Dream Interpretation For The Grass of Religion

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Vision of The Grass of Religion Dream Interpretation

Adam's Comment: This transcription refers to some events that happened early on in this religion when the angels told us some things that we found out later to not be true. For example there were several prophesies of destruction that did not happen and it confused myself and others at the time. However, the transcription tells us why they did it and why it was necessary at the time. The dream confirmation came to me 2 days before the newspaper article, but I did not have a chance to do the transcription until a day after the event happen. It is connected to Brenda's 3 Visions. Perhaps there will be another confirmation that will happen, to make it more clear for others as well. 

Adam's Grass of Religion Vision:  Posted March 8, 2008 at 10:41 am

A couple of nights ago, I had a vision of beautiful green grass that extended a long way. Along side of it and close to the ground was someone putting up white caution tape along the edge. In my session this morning, this is the transcription I received.

Transcription by Adam Kadmon March 8, 2008
1. This vision of this tape shows us how to listen to God's warning. This border it runs along the edge of the grass of God's religion and it separates this religion from evil. This separation is visually displayed for God's people.
2. It cannot keep out evil, but it will let you know when you are walking in it. When we walk in the grass of religion, we will feel this spiritual feeling, like we are appreciating the beauty of nature. We will also know when we walk in evil on the other side of the tape.
3. The reason this caution tape is white, is because God does not want you to fear walking on the other side. Why would God want someone to be walking in some evil? We will reverse in the reasoning of God here.
4. It may be the only way you can reverse evil when you are trying to save someone who is already emerged in evil. We will try to explain this from the beginning and another prophecy is coming.
5. When we started this religion there were many who were not capable of learning how to be a visionary. There was religious evil that was rampant in the visionaries that were chose. Some of the original ones did not continue because they were not capable of learning or even believing that this was coming from heaven even after they experienced miracles. So we needed to work hard on religious conditioning for it is not easy to make people believe that this is coming from heaven.
6. Even Adam had some of his own doubts. There were many times when we have to find a way to keep moving in the direction of stepping into the grass of religion. When someone is immersed in so much confusion, you have to deal with them in reasoning they will understand, and there is no evil in trying to deceive someone to save their life.
7. We had to do this often in the beginning of this religion for we knew that the existence of humanity depended upon it. We even had to deceive Adam for he was often immersed in evil. The angels had a mission to direct him towards this grass of religion.
8. We often reversed in God's reasoning to reverse the evil that everyone was experiencing. So this was all conditioning for the experiences you will see in the future of this religion. Each of these events fully existed in spirituality and love and all of them taught you about God's reasoning as they were reversing confusion.
9. We know there is reason to doubt some of the things the angels have tried to teach you, and we shall be clearing up these misunderstandings.
10. When we go through a religious conditioning, we are more open and ready to experience the prophecy and miracles of life through religion. And there are many miracles that God has created for us on the other side in the grass of religion. The confirmation for this dream and transcription is in Brenda's Three Visions.



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