Dream Interpretation For Spanish Midwife Dream

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Spanish Midwife Dream Interpretation / Transcription

Adam's Comment: I believe God sent this dream to Linda to help answer the question of us using a midwife for the baby. At the time I do not even know for sure that Linda knew she was pregnant as she gave birth on October 11, 2009 and the transcription was posted on January 21, 2009. I have added a confirmation article that came out on January 23, 2009 and it talks about the importance of Midwives and how they help mothers during their pregnancy and ultimately giving birth to a healthy child.

Adam posted January 21, 2009

Hi Everyone... Linda and I recently had a visit from my mother and it was a spiritual challenge for she does not believe nor wants to listen to anything Linda and I talk about when it comes to religion and spirituality. This dream helped us to understand what we were feeling after she left.

Linda's dream posted on June 9, 2008

I was nine months pregnant and I was having breakfast with Adam's mom. I don't remember what we were talking about, but I remember that the lady that would be my midwife came up to us at the table and started a conversation. She was saying, "not ready yet, when are you going to be ready?". I didn't know of course, but I was ready. There was a couple of girls there that were her friends. They were Spanish-speaking, and I didn't realize that the girl that was my midwife was Spanish-speaking until later when she went back to the table with the other girls. She spoke very good English. The bill came and we were finished up, and the only thing that was left on the table was Adam's mom's coffee. She took a sip of it and then through the rest of the coffee on the floor, just like you might do if you were outside camping. I don't remember if we were actually outside at an outside restaurant or not. I think I was shocked and embarrassed. I remember talking to my midwife again. I believe she was making a phone call when I came up to her outside the restaurant.

I started a conversation with her trying to find out a little bit more about her. I asked her what company she works for. I guess she didn't understand me because she started explaining what she does, rather than what company she works for. She explained how she assesses the situation and writes down what she thinks the people need and then she gets it approved and puts in the order for medication or whatever the person needs. So I explained that I used to work for Red Cross as a home support worker and Olsten Health Services, who do you work for? So she told me the company name, but I didn't understand what she said because it was a Spanish company. Then she started showing me a photo album of different people, and probably a man that she was involved with was in the pictures too.

Transcription by Adam Kadmon posted January 21 at 4:20 p.m.

1. A message for Linda came in her dream about a midwife. In this dream Adam's mom has found a reason to make problems in the relationships you have at the restaurant. And this is a symbol of how her actions can effect others she is in contact with. Linda was at the restaurant with Adam's mom and they were having breakfast. The restaurant is a symbol of a place where you want to have a pleasant experience and you hope those that are with you will have one as well.

2. It is a place where you can have growth in a loving relationship and the symbol of food is something that is made with love and it is like a gift from those who pay the bill there. There are many people around who are trying to have the same experience. So going to a restaurant can be a very spiritual experience.

3. You hope that the meals that are served to you are very good. In reality, food is something that we need to survive and in this dream it is a symbol of something our soul needs for survival. So when our soul is consuming something that is made with love, it will be something that will make us happy.

4. Linda was nine months pregnant in her dream. She was happy prior to coming to the restaurant and she wanted Adam's mom to be happy as well. Linda was pregnant and she was looking forward to bringing a new life that she could love into the world and the event was very close to happening. Suddenly this woman came to the table who would be helping Linda with her pregnancy.

5. This woman was wondering if Linda was ready for it and Linda was not sure if she was. This woman was at the restaurant with people she had relationships with and Linda was not very knowledgeable about her past for she didn't even know she was Spanish.

6. The symbol of the bill was something that Linda was going to take responsibility for and she would not expect Adam's mother to. Everything was finished at the table and Linda she was very happy that Adam's mom liked the food, but there was coffee there as well. The coffee has been symbolized as something that can cause us lack of sleep in past dreams. It is something that is not good for us but Adam's mom had ordered it. When she didn't like it, she got angry and threw it on the floor inappropriately and Linda was very shocked when she did it.

7. This is a symbol of how we can have an evil reaction to something we don't like even when everything else at the table is good. If we always try and find one thing at the table that we don't like and react with evil then it will spoil the rest of the meal. When Linda became embarrassed it was a natural reaction to something that was evil because she was connected with Adam's mom. So we have to understand that it is never wrong to be embarrassed because of evil.

8. When we have reason to protect an evil action, the person will always do it again. However we must react to it with love. So how does one react to something evil with love. First off we must never get angry.

9. Even Adam has a problem with this sometimes. If a reaction to evil is evil, this evil will continue growing, causing confusion even when we may be right. So we have a reason to have a reaction of love in every opportunity we get and this is a reversal of evil.

10. God wants forgiveness for many reasons. Forgiving someone for their evil is substantially a form of unconditional love that God has given to every life form in the universe. This is why he has given them an eternal soul so they will have many opportunities in many lives to be with Him in heaven.

11. In her dream Linda began to speak to the midwife again and she was on the telephone. This symbolized that she was having a really busy life and she wasn't really paying attention to her. So Linda then found good reason to question her. She wanted to be sure that this woman would help her well during her pregnancy.

12. When you see someone in life that does not seem to show love and compassion then we have a right to first question them and see where they are spiritually and then decide if they can be of help to us. Even then Linda hoped that she would be able to give her the right answers, but this lady couldn't, so Linda thought she was someone she could not count on.

13. So Linda was not really looking for something that was evil, she was hoping to hear something that she would be able to learn from this lady. We should never stop looking for things that we can learn from others as long as these people tell the truth. However, we should always look at them spiritually so we can trust they are telling the truth.

14. How can we tell if someone is telling the spiritual truth? We know, when they do not display actions of anger and confusion. We can see when they are spiritually content. When someone is happy spiritually, they won't have reasons to attack the religions of others. They will be able to show forgiveness in everything. They will have a connection to God in heaven that is lasting. They will feel that they have a mission to bring others who they have relationships with closer to God through spirituality. They will never rely on evil to give a reaction to something that is evil. There will be much peace as they spiritually grow in life. They will try to reverse evil through love and compassion and they will not put any blame on God for the evil in the world. They will stay within the laws of humanity and never react with evil even when they know of a law that is wrong. They will show some restraint from evil things that God knows is not good for them, even when they are legal.

15. One of the ways that we evolve is through the choices that we make when it comes to doing loving things for others and that is the reason that you will be able to sustain this love in heaven. What were the spiritual actions of this person that Linda was talking with. Even though she felt that she wasn't paying attention to her because she was busy, she was still very spiritual.

16. She showed Linda pictures of someone that she was in love with. Originally Linda was very confused about the way she was acting because she didn't answer any of her questions properly. But when she showed her these pictures she showed how she was spiritually proud of the relationships she had. She had found some reasons to let Linda know that she had much love in her life and even though she didn't give her the right answers, she was a good person.

17. She knew she had beauty in her life and how she was living it. We all know that many Spanish people are religiously different in their family life as they know the importance of family. Linda is wondering how she can resolve the family life they have when she can't even go out with Adam's mother and be spiritually happy.

18. Linda sees some of this emotional evil of his mother being passed down to Adam and that concerns her especially when she is having a baby. This is going to reverse some of this evil that is happening now. Linda and Adam have never shown their anger towards each other in an evil way. Sure they have shown their impatience with each other on many occasions, but they always have reacted with love afterwards to reverse it. When they had emotional evil they realized it and tried to learn from their mistakes.

19. We have been watching them closely and they always treat each other with love and compassion even when they know the other person was wrong. And this is how a spiritual person reacts in relationships that they have. They will find a reason to resist any emotional evil that is between them as they are on a mission to have a happy relationship and this is what God wants you to do in heaven. For if everyone in heaven wasn't very happy, then it would not be heaven.

20. We will have many spiritual relationships up in heaven and we will be allowed to do things that make us feel good and make us happy. Every relationship will last for eternity and there will never be evil reactions in heaven. Where there is no evil or confusion, there will be no suffering. There will be resolve for every situation that you will experience in heaven.

21. So this is simple when we begin working on it during our life times on earth. Some will take longer then others to spiritually evolve enough to make it to heaven. God sent this religion to also help those who need spiritual growth.


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