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Is This A Christian Religion?

For the most part The Angels Scrolls is the true religion that Jesus Christ practiced prior to His crucifixion and the one that he was teaching before His time was cut short on Earth. At that time the people in the region were very spiritual. They believed that dreams and visions guided them in life and that they came from God. They also believed in prophecy, miracles, angels, and healings. On the other hand it is not the typical Christian religion because we do not blindly believe everything the Bible tells us, or everything that is in the New Testament. We know that even though the Bible and New Testament were inspired by God, they were written and put together by man. In other words, the religious leaders constructed them according to the politics and culture that existed at the time.

This is not a religion where you come to worship anyone or anything. It is more focused on an understanding of God and walking with him spiritually.  We witness modern prophecy through regular events in our life. It is not a cult and it does not try and isolate you from the rest of humanity. We do not try to change your religious views. As a matter of fact we encourage people to keep their own religion, for God gives everyone the right to believe in what they want to.

Even though we call it a religion, it is more of a journey into spiritualism and learning the spirituality of God. It teaches us what God wants us to know about Him, His Reasoning, His Purpose, our purpose and The Secrets of His Divine Wisdom. As a matter of fact it is only about 10% religion and 90% spirituality.

What Is The Difference Between Spirituality and Religion?

There is much more, but in short, religion is what we have been cultured to believe and usually depends upon what our family and friends believe or what we were taught by the church we belong to. In religion you develop relationships that help you evolve spiritually. You only go to church a few hours a week to practice and learn your religion.

Spirituality is what we do the rest of the time. It is how we walk with God and the angels in our day to day lives and what we do in our lives that allows us to evolve spiritually with God. We seek both religion and spirituality to make it to heaven more quickly. The transcriptions that God and the angels provide here give detailed descriptions of what heaven is like and how God interacts with us on a day to day basis.

God makes many promises in this religion of spirituality. He promises that you will get to know His unconditional love personally. He promises to show you many miracles of survival and provide you with prophecy. He will teach you to have a happy and productive life. All you have to do is be willing to listen to what He has to say and be open to receive His love.


About The New Adam Kadmon

 The New Adam Kadmon (Rev. R.B. Reynolds) is a spiritualist who uses his special gifts to teach others to be visionaries in many different parts of the world. As a medium, he is able to connect through selected animals who communicate messages from heaven. He is the real deal and is consistent in the messages he receives from heaven. He is a direct descendant in the bloodline of the prophets as his grandfather on his mother’s side last name was Kadmon. He transcribes dreams similar to the way Daniel did in the Bible. Although Ryan is Canadian, he has travelled extensively in the Middle East to such places as Israel, Jordan, Tel-Aviv, Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Cairo, and Damascus. To Find Out More About the prophecy of the Adam Kadmon Click Here

Ryan has done unequivalent studies in animal communication. In the year 2000, he raised and introduced the world to a talking parakeet named Victor who had a remarkable vocabulary of about 2000 words and began conversing in full-blown English. Over the past ten years, Ryan has been on Coast to Coast Radio Network talking about over 30 other content speaking parrots that he has been involved with over the years. In 2010, he became the guardian of another budgie name Maylor who began speaking in full-blown English as well. As time passed, and with thousands of hours of translating bird language, Ryan evolved in his connection, allowing him to have a deep understanding of the spiritual and metaphysical world that some birds are still connected to. The prophecies and confirmations come from dreams that are received by himself and others. The transcriptions come while he is in meditation. During the past three years he has made over 50 prophecies that were connected to future events and later came to fruition in newspaper articles. On this website you have free access to see the transcriptions and the events that evolved through them. To get a better understanding of this you can see some of the videos on the Sermons Page. Ryan was indoctrinated and given the title of reverend and the pseudonym Adam Kadmon by the angels who taught him. There were others who witnessed the process and the birth of this religion in forums he has managed. Some of the visionaries that he trained are out in the world practising it in their day to day lives and some are even teaching others.

Ryan is also the founder of The Spiritualist Church of Dreams and Visions. He is in the process of raising funds and is one of the reasons he created this website. He hopes by making these religious writings available to others it will help them as well as further evolve his mission. Therefore, he would appreciate it very much if you could make a donation, no matter how small it is.

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