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Army Truck Dream Interpretation-Translation-Transcription-Prophecy

The events that were prophesied in this dream happened exactly 2 years later, at the job that Linda and I were working at the time. It involved Linda not going back to work because we had a new baby. Because we were employed as a couple, our employers made things difficult for me as I stayed on and worked without Linda by my side. Linda also ran into some problems because she was trying to start her own home business to help support the family and apparently it was against our employers policies, as we worked in management in a townhouse complex. As a result of it, a few months later, we decided to move on and seek opportunities elsewhere. 

Posted by Adam: August 4, 2008 at 6:33 am

Hi everyone,

This was another dream that I put on my recorder in the early morning of July 2nd.

I had this dream where I was in this army truck with a male co-worker. We were driving around in the city even though we knew we were supposed to be at work. We ran into this attractive female who I had not seen for a long time and she was somehow related to me. Even though she was related to me I was attracted to her. While I was talking to her for a few minutes in private, I mentioned that I would like to be with her and see where she lived. I think I knew it was wrong because not only was I supposed to be at work, I was in a relationship with Linda. She said she would meet me and I decided to let my co-worker continue on his own with the truck, and I would go with her. When I got back to the truck with my co-worker, I told him that he could take the truck, but he wasn't sure on how to get back to work. There was this other person there who knew where it was and said he would show my co-worker how to get back. After they left I could see this woman I was going with on the phone in a bus shelter. I started walking towards her when a bus came and she seemed to disappear on the bus. I was disappointed and as the bus went by I looked to see if she was on it but I could not see her. I could not figure out why she left because she said she was going to wait for me and I was going to go to her place. So I was a little confused and that was the end of the dream.

Transcription by Adam Kadmon posted August 20, 2008 at 7:40 am

Hi Everyone,

This dream was personal guidance for Linda and I with regards to our employment so I cannot post all of it at this time. I guess in any job there are problems at some point, even when you know that you are doing your best. There are also points in everyone's work where they discuss whether or not their job is worth it or if they want to find something better. Linda and I are not looking for another job at this point, and there are no problems that we cannot work out with the help of God. It is nice to know that God would support us if we decided to find another job if our happiness is affected by our work.

It seems like the dreams Linda and I have are often related to having relationships with others as well. This is not because we are thinking about being unfaithful to each other, but it is a way that God teaches us. The relationships that we experience in the metaphysical often have a big impact on the love that we have in the physical it seems.

This dream was transcribed on August 9th before Linda and I went on holidays

1. This is the dream about the army truck. This truck symbolized a vehicle of religion driving for an employer. It was different then the one you drive in this religion as you and your co-worker were in a place you should not have been. Adam was attracted to this woman and he set up a meeting with her.

2. When we are attracted to something that we should not be doing then it is evil to set up a meeting with it. If you are driving the vehicle of someone else's religion, you can still live by the religious values of your own religion. This transcript is a warning Linda must listen to. She must be careful. Someone will try to upset Linda. There isn't a reason for any retaliation or fear for her. As long as you stick to the values of your religion, you will be honest.

3. You should not find reason to risk your composure with your reaction to what this person says to your employer. You shall have a good explanation.

4. In this dream of Adam, he was trying to have an affair. Now you don't have to worry on your vacation. When your work is something you always have to be worried about, it will always prevent you from having a good time. We know the both of you work very hard, and there should not be any reason your employer would not be happy with you. If there is evil working against you, then you have to have some kind of protection. So that is the reason you should document things that can potentially cause you problems in the future. Be very honest with everything that you have documented.

5. In this dream you were on a vehicle that was owned by the army. The army is very different from your own religion and it is a symbol of the place you are working. In the army you have to adhere to their policies and procedures or they can make your life very difficult. And in the army, the person with the highest rank is in charge. There will be times the lower ranks will do things that they shouldn't and the person in charge will turn a blind eye. However, as soon as there is a problem, they will have to crack down with discipline. Then there are no exceptions for breaking the rules.

6. You were suppose to be working when you were in this army vehicle. It wasn't acceptable for you to set up a meeting with someone who wasn't involved in the work you were doing. When you told your co-worker to find his own way back to the base, it would be a big mistake. You should never have a reason to leave a co- worker on their own if they didn't know where they were going, or if you don't trust them to take the vehicle back to the place that it is suppose to be. When this woman was on the telephone, she wanted to meet with you because she wanted a friendship. When she realized that you wanted something more, she decided to take the bus on her own.

7. When we want to do something that is not permitted then we will often seek the advise of someone else. The reason this woman was on the phone was that she really knew that she needed someone to give her permission to do something she knew she shouldn't be doing and this is the way that some people approach things. Even when this employee took the vehicle he needed someone to show him the way.

8. When Adam saw that this woman had taken the bus, he knew it probably was the best thing that could have happened. He knew he had made a mistake, and he still had a reaction of confusion. So what can we learn from this? When you are left in charge of other soldiers who you can't trust to follow the rules and regulations, then you will need to watch them very closely. And if they ask you if they can break the rules, you can not give them permission.

9. When you know there is a problem, then you cannot question the regulations of your employer in front of them for they will always try and get permission to break the rules. When they get caught doing something wrong, they will always try and put the blame on someone else. So this lesson should teach you that you will often have to work outside your religion and try to work peacefully with others. But you have to make sure you do not break any rules in the process for even though you do not realize it, you are the one that will be held responsible for the decisions you make with your troops.

10. When there is evil attacking you, you will have the means to keep it away even when you are tempted to do something that you should not be doing. If you make a decision that affects the policies and procedures of your employer, then you should make sure that you get their permission first. For evil can use you, so it can blame you for any mistakes that are made, even though you are trying to follow the employers religion as close as possible.

11. Even when you try to do what other employees do, you will still be the one that is held responsible for it. If you have reason not to have trust in other employees you work with, then don't give your employer a reason to not have trust in what you do. This is the same for relationships. If you are faithful in a relationship then the relationship will be faithful for you. There is nothing you can do about any of the mistakes you make in a relationship except change and seek forgiveness.

12. Employers will see if you are willing to abide to their policies as you are changing. When there is a policy that does not agree with your religion, then you will have to decide if you can have happiness working for them. And if you cannot, then you have every right to seek another job where you can be closer to your own religion.

13. So we now will promise a reversal of evil here. We know that you and Linda have lots of good reasons to be happy where you are working. But you have to be aware that there is some evil trying to interrupt your happiness in life. So as long as you give your employer no reason to mistrust the things that you have been doing, you will always be respected.

14. This is a prophecy for those people who have an employer that has low moral standards for their employees. These people who do not care about honesty and high moral standards will never be able to run away from evil. They will not change and they will continue to have problems with others who work with them. So you must not be affected by the low moral fiber of these people.

15. When it does not matter for your employer about honesty and moral fiber, then you will often be treated unfairly and this will affect your happiness. If you have an opportunity to find an employer who lives by honesty, you will be much happier. Some employers have a history of firing people who question what they are doing even when they know they are wrong.

16. So if you have to begin to look for an employer who will appreciate you more, then God will support you. You have already made a difference with the work you have done at your current employer.


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