Dream Interpretation For Falling Bodies Dream

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Falling Bodies Dream Interpretation

Posted February 1, 2009 by Adam Kadmon

Hi Everyone,

I had this dream last night that was quite unsettling and very vivid in spots. I was with my sister in some kind of large office building. We were in the main office on the first floor which had a wall completely covered with windows. As we stood there I looked towards the windows and saw bodies falling to the ground from the stories above. The bodies were more or less suspending in a sleeping or frozen state all looking basically the same. At first we were in shock and could not believe it when more and more started falling. We went to another room and could see them falling all around the building. It seemed like there were thousands of them. For some reason I did not feel safe and talked my sister into retreating further in the building and we ended up in a crowded shower room.

In the next part of the dream while we were in the shower room I remember thinking it may not have been a good idea to come to this room. Within a few minutes I noticed a couple of young men causing a problem. One of them was kicking the dirty water that was on the floor at some of the people for no reason. It angered me and I was going to go over and pick a fight with him. However, I stopped myself because I thought that perhaps this was the way that these people were dying and more evil would be caused from it.

Posted by Adam Kadmon: February 1, 2009 10:50 am

Hi Everyone,

I never know when God is going to give me a dream that is important enough to be transcribed the next day, but it is happening more often with my dreams. In other words, often the dreams of others may sit in queue for weeks or even months, but mine are often transcribed the next day or within a couple of days. I know that there is a reason for it but I have not quite figured it out yet. Either way, each dream that is transcribed has the same affect of a lesson and usually a prophecy and miracle article as well. This is the transcription for the falling bodies dream.

Transcription by Adam Kadmon on February 1, 2009 at 11:11 am

1. This transcript is about the bodies that Adam saw falling. In the dream he was working in the office of his God and when he saw them fall he had much fear as these people were frozen without any life. These bodies are a symbol of how life can be suspended in its physical form. When a vessel is void of life, evil will always give you a reason to have fear.

2. We now will try to make you understand the difference of grieving and having fear of death. When a life is modeled with compassion God has reason to call a soul up to heaven when your vessel has been suspended. And if you still have evil existing in your soul, that evil still exists in the physical.

3. So how does that evil exist when it leaves your vessel of life? What is left in the physical that causes this evil to wander? It is all the people that you have had contact with in life and the memories that they have of you as their confusion is often related to your actions. If they have experienced a loving relationship that you have given to them, they will have less confusion and evil in their soul.

4. If someone is loving of your evil then they will have more of a tendency to be like you. If this evil lasts all of their physical life, then they may not have enough spiritual growth in their life for God to call them to heaven. If they are not called to heaven they will have to try again in another life to get the spiritual growth that they need for heaven. So every action of evil should be erased from their memory of you while they are still in their physical body.

5. We should never confuse our evil with love for that is what will give us the most confusion. So we have to try and separate the two of them. Separating love from confusion will give us compassion. All things born from the love of God were free of confusion when they were born and they survived on love. Eternity cannot exist in confusion and it cannot exist without love and everyone needs a safe place to go for eternity.

6. In Adam's dream he wanted to find a place where he could not see all this death and he took his sister with him. They went to a shower room and it was a place that was not very pleasant for everyone. It was even worse when evil was there trying to make everyone angry. Physically when we are not in comfort, we will have to draw on our spiritual strengths to make us happy.

7. When there is evil attacking us, it is natural to get angry and this is always how evil will pick a time to cause more evil. It is difficult for evil to cause more evil when everyone is spiritually happy. So it will take an emotion that we can't control and try to create a reaction. Even love can be manipulated by evil to cause an evil reaction and the only way to reverse the evil is by not reacting to it in an evil way.

8. So if we have a reaction that is free of any evil, the evil will not be successful in creating more evil. This is how the angels in heaven react to evil that is on earth and this is how they live in heaven. We never get angry in heaven and we always have love for everyone.

9. When you have many angels around, you will feel their love. You will feel the emotions that God meant you to feel, and spiritually you will know that there are many reasons you will refrain from angry reactions. Soon you will naturally be able to react to any circumstance that would cause a reaction with love and compassion.

10. This place that the both of them went is a symbol of a place that they could be spiritually cleansed. It wasn't very clean because when we are being cleansed there always will be an evil residue remaining that we have to wash away for good. When we go to the next life, there will always be evil remaining that we will have to wash away spiritually. When we are reborn we will need to wash it away with love.

11. Why is an infant originally dependent upon their parents for everything? They have abundant reasons to rely on love to survive and they automatically know that their parents will always have loving actions towards them. They will always respond to loving reactions positively and they would never have any fear of their parents as an infant unless their parents did not love them.

12. They will always show you their beautiful emotions which is important for their spiritual growth too. When there is confusion they rely on their parents to point them in the right direction. What they learn from you in their infancy will stay with them most of their life time. They will always have problems in their life that surface from the evil in their soul but during their spiritual growth they will learn what actions are wrong and which actions are good.

13. When they have spiritual evolution their soul will never experience some of the things that it did in a previous life where there was evil. In this dream Adam was angry that this man was making problems by kicking this evil residue around at the people in the showers. He was very close to making an action of evil and challenging the person with a fight.

14. When he thought about it, he remembered the death that was all around them and realized that actions of evil were present in every body that was suspended around this building of God. And when he found a reason to not have an evil reaction that was physical, he protected his soul from experiencing evil. He also protected everyone else's soul from seeing it escalate.

15. When we let God protect us, He will give you the right action for any evil and He will eventually reverse it. So how does God reverse a life of evil and confusion? He suspends the physical vessel and brings it to heaven. He reverses the aging process and cleanses it of evil. He removes all the memories from the soul that existed in evil and he forgives them for everything.

16. He allows them to keep the memories that existed in love and compassion and He lets them make a choice in how they want to return in life. When they return from heaven their soul is attracted to the bloodline it came from so they will be able to reverse any evil that existed from their previous lives.

17. When Jesus decided to return, He was given a choice to stay in heaven or return and reverse the evil in his religion. So there are many reasons He will return to us. When God heard Jesus was choosing to return He knew that He was risking his spiritual evolution if he returned to parents who lacked love and compassion. We will have a prophecy. Adam will post it with Casper's recording later today and it will be important.

Here is what Casper relayed to Adam from the angels:

18. This is the prophecy Adam mentioned in the translation this morning. There will be a newspaper article about religion and there will be a connection Monday. It will be about how religion can prevent evil. And it can be a model for people to live by religiously and spiritually.

19. We have miracles happening everywhere and we really think people are responsible for living in spirituality. If you have a spiritual cleansing you are forgiven. A purging of evil will be provided during your transition and you will be physically reborn in an infants form, so this new life can reverse its own evil during a beautiful life time.

20. We can affect the future of humankind, and we will review this religious article that comes. Jesus Christ will return.


Here is the link to the article Monday, February 9, 2009.


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