Dream Interpretation The Key To Heaven

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 The Key To Heaven Dream Interpretation-Translation-Transcription-Prophecy

Adams Comment: I posted this dream in the confirmed prophecy section because there are a multitude of confirmations within the dreams and visions posted here to verify that what is said here is the truth.

Posted: March 20, 2008 at 8:28 pm     
Bill said:

I had a dream I held a golden Key it was so beautiful to look at it was not like a regular key In the dream I was looking at myself from a side view holding the key but when I looked at the key I was looking at it holding it in my hands looking down at it not from a side view....I hope this makes sense

Posted by Adam Kadmon: March 22, 2008 at 8:15 am     
Hi Bill and everyone,
This is quite an amazing dream, prophecy and transcript. It helps to explain some of the things that we have learned in the past as well as some new revelations. It is a prophecy because you posted this dream on the 20th of March, and you asked this question on the 21st of March. The dream actually answered your question before you posted it:
Here is the question you asked.
I would like to know why you need to get your insight or interpretations from angels and not from the lord.
As Danneal told king Nebacannezer its God [the lord ] that we get all knowledge from. Sorry for any typos my word software s not working very well again.

Adams note: God and His angels have given us prophecies like this many times before, and it will happen many times again in this forum.

Transcription by Adam Kadmon on March 22, 2008
1. Bill we have an answer to why Adam often has the angels instead of God speaking to him. You have posted a dream about this golden key. It was sent as a prophecy to answer your question here, for God and the angels know every single thing that each one of us will do in the future.

2. When something lives in the metaphysical, we can always move back and forth from the past to the future. Therefore the angels will always know what your question will be before hand. Also God has eternity to answer all questions that each one of us may have on earth. This is how God can have a personal relationship which each one of us.

3. However, God also has a relationship with all the angels who have volunteered to help him in heaven as well. Now you had a dream of a beautiful golden key. This was a symbol of the relationship you have with God. And God represents this key.

4. Why is God represented by this key? We know God is surrounding everything in life and He will make an effort to inspire you spiritually. But inspiration is not the same thing as really knowing God and getting the truth from Him. So we will see God from a different angle depending on how spiritual we are.

5. The angels have seen God and have learned a lot from Him. Adam said there is a reason for the angels in heaven to communicate with him often, instead of God directly. It shows that the angels understand God’s reasoning because they experience it themselves.

6. God is the highest level of spiritual evolution and everything we have comes from Him. And this is the angels testimony to His greatness and His love.

7. God prefers us to teach others of the miracles He has made throughout eternity. And this is why you are looking at this key from a different angle. This angle is a symbol of a spiritual perception. It depends on our spiritual perception on how we see God.

8. We can either be inspired by the things that He has created and know these things from God are the key to being with Him in heaven, or we can give testimony to the wonderful things He has given all of us.

9. Now Adam has a relationship with God, and many of his visionaries have different relationships. Adam knows that the angels know God in heaven and these angels are helping him here. So there is no reason to expect that God would want to take away these testimonies of the angels.

10. When God wants Adam to know something He will tell the angels so they can pass it on. And this is the spiritual way of God which is reflected here in this forum of religion and this spiritually helps relationships to grow.

11. When we go to heaven there will be many souls who know us and love us there. So God will not be the only one who will be with you. We hope this explanation will satisfy your needs.

12. And remember that the key is not just learning from God alone, for you may have a different perspective. Through the grace of God, He allows us to learn from each other through His guidance. Also, He will always know how we are spiritually. God relies on heaven for it.

13. This key of God is also the key that opens the doors to heaven. You will get it for having a relationship with someone that knows God and it will always look different depending at what angle you look at it.

14. Your God does not give this key for inspiration. You do not become one of Gods visionaries for believing you know how God is. One becomes a prophet for truly knowing Him.

15. A prophet also will be able to contact God when there is something that is important. When this angle changed you were looking down. And this was a symbol of the experience of having evolution of your soul.

16. When we evolve spiritually then we will live in heaven for eternity when we die. And when we are an angel in heaven we will be able to go back to anywhere in our life and try to help others who love us.

17. We can help them to grow spiritually so they can join us in heaven. And this is the reason that some of our souls can live simultaneously in heaven. In effect we can be seeing things from two different places and two different periods of time.

18. If there was only one perception of your God, then we could not really evolve spiritually. Let's explain this better. You are at a point in your life where much of your life has been corrupted by evil, but you changed later in your life and became spiritual enough to make it to heaven.

19. And when you are up in heaven your perception of your God is always right because you have spiritually evolved. And when you look down, you can choose a time in your life and go back to see what kind of perception you had at any point in your physical life.

20. You can actually go back to any of your previous lives and see what your perception of God was. So this was what this dream was about. God will always count on heaven to help us change our perception of him before we get to heaven.

21. Without heaven we could not become spiritual enough for heaven and everything would be evil. If we never change our perception of God, then we would be very confused in heaven as we learn new things. And we have learned that when we have confusion, it is evil, even for the angels in heaven.

22. You have a bible that teaches us a perception of God in Christianity. There was help from heaven for that particular time. And Jesus was there to help people change spiritually because their perception of God was not very positive.

23. The world was very confused about spirituality and God knew there was much tribulation coming. However, humanity still wasn't ready for Gods truth, and spiritually they were not allowed to grow as they were labeled heretics and tortured and killed. Throughout history, we have seen this happen many times.

24. We know that Jesus tried to change all of this, but his time was cut short on earth before he completed his mission. And this was not something that God wanted to happen. God’s first law is the preservation of life and it has been since the beginning of creation.

25. We will get a better understanding of this law as we grow spiritually and we will give you many examples of this as we move forward here. When civilization as a whole is not growing spiritually, then it is more difficult to reverse all the evil on earth from heaven.

26. When evil is rampant throughout civilization, there will be no compassion for life, and there will be a lot of religious evil in regions throughout God's world. So now is the world ready to rely on God to teach them through this religion and unite with the angels in heaven, so we can reverse this evil?

27. We must prepare for Jesus' return and gather the people who know what his mission will be in this world. You can be sure that Jesus is returning soon with all the miracles he has shown in the past. And this religion has been sent from heaven to prepare us for His return.

28. You will be able to experience some of these miracles in preparation for his arrival. The way of the future lives in heaven, and you can help heaven preserve life through God's love. When we have a change in our perception, we will see it from an angle that we have not been shown before. And this angle is the angle that God wants to show everyone.

29. When the angle is obscured by something evil, you will have to change it to get a clear view of God's truth and love. And when you have a true understanding of God's love, you will change your perception, and be able to grow spiritually.


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