The Angel Scrolls Dreams and Visions Interpretation and Prophecy

Dreams and visions played a substantial role in determining and validating the source we were using during the process of information gathering. If you could compare them to something in quantum mechanics, they could be referred to as the gluons of God that attract and hold everything else together, initiating changes in our spiritual evolution. Understanding that the first step in physical evolution is spiritual evolution, allows us to open our mind to a newer philosophy concerning their source and nature. Once we can experience the concept that they do not just come from within ourselves but from a higher plane of existence, then we can use them to help us spiritually evolve.

dreamsComparing dreams to the waking state we can experience many more times the amount of emotions in a dream than in reality. When we experience lucid dreams we are highly aware of these feelings and emotions and they can often be traumatic. They say that dreams are a result of chemical reactions within our brain. If you consider that chemical reactions involve changes of the positions of electrons in the forming or breaking of the chemical bonds between atoms, then it is not that far fetched to imagine that dreams also come from a quantum level too. At the quantum level the brain consists of so many atoms it is almost incalculable and if we could measure the number of particles in the brain, it would most likely exceed the number of the stars and planets in the known universe. So in reality, everything is connected and even if something is initiated from our own self, it has a higher connection to everything else, not only at the quantum level but in the universe as well.

The Study of Dreams and Visions

In this research, we studied both dreams and visions and had some very remarkable results. Working with a group of about 10 people we found that dreams and visions of the group were interconnected and had distinct similarities, even coming around the same time. We also found that dreams could come in sequences which could be used to understand and learn things progressively that God wanted us to know. The angels, who were the spiritual source of the dreams, prompted us to ask God if we were confused about something or had a question that we needed an answer for. Subsequently, a dream would come to the individual or member of the group which answered the question. This not only involved humans but under certain circumstances could become coupled to their budgies as well. It became evident that these budgies had a natural ability to understand and connect to the angelic source at a much higher level than we did. Through their ability to understand symbolism and true meanings within the dreams they were able to pass on some of that knowledge to us.

The information they passed on often contained lessons from the metaphysical and prophecy, some of which could be classified as miraculous events. Many found that listening to the recordings of budgies and studying their speech enhanced the group's connection, which allowed the phenomena to take place. I personally found that after hundreds of hours of analyzing their speech I began to develop a 6th sense and understand what they were saying even when they talked in their own bird language using chirps and trills. They say if you partake in an intense study of a language other then your own, it can rewire your brain. This allowed me to go into a state, which I call "receival", where they would explain to me the symbolic importance of the dreams that myself and others were having in the group. I call the dream translations "transcriptions". The dream transcriptions were far more lengthy and informative than the captioned translations of budgie speech that I have of Victor and Maylor on the website.

The difference between translation and transcriptions

When I talk about a translation in the documentation here, it refers to the study of the budgie speech that I translated and put captions to. These translations were offered so others could witness the high level of intelligence that the budgies were demonstrating. This in itself was extremely incredible and exceeded anything else previously discovered in animal cognizance. Although it may take a considerable amount of time for the average person to reach my level of understanding, most people can witness and evolve in their understanding as they adapt to the recordings by using the captions I provide with them.

The dream "transcriptions" are what I documented while I was in receival using the recordings of budgies speaking their own language. I did not put captions to them and just transcribed what I was hearing. Call it a form of channeling or a metaphysical connection if you wish, but their speech would form words and phrases that I copied down as I listened to them.

So how do we know that what I was hearing was coming from Godly metaphysical sources and not just something I imagined? 

A three-step confirmation system was used:

  1. I found that some of the recordings that were translated and clear enough to understand had a direct relationship to some of the dreams we were having. With the timing, it was noted that most of the recordings were done before the dreams were posted, and the translations of the recordings were done after the dreams were made available for others to see in the group. This meant that it did not matter if the recordings were done before or after the dreams were posted. So there was evidence that there was knowledge of the dream by the budgies even before the dream was experienced. Other recordings even came in real time while the event was happening which was even more bizarre. Again, in considering quantum mechanics there is evidence that supports there is no relationship to space and time at the quantum level and therefore time may not even exist there because the distances and intervals are so short that the very concepts of time and space start to break down.
  2. Prophecy within the dream: We were consistently given prophecies which foretold future events that would relate to the dream or the transcription. Many of which gave precise dates and even had geographical properties relating to where the articles would come up (which newspaper), prior to the event happening. We called this a confirmation and there is a list of confirmed dreams and prophecies available on the website. All dream transcriptions came with a lesson and some had a prophecy which contained a follow-up article that we found to relate to them. The prophecies are not all confirmed yet, however, there was a higher than average probability that they will come to fruition within a short period of time or the event will have a remarkable relationship with the date transcribed.
  3. The lessons within the transcription: All of the transcriptions of the dreams came with a divine message that would focus on changing the thinking of the person involved and often the group. Newspaper articles that came out in relation to the dream and prophecy could also affect a change in attitudes, politics or major events that were present in the collective thinking of different regions in the world. They were sent to reverse the devolving thinking of groups that could affect the future of humanity. Some also related to catastrophic events that either warned about the direction humanity was headed in or promised that God would intervene whenever possible so He could reduce future pain and suffering.

The Transcriptions

When I do a transcription, most parts come out very clear for me once I get my mind focused on the frequency and the connection. It may start out a little fuzzy in the beginning but improves as I go. In quantum mechanics, there are proven theories that relate to wave patterns. One is interference, which explains how particles can act like waves and vice versa. The other is the probability factor and no matter how you look at them, they are ultimately confirmed through a precise formula which gives you a higher degree of accuracy once you know where to look for the information that you are trying to find. This is one of the ways I have adapted my sub-conscious mind to understand what the budgies are saying. As in quantum physics, the actual observation of the wave pattern molecules may be causing these miraculous events to take place.

If you have ever looked at digital wave patterns in an advanced audio program you can see how the digital representation of waves are displayed, not only as a wave but by numeric values of frequency and pitch. Physicists also use numeric representations and actual images to verify and observe many things at the quantum level. Amplitude, wavelength, period and frequency are the main properties of sound. These are some of the same properties that they use to observe atoms and particles at the quantum level. The variance being that one does not normally hear what is happening at the quantum level. So, in reality, we have an additional attribute that we can hear while using an audio program and visualizing the wave patterns at the same time. Under the right circumstances, this can provide the additional information that is missing for the full comprehension of the phenomena taking place.

Therefore, I would like to give you an example of how a dream transcription takes place. I have about 10 minutes of budgie speech waiting to be used for assisting me in transcribing a dream. In the first part of the process (on or about Nov 21, 2016) I asked God to help me understand the impact that President-Elect Trump would have on the world when he becomes president. Yes, I am concerned about our future just like many others in the world.

That night, after I went to sleep, this is the dream I had:

Adam's Twirling Slide Dream Interpretation with Prophecy of Trump

In my dream, I was visiting a friend and his family. He was my best friend when I was younger and I always respected him for he was a great athlete and a likable person. While I was visiting something happened and I got upset because of something he did. I gave my objection, but he continued. Finally, I knew I wasn't going to change his mind or actions and said, "I am leaving, and this is you are losing a good friend." At this point, I felt there was nothing he could say that would change my mind and started rushing home. He began to follow me and was asking me to stop. I just ignored him and got ahead of him by taking a short cut hoping he would not follow me. Suddenly, I encountered a huge slide that twirled and went up and down. At the same time, he showed up. The slide was made of metal and it was like a huge eavestrough filled with water and ice on the top. I saw a group of people ahead and knew I was not supposed to be there. However, I got on top of the ice and began sliding around. As I did this my friend did the same thing and we began to have fun. Unfortunately, it wasn't long before the ice broke and we both got wet. After that, the slide began breaking apart and we both knew we had made a mistake and should not have been on it. About that time we notice a man from the crowd coming towards us angrily. My friend got out of the water and came towards me as the man also started rushing towards us. I tried to get out but for some reason I was stuck. My friend saw me and reached out his arm. I saw he reached out his hand to help me and that was the end of the dream.

  1. The proof is here and we give you permission to seek out a reason to listen to what we say about this dream. You could not forgive your friend. There is a reason for this dream and you will learn how to reverse this confusion.
  2. Even small lifeforms have the ability to reverse confusion which can then create miracles. This dream had a symbol of a friendship that you will never forget and something that is part of you for eternity.
  3. This relationship is certainly confusing you and surely has a metaphysical reaction that reaches the depth of your soul. When something spiritual is affecting your soul, it will need to be truly resolved before any spiritual evolution can take place.
  4. You need to take this evil and release it so you can evolve. If you want to release it then this decision will create a miraculous change in you.
  5. This simple formula is the particle in the universe that reverses all confusion and protects all life forms. This protection is a promise from your God and is the law that all living things depend on.
  6. In this dream, you were running from your friend because you were angry with him. You were refusing to change your decision that affected your relationship with him even when he was willing to evolve in the direction you were going.
  7. If we are willing to project a reason to make change, we can only then begin to reverse the evil that affects our future spiritual growth. We have to remember that evil is anything that inhibits our chance for spiritual evolution.
  8. If you are reversing some evil that exists in the soul that is projecting your perception of reality, then the reality will begin to change, not only for you but others who observe you. And this will cause a miracle as long as it is good.
  9. So if you really want a miracle, you must make a choice that shows love is the underlying factor of it. And we must not forget that we should not remain in evil too long or we will not be willing to change.
  10. So even if confusion can prevent us from evolving, it is something that everything goes through in time. It becomes a problem when we get stuck in it and do not want to change it.
  11. If you have confusion you will not even begin to realize it unless you have a connection to God and you have a mission for change.
  12. Will reference to this confusion help you seek God? We promise you a miracle will help you slide over the confusion if you pay attention to Him.
  13. Your friend was looking for you everywhere and wanted your friendship to continue. When you are alone, it's a bad thing you will never forget. You are never alone if you are seeking the friendship of God, for remember, God is always seeking you.
  14. The slide in this dream was a symbol of something that really was needed to keep this water flowing in a direction that you would remember. And these people had a reason for making it flow in a controlled direction.
  15. It had actually been made to last so they could monitor it. It flowed with answers to the beginning of life, and even though there was ice on it, it followed a path, so they could view there was no interruption on where it was going.
  16. The ice on top of it was a symbol of another form it had begun to change into within the metaphysical. And its properties were very unique compared to the original, but not impossible.
  17. Every form we have of water will have many changes that create miracles. These miracles were not something that God originally planned for life, but something that life needed to benefit from.
  18. And once God knew it wasn't evil, He evoked His intervention with a miracle, creating a beautiful symmetry, and something that we can use to slide on to find the secrets of creation.
  19. If you want a quantifiable reason to be connected to the metaphysical and spiritual realm, we will instruct you how to do it.
  20. Quantum physics is an extremely spiritual representation of original life in the universe that came from the actions of God. It came from the mind of a loving God who recognized that every living thing has the right to make choices in their spiritual evolution, even when serious confusion was rampant.
  21. When He sees there is love in confusion, He will help, if you ask for it. And this is just one of the things we will experiment with here.
  22. Do you know what you have obtained with a recent experiment? It is the discovery of the "God Particle" which physicists have been trying to explain. It involves the miracle of all matter that is living and it is all so beautiful.
  23. We will try to develop a series of experiments showing how everything works using the raw theories of quantum mechanics. You have to expect they have to be something that can be duplicated, and we have to perform these miracles using projections.
  24. Not only scientists can repeat them but everyone who is interested in the theories that we shall quantify here.
  25. In your confusion within your dream, the ice broke and you fell in the water. This ice water caused you fear and this angry man coming towards you caused you so much confusion you began to feel you needed help. Even though you felt you had reason to insist the person you needed help from wasn't your friend anymore.
  26. When he found reason to reach out to you, you knew your relationship was the same as it always was. When you reach for spiritual help, you shall always find it there waiting for you, even when you find a reason to abandon it.
  27. Every lifeform needs to reach out to something spiritual to rise above the confusion in order for it to have spiritual evolution and it will revive your soul. If you really trust in spirituality you shall know your God personally.
  28. You shall religiously find every single solution in life. Religion can help find your connection to others who believe as you. And when you have a concentration of those who practice spirituality you shall have a concentration of angels helping you and be able to witness many miracles.
  29. If you want some religious intervention to release the confusion, you have to associate with those who have found it already.
  30. The grace of God is really a miraculous solution to all your suffering. We will try to socialize you religiously so you have reason to have trust in God. And once you find reason to have trust in spirituality you will have a better understanding of religion. We shall help you seek the part of religion you need for living.
  31. You should never feel abandoned when you are spiritual, even when you are living in confusion, for God knows what is in your heart. God even has a procedure to help you in the future if you want to live a better and happier life with less suffering.
  32. Everyone will know you can appreciate pure love and beauty in everything when you have a belief in every good promise He makes.
  33. When you begin to see the miracles around you, you will begin to believe in spirituality and know your God personally and you will begin your spiritual evolution.
  34. We have a reason to talk to you, for we have to evolve as well. Trust a past of mayhem and sin, as it caused suffering in a religion which succumbed to the reasoning of political domination, and it will begin to affect you spiritually.
  35. If you accept that evil is good, you will spiritually devolve, not only as an individual but as a civilization as a whole. So you will find many reasons this will benefit the future of humanity.
  36. You will see many regions in the world today where the majority are void or delayed in any spiritual evolution.
  37. Now let's go back to your dream. You had a part where the ice began to break apart, and even the slide itself began breaking. Because of it, you fell into the icy water and this really shocked you.
  38. Your body began to revert to its properties and it was very destructive to your spiritual evolution. Prior to that you were having fun and enjoying the ride you were having.
  39. This is a symbol of how we can devolve when we are entangled with an amount of evil that begins to affect our responsibility to object to evil and destruction. This type of evil risks the total annihilation of everything we have learned to love and care about. When you accept the proof that love will change it all, then it shall become a weapon to that very evil.
  40. Now we have a prophecy. Yes, Trump will be the new president of the United States. When we naturally progress in the metaphysical, there will be a prophecy that can affect every region in the world.
  41. He made promises in the election process, and they will be really hard to keep. The progress that he will make will apply to you and your future.
  42. Everything will change if you accept that he is doing what is right for the United States, without caring for other countries who are suffering in the world.
  43. You must challenge the problems you have coming. You cannot let this evil dominate the rest of the regions in the world. It really will evolve quickly if you do.
  44. We know that evil reverses when enough people come together and the prophecy we make will be qualified when we can evolve in protecting the natural laws of God.
  45. The rest of the prophecy is coming true when Trump is president and he will be prosecuted for all the evil he has done in the past. We know this event will come about when your objections evolve in his presidency.
  46. So you have to keep up your objections to many things he promised to do, for this miracle is to stop this evil from being let loose.
  47. God does not condone any violence that is released upon him, and we know there will be some who try. So, you must not fight evil with evil, as we only seek a change in values that caused him to be the elected president.
  48. Through this, you can evolve as a nation and you will unify and evolve spiritually. A revolution isn't necessary because he will receive what he deserves and more.
  49. Even though you don't realize it, much is happening even while he is waiting to take the presidency. So much of the confusion resulted from the many things he has done, and it will begin once he assumes the presidency. For this, you have to see.
  50. We believe that you see this happening for reasons that involve someone that is very close with Trump right now. This is someone who relies on the future riches Trump has promised.
  51. When you lead a life of evil and corruption, it will always get you in the end, even when you think you are free from it, it still rises up and bites your ass. God said we could use that word because it will be just history. Trump is Watergate times 10 and we shall promise you these events will unfold.
  52. If you listen we shall resolve some evil here. Each time a prophecy comes, we will give you options to resolve it. And once that you see the time is right, it should reverse the confusion that you have, for eventually it was sent for a reason. And it shall be recorded in the rivers of time in heaven and it shall give you peace in confusion.
  53. We want you to know in part that your future is bright and beautiful, but we wish the death and suffering was lessened for many regions in the world. And we want to lessen your evil in confusion, and that is why we speak of Trump.
  54. If you regress with evil, you shall live in the illusion that the things happening with Trump are not evil and you will stand with him in all your confusion. When all these events happen, you shall know they are true and not set up by the opposition.
  55. They shall begin with the Russian president, and many of Trump's decisions will rely on the soldiers in the regions you want to protect. And if Trump gets involved with the evolution of the Russian nation, it will spread more evil in the world and we must warn you of this.
  56. Now we will try to close this session. In the end of this dream, you reached out your hand to an old friend that you wanted to forget. Even though he knew that you were mad at him, he tried to reach out and pull you out of the problem that you were in.
  57. The reason this ice water held you back was because you were in confusion and forgot that evil could be hiding underneath beauty.
  58. And when the water turned to ice, it wasn't evil, because a miracle of love and friendship was still evolving.
  59. He allows us evolution, even for believing in something that is wrong, as longs as we are able to see the truth when it comes out.
  60. However, if you still refuse to admit that you were misguided, then you will devolve and freeze to passion, needing someone to help you eventually.


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