Dream Interpretation About Venomous Spider Dream

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I had this dream last night. I woke up after it finished, having to remind myself that the spiders were in the dream.
I am in my bedroom when I notice a spider making its way to me. It is a tan spider, with two black stripes making an open-ended V on its back. At first I try and avoid the spider, because even though I am fearful, I don't want to harm it. However, the spider is clearly interested in me, and continues to approach despite my attempts to avoid. I decide I should shoo, or scare the spider away. My attempt to scare the spider caused it to make a very large jump to the other side of the room and then continue to come to me. I recognize the spider as poisonous, perhaps a brown recluse, so now I decide I will have to squish the spider. At my attempts the spider continues his jumping and remains out of my reach. The spider is joined by a second spider and my attempts get more panicked.

I leave my bedroom and rush around the corner to my living room, and sit at my computer. I believe I may be able to find a way to deal with the spiders through the computer. I open a cabinet above the computer and reveal a third spider who immediately jumps on me. I try desperately to knock him off me, and manage to get him knocked down to my inner-thigh, which he immediately bites. I squish the spider as soon as he bites me, as the bite swells and turns purple. I now notice my mom and someone else in my living room, talking to each other. I say "Mom" a couple times but I don't get her attention. I let out a loud and emotional, fearful, "MOM" and get her attention. I tell her I have been bit by a poisonous spider and point to the dead body of the spider that bit me so they could see what type it was. I ask to be taken to the hospital right away, as my legs tighten up and start develop black/blue splotches. On the way to the hospital, Mom and the man discuss whether it was a Brown Recluse or perhaps a Violin Spider. We get to the hospital and the ER doctor says that it was not a Brown Recluse.
The dream ends.

Hi Chris and everyone,
This was a cool dream but a little scary. I don't like spiders that much either.

Transcription by Adam Kadmon August 3, 2008 at 4:09 p.m.

1. This dream that Chris had about poisonous spiders will result in a prophecy and there will be another miracle. When we fear something, we react to protect ourselves and there often is a reason we have developed a fear of something. Chris wasn't trying to react in an evil way in this dream. He did everything he could to prevent this evil from attaching itself to him but this evil continued to follow him around.

2. Finally Chris reacted without love and tried to scare the spider away. Chris could not scare evil away with an evil reaction as this only makes evil multiply. When evil reacts to evil it will multiply quickly until it consumes all of your love. Finally Chris killed the spider because he didn't have any love for it.

3. So this wasn't an acceptable way to prevent this evil from eventually hurting him. If you have reason to believe something is going to inject you with some of its evil, you must find a solution to repel it away from you. If you have something that attracts evil then it will follow you everywhere and you will eventually be infected from it.

4. Chris went on the computer to find a way to deal with the spider. Some of the things he found did not help him because he was looking for a reaction that did not consist of love. There were many choices to react to this evil, but there was only one example where he could have chose to react with love. When he opened this cupboard door he was looking for something that could hurt the spider.

5. Once Chris was bitten by it he tried to get the attention of his mom. He cried out with lots of fear and emotion for her and he needed to show her this evil that he killed. This caused fear in everyone present. People always fear evil on display and this just causes more evil. Religiously, we need to display the things that are good in our life, for you don't want your evil to affect others. If you have something evil inside you that you are spiritually very proud of, then it will cause an infection in your soul. If it affects your soul, then it will result in evil towards you.

6. Now this does not mean you are impervious to every kind of evil as long as it doesn't affect your soul. However, it does mean you will be resistant to more evil when your soul is not in spiritual confusion. Most evil needs a reaction of evil to affect your soul.

7. When Chris was calling for his mother he needed her to help him. When we are connected to someone spiritually, we will often need to share with them things that we fear. If their fear is the same, we may feel it is natural and might not want to make changes.

8. We should always try and seek change when it comes to our fears, for these fears will hold us back from happiness. However, we should all know the difference between a fear that can hold you back in life, and shirking our responsibilities. When Chris arrived at the hospital, his fear was evolving from the infection he had.

9. Chris knew it was important to find out what kind of spider bit him so he could get the right antidote for it. When we have something that affects us spiritually, we should all want the correct antidote. So what is the antidote for something that spiritually affects our soul? If you have a fear in life that affects your happiness, then you need to find a reason to ask for help from God and then He will give you the antidote for your soul.

10. Most people don't need a reason to seek God's help because they don't see the miracles that He does all around them. There are many miracles happening around us every day and we must begin to open our soul to them. These miracles are the cure for an infected soul.

11. In Chris' dream the spider that bit him had a V on it's body. And it was easy to identify after he went to the hospital. He was told that it was not a Brown Recluse. So what does this mean? If we have something that is poisoning us spiritually, we often think it is something else and we could never give ourselves the correct antidote. With this prophecy God will give a miracle and it will be the antidote that we need.

12. So when there is a prophet that has this connection, you know heaven will have reason to give us the right cure for our soul because a prophet is a messenger for God's miracles. God has chosen you visionaries as being God's witnesses to His messenger and you will all have many miracles to be a witness to.

13. The V that was on the back of this spider is a representation of how the visionaries will have to witness the venom that rises from fear and confusion. All this venom will have an antidote that will be administered by God. Even your project will have some venom, but God does not want you to have any fear because of it.


Here is an article that was posted on August 8, 2008 a couple of days after the transcription by the Vancouver Province News, which talks about cures for spider bites. It has many similarities to the dream and transcription and therefore can be connected as another confirmation.  It is not a prophecy of survival because the person died from the bite, however, it is a way to help you survive if you ever get bitten and follow the directions for looking after a spider bite such as this.


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