Dream Interpretation For Fertility Lesson

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Fertility Lesson Interpretation-Translation -Transcription -Prophecy

Adam's comment: This dream and transcription also comes with an amazing prophecy and lesson that was featured in the same newspaper, The Toronto Sun, the following day. And no, I do not have any connections to the Toronto Sun.

Linda's Dream About Fertility: posted by Linda March 13, 2008

I was supposed to go for a boat ride with my friend Siobhaun and another male friend at 4 p.m. I arrived at the marina early, or they were late so I put on makeup while I was waiting. When the boat came back he was alone and he said he wasn't going out again today. I talked to him for a while but I don't remember about what, then I went over to my girlfriends place. She had to go to the store for something, her son was there and he came to the store also. We went in the car to this small drug store. She picked up this pregnancy test that had 3 tests for ninety dollars. I asked her what she needed it for and she said it was to check if she was ovulating and to know whether it was a safe time to have sex. So I told her that I have been reading this book on the subject and I could tell her how to know the time she is ovulating every month without spending the money she just spent. She listened for a minute then she said oh no and she bought the things anyway. When we went back out to the car there was snow on the ground and she had parked her car really close to the truck beside us and I remember I had a hard time getting out because she parked so close. When leaving we almost got stuck getting out of the spot. When we were on our way back to her place we were having a hard time driving through the snow. When we got back to her place I was still trying to explain this fertility method I was reading about and using myself and how you just have to check your temperature every morning and that it was really easy to chart it. She really didn't want to hear about it and she got kind of mad at me for trying to explain it and told me that was enough. So she did her pregnancy test thing and figured it was ok to have sex without getting pregnant at the time. I think her son was still hanging out with us. That was all I remember, however, when I woke up this morning I took my temperature because I really am doing this fertility checking method. My temperature had spiked which means that I had ovulated the day before. It's neat how this dream was given to me today. I was actually getting worried over the last couple of days thinking I should have seen my temperature spike by now and maybe I wasn't going to ovulate at all.

Adam's comment: Hi everyone, Here is the transcription for this dream of Linda's about her fertility lesson.

Transcribed by Adam Kadmon April 3, 2008

1. There is a dream of Linda's about a fertility test that she has been taking now. This is a symbol of the mission of religious intervention and the rebirth of Jesus Christ. There is prophecy in our religion about Jesus' return and Linda is always looking forward to it.

2. Linda had a prophecy of fertility within this religion and she chose a life to fulfill this mission. In the dream Linda was meeting with these men who were friends in religion and she was suppose to be there at 4 p.m. This also explains why Linda is seeing the clock on the hour.

3. Every time she sees the clock at exactly the hour, Jesus is there watching her and is the time that Jesus prefers to enter the womb of fertility. Linda arrived before her friends. So what is the reason that Linda arrived early here?

4. She was preparing to fulfill the prophecy. When Linda was speaking to her friend, she talked about how she was changing her life for God and how she was involved in a beautiful relationship. She also told him how she was waiting for the return of Jesus Christ. Then she left him and went to visit her girlfriend.

5. She went with her girlfriend and one of their sons to the store. Her girlfriend picked up three fertility tests. This is a symbol of how many tests that Linda will have before she knows that she is pregnant.

6. So how does religious intervention fit in this dream that Linda had?  Linda was responsible to make changes in her life and she had to be prepared at the right time. Once Linda is given the prophecy about the time, she must be ready for Jesus' return. For Jesus' return, she must not have any religious evil in her soul for the soul of Jesus to be ready for her.

7. Let us explain about our Jesus Christs' return. Our Jesus is up in heaven now and He has chosen to return to earth. So what is the reason that Jesus would return to earth when he could remain in heaven?

8. There is a prophecy of His return and He is ready to sanctify and evolve His religion. He is preparing for His return. When He returns He must be sure that his parents know what his mission is. And He must also be sure that his parents guide him throughout his life time in a spiritual way and that they are correct in their spiritual beliefs.

9. This is the reason Adam has been chosen as a prophet. A prophet of God has to be chosen by God, and Adam is a prophet of Jesus' religion. Do Adam and Linda believe that they have been chosen by God to be the parents of Jesus Christ when he returns to this earth? If they do, what is your reaction to these beliefs?

10. Are they going to be punished for them? Will they be laughed at and subjected to spiritual torture because of them? Will they be shunned in the process? How will this prophecy of Jesus' return be sanctified and is this a prophecy of love? Was this prophecy put in motion by God?

11. Every prophecy that comes from God relies on the intervention of God through His people. To receive the miracle of His intervention you must realize His love is infinite and you must be a very spiritual person. You must be ready to follow His direction and you must reverse some evil in your soul. You will feel some intervention through the changes in your life. And you must ask God to help guide you when you have problems.

12. In this dream Linda was explaining fertility to her friend and her friend did not want to get pregnant. Linda's friend was not ready to get pregnant but she was waiting to have sexual intercourse. Linda tried to explain the times that she would ovulate and this is a symbol of the process of the miracle of the creation of life.

13. God does not want you to have confusion about sex and the creation of life. We know that intimacy is a right for humans and we know it is a beautiful experience. We are given a choice to be intimate with someone without creating a life. Even if we have an accidental pregnancy, there is a physical rebirth of a soul.

14. It is part of human nature for some not to be ready for pregnancy and this is where many children will suffer because of the lack of guidance of their parents. So we must make a statement about the children that are born when their parents aren't ready, for this is something that causes a lot of confusion in society.

15. God does not want us creating a life that will be born into suffering, for it will cause more confusion in their soul. Every soul that does not make it and is not reborn physically, will get a chance to be reborn again. At this time they are freed of any suffering in the process.

16. When they are born in confusion or outside of a religious life, their chance to grow spiritually in their lifetime is smaller. And usually when we are reborn into a non loving relationship, we are conditioned to produce more evil then good in our lives. God wants each one of us to climb higher on the spiritual ladder to heaven in each life time.

17. There are many exceptions to this rule. Even when Adam was born, he was born into evil and confusion. So there is a choice for everyone when it comes to the creation of life and there is a process for that life to be born again.

18. Those who are born into evil and confusion are always given a choice to grow spiritually in their existing life. We stress the responsibility of the parents to nurture the spiritual side of their children so they can find a reason to make the right choices in life.

19. In this dream that Linda had she almost got stuck in the snow. This is a symbol of spiritual education. Linda's car was parked closely to another car and her steering was affected. The car she was driving was her vehicle of religion.

20. When we cannot go in the direction of proper spiritual education, we can get stuck when it comes to developing spiritual relationships. This snow is a symbol of how your spiritual education can slow you down.

21. Linda began to teach her girlfriend again about the creation of life and she still didn't believe her. She spoke of using this method that did not require any money and this was a symbol of spiritual freedom which we have learned about before.

22. There are many symbols in this dream that are ones that we have used in the past. When Linda spoke about taking her temperature, it was a symbol of a process that she could use to test when she was ready to have children. This is a test that is symbolized by a temperature.

23. When a woman's temperature is raising we know she is ready and the process has begun. So why is this temperature important for creating a child of God? It symbolizes the passion that God has for creation and that it is always a process of His intervention.

24. Even though we are still given a choice of creation, God still allows you to make the choice even when you are not expecting it.

25. What does this charting symbolize in Linda's dream? Every women can also make a decision if she wants to control it and there are many ways to do it. Linda had a friend who would not believe her. This friend didn't even know the reason for a pregnancy test and she was upset with Linda because she tried to educate her. This is a symbol of how people can reject the miracle of creation.

26. We must learn to understand the miracles of God's creations before we can really be willing to have a relationship in heaven with Him. And we also must learn the reason why we create life on earth. Confusion about life can cause evil.


Here is the article that came out in the Toronto Sun one day after this transcription was done. I think you will see there is much in it that is related to the transcription. The angels sent the ultimate lesson in a newspaper article as a lesson.



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