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Gorilla In Dome Dream Interpretation / Transcription

Adam's Comment: Often God will use animals in dreams to symbolize people, or the way people are treated. For instance, if we have a gorilla representing someone or a group of people in a dream, it may represent the way we have inappropriately treated a group of people as if they were non-human, or it could be symbolizing that if we can have feelings for a gorilla, than we should have the same feelings for humans. So the confirmation article that I chose to post here, is not because we associate the indigenous people as gorillas, but that we should treat them like we would expect to be treated as fellow humans.

Templar's Dream posted November 27, 2008 at 10:32 am

Hello. I have been watching this website with interest, wondering how to recognize a dream sent from God. Most of my recent dreams have been about topics that I think about very much, so I figured that those were just my brain processing information. Last night's dream was not relevant to my typical thoughts though, so although I do not know whether it had divine origins, I figure it has a better chance than my others. Here is a summary of my dream:

Templar's Gorilla in Dome Dream

I participate in a research project involving living with a single gorilla for a period of time. Strangely, this takes place in a large, glass dome within a shopping mall. There is a long staircase leading to a door, but I feel obligated not to exit for the duration of the project. My job is to feed the gorilla regularly; buckets of bananas are provided. I am not sure of the purpose of the project, but I feel slightly suspicious that the gorilla is being mistreated, because, to its displeasure, its bananas are of a variety that tends to rot very quickly into brown slime.

Dream Transcription by Adam Kadmon posted December 7, 2008 at 12:35 pm

Hi There,

It took a while but this started coming through in my session with the angels this morning. Here is the transcription. I was recently on some stop smoking medication, Champex to be exact, however, I found that it was causing me some fuzziness in my receival sessions. They were not coming through as clear as they usually do, so I had to stop taking the Champex and do it cold turkey.

Here is the transcription:

1. When you make a change to the vehicle the carries your spiritual soul everywhere, you are giving it spiritual growth through your actions. This dream will provide you with an answer to your question about determining which dreams are from God. This dream you had about a gorilla has been sent to you by processes we can associate with your prayers.

2. When each of us has a question to God, they will often be answered in a dream. God gives you the answer through a process and a lesson that will teach you something. When your dreams have a lesson straight from God, it is something that you will need throughout your spiritual evolution. When God sees that you are going in the wrong direction, he will try and help you change through his intervention and love.

3. In this dream you were learning how to participate in this project. It is a symbol of your participation in a project which consists of communication with a creature of God. It takes place in a dome which protects it from the outside world and it has everything that you need to sustain a spiritual life. It is a place where this gorilla can grow spiritually because it is free from any corruption. So it is a symbol of a place where evil cannot affect him.

4. The person within this project is also protected from the influence of the outside world. When we communicate in a religion that comes from God you will need no influence corrupting it from the outside world. There is always a way to exit when you need to, but you will have to be careful what you let inside. Each prophecy can cause a lot of confusion especially when we see the opposite take place in the future.

5. When we choose to stay working in this project we are choosing to do so for our spiritual growth in life and that is why we have a symbol of the stairs of evolution. So how does this dream and transcription answer your question? You have interest in the communications that we are receiving in here. There are many lessons that have helped you grow spiritually since the time it has captured your interest. You can choose to leave whenever you decide it is not some place you want to be. We know every dream that has been sent to you during the time you have been open to it spiritually comes from God and the angels in heaven.

6. These bananas that you are feeding the gorilla are the natural things that this gorilla spiritually needs to sustain his vessel of life. If you gave this gorilla something that was not a natural fruit of life for it, and it was rotten, it would not be able to eat it. So each time we are receiving something that is natural for us spiritually, it should be fresh and not consisting of anything evil. When you eat something that is rotten it can harm you, and you would be upset with those who gave it to you.

7. We also have a choice to eat what we feel is natural for our soul, and reject any food that could be tainted by evil. When we give something evil to someone else and we know that it is evil, then the person we gave it to has a right not to trust us the next time we want to feed him. So it is really up to us to find what is spiritually good for us in life and we have a right to refuse what is not natural and good for us.

8. Now you have a lot of dreams sent to you from heaven and God gives the right to choose which ones you want to use even after they have been transcribed. If you are not able to learn from the lesson the first time, He will send it to you again in another form. He hopes that His miracles and prophecies shall assist you in using the lesson to its fullest. His ultimate goal is that you will have enough spiritual growth to meet with Him in heaven.

9. There are many lessons that you can use from others that will help you spiritually as well in this religion. So is there a prophecy within this dream? We shall see after this weekend how this lesson contains a prophecy. When we have this experience we shall see how this lesson is an important one.

10. With each new lesson there will be reoccurring prophecy and it will be very evident as time progresses. If these prophecies show that there is not a natural connection to a higher spiritual being, then you should not have a problem believing they are something you do not need to grow spiritually. Every religion should help you grow spiritually.

Adam's Note: It seems like we have taken a certain amount of spiritual freedom away from the Aboriginal people in Canada and tried to feed them something that was not natural for them. As a result they have not had a choice and many are affected spiritually. This article in the Toronto Sun came out the next day after the transcription.







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