Dream Interpretation About An Egyptian Tomb

The Egyptian Tomb and The Spitting Image Dream Interpretation / Transcription

Dream posted by Adam: November 2, 2008 at 7:13 am

I had this short dream or it even could have been a vision of being in a church that seemed very nice. All of a sudden someone brought up a gold laced Egyptian casket like you would see in the pyramids. I remember thinking that it was quite a discovery, but I was not sure if I liked it.

Adam's comment: This dream talks about the inflictions that we have. The dictionary says it means to impose pain on a person or a thing. I know personally I have a few inflictions that cause me suffering in life. I do have a lot less now then I did a few years ago, before I began this process and I am working on them still. So in essence I believe God is saying that He knows of the inflictions I have and He has faith that I will change and evolve, but I still have a ways to go. This dream also talks about how we should never worship a prophet or a messenger of God, but we should praise the miracles that God brings. Perhaps we can get some clarification of how he would like us to praise His miracles and what is the best approach for that process in the future.

Transcription by Adam Kadmon November 2, 2008

1. This miracle that is coming on this weekend will be the launching of this religion. God sent a warning in a dream to you Adam, as you had a short dream about a church. There was a discovery of an Egyptian casket all covered with gold.

2. This dream was a symbol of the existence of evil in a religion that has some similarities to an ancient Egyptian religion and it will give you a reason to research it more. So before you make a decision of if you want to get involved with it, God wants to reverse this confusion before it begins. Adam will have many decisions to make as the founder of this religion and he will need to seek direction often. He will always need to seek the answers from God before he makes any major decisions for there will be many religions that will try and get a prophets support. Some will try and change your beliefs once they get it.

3. Some of their beliefs are often based in something that is evil and that is why you must seek God's direction. When you have confusion we have a process in place that will reverse it. When this miracle is happening, you will have some emails and they will want to profess that you are a prophet. You will have many bad reactions as well.

4. You shall write the newspaper and tell them the reason you have begun your own church. You tell them that you have received instructions from God and He wants you to prepare for Jesus' return. And this is the main reason for this new religion. God will give you time to evolve in some of the changes you will make in your life for He has faith in you Adam.

5. You will have some progression when things start happening. You have a foundation which is very strong as all religions do not have the lessons that exist in this one. You and the visionaries have done very well. This is a superior religion for humanity and you will have some help very soon.

6. This crypt in this dream was a symbol of a problem in religions who worship someone who is a messenger in their religion. When people start worshiping a prophet of a religion they take everything that person says literally and they often forget the message that God is giving to them. No man is perfect in everything that he says or does, so that is why the direction of God is needed. That is why prophecy is needed for confirmation.

7. Humanity cannot dictate what God does. When there is some evil in the emotions of any human, they will not have an accurate perception of God in heaven. This is why we have worked on a process to evolve this religion in a way that there is a system we will need to go through. Each time that a miracle happens you will know that it is God performing it.

8. We will worship the miracles of God and never the messenger that brings them to you. God knows that His prophets have never been perfect in every way, and there are things that they need to spiritually evolve in. God is not proud of many things that have happened through His prophets when He was not able to give them direction in their confusion. It sure is emotionally difficult for any prophet who has all this evil chasing them. And they were often in a situation where they felt there was a reaction of evil needed. This is why the crucifixion was chosen by Jesus as he felt there was no escape for the family he loved, even when they had a miracle waiting.

9. Just remember God would never want you to sacrifice your life for Him as it is too important. He will always protect you with a warning when there is danger. God accepts the inflictions you have and if He fails to free you of this evil, they will affect you in the future and you will suffer emotionally because of it. He knows when you are experiencing a lot of pain and He wants you to be free of it.

10. You will have no pain when you have spiritual change. We have a sure cure in the hospital of heaven and as you spiritually evolve you will feel less and less pain. These inflictions you have should not prevent you from evolving, but they can interrupt your life and prevent you from happiness.

Adam posted: November 8, 2008 at 12:04 pm

Hi Everyone,

I was a little worried when I read the newspaper that came to my door after the weekend. I believed there would be something there with a miracle in it. I only receive the Burlington Post and for some reason I have been getting a free copy of the Hamilton Spectator for the past couple of weeks. Anyway, the prophecy of the miracle did not seem to happen as predicted for the weekend. I saw two articles that were inspirational, but they did not seem to connect until I finished the transcription and went back to the article that came out on Monday in the Hamilton Spectator. By the way Hamilton is about 20 minutes from where I live. Another thing that worried me was when Mookie told me he was a male like me and that his birth name was Elijah. This weekend I just started to notice that his cere is turning brown, and that means he must be a female. This made me start to doubt my connection again until I did this transcription and read the newspaper article which I will post a little later.

The transcription continues:

11. When you have a prophecy of a miracle to come, often there is a problem with events in the world and people will need something to hold onto in their confusion. Often this confusion will be a result of a major problem. The warning that Adam received was for everyone. Each prophecy for religion is always sent for a special reason in your future. The time will only be given when it is reversing some evil that is happening at that time. When there is news about this miracle, it will often give someone spiritual evolution and it will also bring someone much closer to God.

12. All the testimonies have a purpose in God's religion. Adam has fear this project will fail if the prophecy does not happen and that it will cause him some emotional evil and confusion if it doesn't take place. He is risking everything he has done on this prophecy as he knows there has been other occasions that he has failed. This is how confusion can steal your faith in God.

13. This is not a prophecy that has originated from Adam. The angels know that he does not like to make predictions because in the past he has realized the timings of prophecies have never been revealed to him. When confusion is on the rise we will need to give a lesson where you can learn something. Through this you will see how difficult it is being a prophet. So is Adam losing his faith here? We have shown him many newspaper articles to prove that he is really receiving heavenly communications and there always is a divine lesson with them.

14. It is a natural thing to doubt there is such a miracle waiting to happen. We have to show him the reason is strong why many of you doubt him, when he can't even be certain himself. Now we will try to make this miracle happen with the help of God. Every action has a reverse action in life. So Adam will have to receive a reverse of evil to receive this miracle.

15. Something now has happened and we will read about it in the newspaper. We will give the emotions of Adam to God. There was a dream that Chris had:

Chris' Dream: The Lodged Object posted September 1, 2008

In this dream I have an object lodged in my head, on the right side, slightly behind the temple. (Within the hair line) It seems to be something like a straightened out paper-clip, it is sliver, cylindrical, and has the thickness of a large paper-clip. Throughout the dream I am fiddling with it. Pulling it out, pushing it in, and turning it. I am going from place to place in this dream. I do not remember most places, but I do remember being near a bus stop under an overpass. The object is annoying me a lot, but I realize I can't take it out until I can get to a mirror to see what I am doing. I do finally get home, and am in front of the bathroom mirror. I can see the object, and that there are a couple drops of blood from my fiddling. I hesitate a bit because I realize there will surely be more blood if I pull it out. I finally decide to pull it out, and slowly pull it out with one motion. Once the object is clear, blood starts to spurt out of the hole with great force. I scramble to grab a wad of toilet paper and push it up against the hole. I wake up.

The transcription continues:

16. In the dream of Chris he had an object lodged in his head. There wasn't any bleeding until Chris went home and started fiddling with it again. This is a symbol of something that is visible and causing a problem that we can see. There wasn't any major bleeding on the surface of his skin, however, it really was in an area that could cause him harm and threaten his life.

17. When there is something causing us visible harm we should obviously not fool with it. The symbol of this paper clip represents a foreign object that we will need to remove from our temple. This temple represents the temple of God.

18. What is the paper clip a symbol of? It is something very small that can cause us injury. When evil consists of something that is very small that can be made bigger, it can be used to cause suffering and pain. If you play with it long enough, it will cause the temple that God is building to have an injury that it may not be able to recover from. And during the situation, Chris he was in a lot of fear, but he still had to play with the thing that was threatening his life.

19. This was a symbol of some evil that we seem to be constantly going back to and playing with. What is the reason for fiddling with something that will always cause you pain? This dream it was sent for a reason.

20. Many of us are fiddling with things in our life that are evil. When Chris was under this overpass, it was a symbol of being in a place that supported many other vehicles of religion. This structure was something that Chris had to be under while he was fiddling with evil. What was the reason this temple was injured?

21. When we have a message from God, there is always a reason and now we will explain it to you. When there is a miracle, we know forgiveness is needed for a reversal of evil. When there is a prophecy here, we will need to see how it is coming from this religion. When forgiveness has a relationship with your transcripts, you shall resolve your confusion with demonstrating some humility in your life. This is something that is very important in understanding prophecy as much of the procession was teaching you humility.

22. Each time you find a reason to show humility, you are showing others that you honestly do not have all of the answers and you are still learning through all the lessons that God gives you. When we said that a miracle would happen this weekend, we gave Adam some information that we knew would be hard to confirm. There are many prophecies that will be hard to confirm in this religion and some will not be revealed until permission from God is given.

23. There are some where Adam has been inaccurate in his translations and we should not be confused when something does not happen when we expect it will come. We will show you how some of them resulted in reversal of evil or confusion. We know there is someone who tries to claim that the prophecies we have given originated from them and this person is using them for evil.

34. So if we know a prophecy that we give is going to be used for evil, we will need to prevent it from happening. If someone has a reason to use something that God has created for evil, then there must be a reversal before it causes a problem in the future. This reverse of evil, in the form of a deception will be revealed only when the evil has been removed.

35. In this dream of Chris he was looking in the mirror. This is a symbol of something that can mirror what you do, but it is the opposite. Chris saw this foreign object sticking in his temple and it gave him fear. This object represents something in this religion that needs to be removed. Chris knew that it had to be carefully removed.

36. Every action that he had was automatically reversed in the mirror that he was looking in. If he did not know that it was happening, it would be deceiving and it could cause him more harm if he pulled it the wrong way. So Chris had to use this mirror to remove this evil or it could destroy him if it worked its way in further.

37. Can we deceive evil to do something that is good and if we do are we just as bad as the evil we are trying to remove? When deception is used for a reverse of evil, then it is something that is used for prevention of confusion. When religious confusion is embedded in the temple of God, it will always cause harm to the image of God.

38. Now we will try to give you a perfect example of something that has already happened and how it can cause confusion in this religion of God. When Mookie was newly born his mother was hoping to have a boy budgie. She gave Mookie the birth name of Elijah and she was disappointed that Mookie was not a boy when he was born. She knew that most people prefer male budgies because they bond better and talk better than females. Also some people have fear that female budgies shall produce too many offspring. Most people do not anticipate raising a flock of baby budgies. Most people who do allow their budgies to breed cannot keep the entire flock. They usually keep one or two of the babies and give away the rest. They avoid any chance of the budgies they keep of producing another batch unless they are breeding them for the sole purpose of selling them.

39. Mookie's mom knew that her guardian would not be capable of managing another batch of budgies from a another female in their home. She knew that she would have to give up some of her babies to the pet store. And she knew that because Mookie was a girl she would have a better chance of being happy if she didn't stay with her.

40. Now it was very confusing to Mookie when her mother didn't try to bond with her like she did with her male siblings. When her guardian saw that Mookie's mother wasn't bonding with her like she was with the males in the flock, they took Mookie away when she was very young. When Mookie was brought home by Adam and Linda, she already had an inferiority complex because she wasn't a boy. She also sensed that Adam and Linda might prefer a male budgie so she felt that she would be loved more if she told them she was a male.

41. This is the kind of deception that we would have a hard time judging Mookie for. Mookie feels much better now that she is a female and that they still love her. There are things in life that we all may need to keep the entire truth from someone. There are certainly times when revealing the truth will allow spiritual growth not only in us, but people that we love. This is also a very important part of spiritual growth. Those that have a negative reaction to someone who has revealed the truth to them should automatically seek forgiveness. So this is a spiritual process that we all can learn from.

Adam posted November 8, 2008 at 3:39 pm

Hi Chris and everyone,

I have to say Chris that many of your dreams show you are definitely part of the process and the connection this religion has with God and his angels. I started working on this dream transcription last weekend, but I was so busy this week I did not have a chance to post it. You had the dream of blood spitting out of a small hole in your head while you were looking in the mirror. The newspaper article read "The Spitting Image" The headline was enough to link the dream and the article together which confirmed the transcription and the prophecy that there would be a miracle in a city close to me that was covered by the newspaper. The article was about an adoption and separation of two men who's last name was Love. This is also an article that God knew would be a good lesson. It also helps to confirm some of the other transcriptions where we talked about similarities in peoples bloodlines. Interestingly enough there are even some mirrors on the wall in the newspaper article and it was published on the front page and continued on the 2nd page of the Hamilton Spectator.

Here is the newspaper article that came out on Monday, November 3, 2008 in the Hamilton Spectator


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