birds while writing Psalms. Shortly after this prophecy, the dreams and visions began. A group of about 10 people started posting their dreams (which were many) to be translated. Even though Ryan was inspired by the transcribed messages from the angels, he was still a little confused. He had never been involved in dream translations before, and he had little idea of how it would all come to pass.

When the first translation came is was transcribed with ease. As Ryan listened, the angels started translating the dreams and Ryan began to transpose them in writing. Within days, miraculous events began to happen in the forum. It seemed that the angels knew what was going to happen beforehand. Many of the dreams were connected to others in the group and were happening within the same time frame. As the process evolved the angels taught them through their dreams with many lessons on Christianity and other religions. The lessons focused on teaching them a religion that was related to Christ, but different in many other ways. For instance, they told us that Christ was not supposed to be crucified and it was not God's will for Jesus to be tortured so others could be forgiven for their sins. They said God's love was unconditional and He automatically gives forgiveness to everyone who asks for it. They said Jesus did not complete his entire mission and what he was going to teach was cut short by his crucifixion. They explained how the outcome was something that happened due to the confusion and evil of man that was rampant at that time. In other words, there is much misconception in the Christian religion today. They said God wants to provide us with the truth of what really happened and continue teaching what Jesus wanted us to know. Even with everything that was happening, it was difficult for most people in the group to change their belief systems.

Early on, Ryan had not evolved enough spirituality to comprehend fully what was happening and there were misunderstandings in the group. Some of the confusion caused the translations to be corrupted and he felt he needed more time to re-evaluate. At this point, the angels instructed him to start a new forum and move the existing transcripts to it. Several weeks later the old Procession forum was inadvertently deleted by the hosting provider who required constant activity in it and closed it down when it became inactive for 14 days. The new forum was called "The Eve of Revival In Religion."  This forum was the beginning of Ryan's indoctrination into spirituality where he was ordained as a minister of God's New Religion.

Note: The transcriptions from The Procession are many and came over a period of a couple of years. This is a massive task to bring them all here, however, it will be completed in the near future after the most recent translations have been done.

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