Dream Interpretation For Sword Fight Dream

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 Sword Fight In Class Dream Interpretation -Translation -Transcription - Prophecy


Adam's Comment: This dream has is connected to several dreams and visions that happened with myself and others in the forum that the angels were training us in. It is confirmed by a combination of newspaper articles, dreams and events that happened around the same time. I will be posting the confirmations and dreams that are connected and listing them here, but bare with me as it may take me a while. I have to go through the dreams and transcriptions in the forum, check their dates and then show how they connected to the newspaper articles.

Adam posted: March 9, 2008 at 5:26 pm

Hi Everyone,
The night before last I had this dream: I was in a classroom and we were learning how to fence with a sword. There were several of us lined up in front of the classroom. We were fencing against another line in front. I seemed to be doing better then my opponent and was able to poke him a few more times. He actually did not get me at all. Then we all sat down, and someone asked a question about fencing to the teacher. The teacher then said: Well if anyone wants to know how to fence they should watch Adam because he is one of the best I have ever seen. At that point I remember feeling quite good and had pride that this teacher who I respected very much would say something nice about me.

In the second sequence, the teacher was teaching us something else using a model of a house. The house was held together by nuts and bolts. All of a sudden the house crumbled, and he tried to put it back together but he couldn't. I immediately put my hand up and said that I would fix it for him. He told me that would be great and he would continue teaching the class while I was doing so. What I thought was going to be an easy task, turned out to be much more difficult, especially when the teacher had a bolt that I needed to fix it properly. The class was over and the teacher wanted the house to use as a training tool again but it still wasn't fixed. I felt like I had let him down and he was a little upset that it was not ready. I continued working on it for several more classes, getting more frustrated all the time and confused about why I could not put it together even after the teacher gave me the part that was missing. At the end of the day, I told the teacher I would stay after school and fix it even when I knew I should be going home because it was so late. The teacher left quite upset and I felt like he did not believe that I could do it.
So after school I tried several different configurations and nothing seemed to work. For some reason my mother showed up and tried to give me some ideas, but that made the situation even more confusing and frustrating. Finally the dream ended with me not getting the house together and feeling very embarrassed that I could not do it for the teacher.

Adam Posted: March 10, 2008 at 12:43 pm

I posted the dream about practicing sword fighting yesterday, Sunday evening. This morning (Monday) on page six of the Toronto Sun again was an article relating to the dream. I have not done a transcription for this dream yet, however, I am anxious as I believe it is going to be important. The news article is posted below.

Transcription posted by Adam Kadmon March 10, 2008 at 8:32 pm

Hi Everyone,
Even though it is late, I want to post this transcription. There is more that I would like to say with it, however, I will make some more comments tomorrow.

1. Now we will answer your question about bringing people to this religion here. Adam is ready for it and there are many miracles waiting for them. Prophecy is waiting for everyone who comes here.

2. Adam had a dream about fencing with a sword with people. Each special dream for a visionary will teach a lesson from the newspaper. They will be transcribed by Adam and most will relate to future newspaper articles.

 3. The dream must be posted before the article in the newspaper and when the article is found it will be posted. This will help to keep the expectations to a minimum and visionaries will know when a dream has been chosen.  

4. Adam realized there is some confusion from the translations that some of the people are getting. This is why we sent him the dream about the caution tape. We sent this dream two days before to Adam, and he didn't have time to post it. So getting the right date is important as well as posting your dream right away.

5. This vision was important because it related to Brenda's vision of blood in the snow, and this also was a prophecy of survival because no one was killed. We will have a lesson from it for we can learn a lot from other peoples confusion.

6. Adam was in a classroom and he was fencing and he poked someone. It was something that he was not trying to do and he did not draw any blood. And he was in front of these people and was the focus of the classroom.

7. One of the students asked a question, and the teacher said that Adam was an expert. Adam felt very much respect for this teacher and when the teacher had confusion Adam volunteered to help.

8. The house was a symbol of how a training aid can fall apart when the timing is mixed up. We need the training aid ready for the lesson for it to have the full effect. When we use the newspaper, it will always be a prophecy of survival and this is what we shall rejoice in.

9. So you are rejoicing in the reversal of evil and we will also learn from the destruction caused by emotional evil. These dreams and visions shall be sent to you before the event happens in the newspaper and if you have them ready in time you shall be able to experience prophecy. This will show that you really are a visionary in this religion.

10. What is the reason for this change?  We need to have a way to verify the visionaries of God and show the connection to religion here. The new people who come here and are chosen as visionaries will need to find their own connection to the prophecies to understand.  

11. We shall reverse in reasoning here. When there is prophecy we live spiritually under the protection of religion and there is less chance of evil reasoning. When we do not rely on evil reasoning we shall have spiritual growth. We will have many visionaries who shall spiritually understand it and strive to become one of God's chosen ones.

12. So why was Adam fencing in this dream? This competition was very dangerous for them and it wasn't religious lessons they were having. They were breeding evil in the class by showing violence. Even though, no one was hurt, there was a chance that someone could be.

13. So they were training for something that could cause evil, just like what happened in the newspaper article. (reference) Especially if someone was experiencing emotional evil. This was a symbol of religious evil conditioning.

14. When this student asked the teacher how to get better at his fencing, he looked at Adam and the teacher had reasons to recommend Adam. Here is the list of them:

-Adam never tried to hurt any person when he jousted with them
-Adam did not like to joust with people
-He knew that a lot of evil could be caused by this sword, and it was not something he was used to using
-Adam felt the confusion when he had to poke at the devil and he was not very comfortable doing it here either

15. When we feel pride for something that we are doing, especially when we are conditioned to do so, we often forget to feel compassion for others. And this is how people will often live their lives. If we are always trying to win every competition, the losers will always have a big let down and their spirit is upset. So you balance on the edge of evil if you have to win all the time.

16. Winning isn't evil if you feel compassion for those who too often lose in life. A good person would teach them how to win and rejoice when they finally do. This is helping someone who is in confusion and this is one of the responsibilities as a visionary.

17. Now Adam volunteered to fix this house for his teacher and he felt lots of confusion when he could not do it properly. This teacher is a symbol of God, and Adam felt that he was letting down his God. God wasn't upset with Adam, he just wanted him to fix his house for his lesson.

18. God he knew he needed this bolt, but he didn't give it to him right away. So this lesson was not really depending upon this training aid that he was fixing but upon Adam understanding how this training aid was made. So his confusion was reversed by putting him through it, just like he did with this newspaper article.

19. We all receive spiritual growth with each reversal of confusion and there is always a reason to volunteer for anything that can reverse any evil. Remember, in the beginning there was and will be evil causing confusion, but you will get through it with spirituality in this religion.

20. This training aid was unique because of religious conditioning. Adam wasn't listening to his mother when she tried to tell him how to put it back together. This is a symbol of parental conditioning teaching us religious evil. Many of us are conditioned to listen to our parents, especially when it comes to religion. They are responsible for much of the confusion and our reactions to other religions.

21. We often look to them for their acceptance in things we do in life. So when they are experiencing much confusion, we will also feel the same way. It is often very difficult to reverse the confusion of our own parents. So we often find ourselves loving the evil that exists in them for we know they will never change. This process often causes much confusion in love.


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