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Posted: May 29, 2008 at 8:11 am
Chris wrote:
This dream is kind of like my Father dreams, in that it held meaning to my life. I know there is greater meaning beyond what I immediately recognize. This dream happened a couple days before my big bro, Gary, suddenly broke up with my big sis. His behavior seems to be more like what I hear he was like before he met Dee, and he doesn't seem to recognize any responsibility on his part for what happened.

In this dream, I see Gary sitting in what appears to be an office chair. His long hair is cut, and he looks like photos from before I met him. Him and his chair are somewhat raised from the rest of the room. I repeatedly say to Gary: "Gary, you're a loser again! Gary, why are you a loser again?!"

Hi Chris and everyone,
Here is the transcription of this dream and I know what you are going through as I myself have experienced it recently, and my sister as well just split up after 16 years of marriage. My separation is going much better then hers right now, but hopefully she will find her way soon.

Transcription posted by Adam Kadmon on May 29, 10:01 a.m

1. Chris had this dream about Gary and he was sitting in an office chair. For this dream a new prophecy is coming. The symbol of this office chair represents a change in life. When we cut our hair it is a symbol of a spiritual cleansing that we have to endure. Why is his chair raising from the rest of the room? He is getting closer to God.

2. What is the prophecy that is happening here? People will often think you are a loser in your life when you begin to change and this is a process that many of us will go through when we begin to have spiritual change. We will now begin to explain why people think this way.

3. When people think this way they see someone change from someone who once was very materialistic, to a person who really doesn't need everything they were accustomed to in the past. They cannot understand how they could give up so many things in their life. They feel material things bring happiness, and everything these people have worked for all their life has been wasted.

4. Everything we have is not something that will reverse our evil unless it provides us with a spiritual benefit while we are in loving relationships. Most things we own in life prevent us from experiencing true freedom because we begin to live only for them. When we own something that keeps us from having a spiritual experience, then we have trouble abandoning it. So if we can't abandon it, then it will stand in the way of a spiritual change in life. So for those people who have lost everything in life, it is much easier for them to make a spiritual change and when they begin again they can leave behind the evil that prevented them from growing in loving relationships.

5. There are always things that we will need to leave behind so we should never think that anyone is a loser when they don't have anything. We should always think that this person is ready to begin a new spiritual journey for he has nothing holding him back. Many will often find that they have a job that is holding them back in life. They will find that even though they have materialistically grown, they have not grown at all spiritually. So they are very unhappy in life.

6. You all need to work to survive in your life, but all of you have many things that you never will use to provide you with what you think is happiness unless your soul is clouded with drugs and alcohol. And if that is the case, then you are spiritually devolving in life, and you don't know what true love is.
7. When there is evil it will try to convince you that you can only receive happiness through drugs and alcohol. Can you respect a person who is destroying his life with things that can corrupt the soul? Or can you respect someone who left everything evil in his life behind to start again?

8. There is a preliminary time for a person who wants to make a change in life. During this time, they will feel their relationships are going nowhere and often will be on their own. They will often spend more time on things like television or computer then with their family. So when we feel that we would rather be alone we are breaking free from the relationships that we have and we are seeking something else that will make us happier in life. If we are in turmoil, then spiritually we will cause a lot of confusion for everyone that we have relationships with. By doing this, we will not be able to have reactions that will consist of love.

9. God knows when you have confusion which affects your life, and he understands you need to know there is something different. He has a mission to give you spiritual experiences that will get you closer to heaven. And this is not just you, but everyone you have a relationship with. We must spiritually seek the people that have a mission in life to have relationships consisting in love. If we do this we have reversed some more evil and we shall see another miracle.

10. When there is a future in a relationship that provides spiritual growth then it is a tragedy if they cannot stay together. Now Chris, we hope this can help you to understand better. We know you have a relationship with your sister and brother-in-law. Never take a side for either of them, because both of them will look for a reason why it happened. If we concentrate on all the mistakes we made in every relationship, then we are consumed with confusion. And when we are in confusion we will say and do things we would not normally do.

11. The only thing that you can do is support them spiritually in any journey that they decide to take. You need to support both of them and you must make them understand that you cannot judge either one of them for anything that they may have done in their relationship. They will understand that you will not take sides and they will not have any fear that you would be supporting only one of them.

12. We will give you a promise Chris. Each of them will be happier in the near future and you will have a loving relationship with the both of them as long as you do not get lost in their confusion. They will both have a chance to grow more spiritually, and establish more loving relationships. This process must come to the both of them through the intervention of God. And you will be there for them when they are ready to make some changes. This process is something that they will have to go through.

13. First they will find reason to blame each other and then when they begin to have other relationships, they will see when they were in the wrong. And then they will be willing to make many changes that will give them spiritual growth. Tell them the most important thing is to forgive each other for all things that made them fall out of love. They cannot hold on to someone if they are not happy. When someone tries to hold on to someone who wants to move on, it usually causes more problems.

14. They can maintain a relationship that will be different then it was before as long as they are willing to forgive each other. If they both go through some spiritual changes they may decide to get back together and they could have a happier marriage. But there is always a better relationship either way and it will be better for any children as well. Any children must see that one parent does not harbor any hate for the other parent that they love. If they do, it will cause them to be confused about love in the future. There are many reasons why children can have confusion about love. So they must understand that happiness is the driving force for love and everyone has a right to seek happiness.

15. We have tried to answer any questions that can arise in a separation of a relationship for it is never easy for those who are involved. The only thing spiritually that most of us can do is not make things worse by causing more confusion or by losing the trust of one of the people you love. And this is the process that has worked for many people who have had similar circumstances. You can be sure that it is the spiritual way to approach it.

16. When we start thinking spiritually in our relationships, then we are reacting with love and it will have affects on others that we have relationships with. We are also reversing some evil when we try to react spiritually in every relationship we have.

17. So in this dream Gary was sitting in this chair, and he was experiencing spiritual growth by taking a journey to get closer to God. And it was not in reality when you thought he would become a loser, for every time we have spiritual growth God rejoices, for He knows that your soul is getting something that it really needed.

18. And when we seek happiness, we are seeking out true love. When we have a mission that exists in love, then it is never wrong as long as we have consideration for everyone that may be hurt in the separation. We should try and make everyone understand the reason for separating is not as simple as looking at each mistake that both have made.


 I believe this article that came out on June 16, 2008 in the NY Daily News has many connections to the dream and transcription.


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