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Death In A Pool Dream Interpretation-Translation-Transcription -Prophecy

Adam's Dead Pool Dream p

Last night I had a fairly long and detailed dream. It started out when a couple of friends and I were in this large home with a family who had an inside swimming pool. I was standing at the back of the pool and saw something terrible happen. The two men I was with got into an argument with two of the family members while they were standing around the pool. My friends had large paddles and struck the two men while they were in the water, apparently killing them and the men sunk to the bottom. At that point I was in a lot of confusion and could not figure out why it happened. So far no one else knew and my friends decided to leave and I remained there. I went to a room where there was a couch and lay down on it, thinking about what happened and how the rest of the family would soon miss the men that were in the pool and probably find them. A tall man of about 7 ft walked into the house. At that point I decided I better leave because I knew I would get blamed for what happened.

Upon leaving I realized I was a long distance from my home and walking on foot, but really did not know how to get there. So I asked this old man along the path. He told me if I took the road to the right and followed it around it would get me home. I questioned him because I knew the general direction of my home was to the left, but he insisted I should follow the path when it went right.

Further on down the path, when the road curved to the right there was this park, and the road seemed to go around it to the right. I thought that if I cut through the park, I would get to where I was going much quicker. Along the way I needed a cigarette so I took one out, but did not have a light. I saw several people sitting around a picnic table and asked them for a light. There was a woman and two men. When I asked for a light, one of the men started harassing me, hitting me and pushing me. The girl stood by and watched. In the beginning I tried not to respond to his hits, and warned him several times to stop, however he kept on doing it so I struck him in return and he stopped.

At this point I started to walk away and ended up in this long hall. The girl was following me now and she began to hit me and push me. Again I tried to refrain from hitting her back and asked her to stop. Eventually I could not take it any more and returned one of her blows and she stopped. As soon as she stopped she changed from being harassing and violent to nice and we began to talk. Then the dream ended.

Transcription by Adam Kadmon on January 30, 2012

1. This is a dream of religious intervention. There are several people swimming in a pool. If you listen it will give you a mission and it will always be with you.

2. The people that are swimming are your friends in this religion. The pool is a symbol of the process of religious intervention. In this dream, some of your friends have evil intentions which you see happening and it results in confusion for you.

3. Actions Adam, that will interfere with the direction that you are taking will give you confusion. So what are some of these actions? If a mission goes without objection, then it can be in the direction of evil. There is much prophecy coming with this dream. The reasons you wait longer to experience the prophecies here will need to be explained.

4. If the people in this pool run into a problem of religious evil, it will cause corruption and confusion with everything, causing a serious reaction. You have to resurrect the ship of religion with people that really have a good reason to come.

5. We have learned by the actions of some of the past visionaries, and we have seen that they have caused confusion which eventually caused evil. Now if these new visionaries have similar reactions, the future of religion is bound to be full of confusion again.

6. So we must find those who really have a spiritual mission in it and those that really believe it. How do we find those that really believe it? This is where the intervention of religion comes in.

7. If you are seeking someone that is spiritual, you must ensure that your ship goes on the tributary of spirituality. We will now direct you to this river. You have so many transcripts in this religion, and they need to be presented in a way that people will be able to follow them. We know you have started a new project and we are very happy that you are doing it. We will object to the new forum that you currently have, for it can cause a problem for you in the future.

8. You will have a lot of people coming when you are finished and you will not have any time for interaction with them this way. If you have a mission to make this information available to anyone who needs it, then you will have a mission that is void of confusion.

9. The website that you are creating now is your new ship of religion. You have graduated from the captain of a boat to the captain of this ship and it will be much stronger than the boat you built in the past.

10. To build it you have to use most of the transcriptions you have done. This ship will have miraculous qualities which will consist of hundreds of prophecies and miracles.

11. We talked before of when you were filled with these emotions that caused you so much confusion, and your boat crashed on the rock of evil. So you really needed a reason to start building again.

12. In this dream you saw who you thought were friends, do something that caused you much confusion. We know that you were suffering very much in this religion. We won’t forget you suffered and it is something that God and the angels do not want to see happen to you.

13. This website will be very big. It will contain hundreds of pages of dreams and visions and it will take you a while to complete it. You can have a contact page so people can participate if they have a dream that needs transcribing. You can then post it in the new dreams section. If they are spiritual they will make a donation that will help and you will no longer be doing dream translations for free. This will help to support you and your family in this religion as well.

14. The dream you had contained much evil, and you were very concerned that you were going to be blamed for something you didn’t do. We see the reasons that you wanted to go back to the prophecies that were made in the past.

15. When this seven foot man arrived, you felt that he would have some reaction and he would blame you for this evil. It could not result in a reversal of this event. When you went to the room and lay down on this couch, you had a reason to be concerned, for you really did not have an explanation why it happened.

16. You knew they would want to talk to you and ask you what happened but you were not involved with it at all. So what does this mean in this religion? You will always have acquaintances that are swimming in evil. This is the reason that we are trying to educate them spiritually. You can only help someone if they are willing to listen.

17. So this is really just a prophecy here. If there are some people that you use to know who are involved in something evil, it is a decision that they made for themselves and there is nothing you can do about it.

18. As long as you continue with your new mission, you will be going in the direction that God gave you. This lesson isn’t just for Adam, but for everyone that is involved here. We have seen the future of this religion, and we will not deceive you in regards to religious intervention. For when we start to believe those who are outside a religion which God has chosen, then we will begin to change our mission. And that is what happened to the visionaries of the past.

19. When there is evil that evolves within a religion, it is usually because people within the religion begin to listen to it. And this can happen very easily in a place where evil can hide from you. So you see Adam this is the reason we need your people to evolve in time with the prophecies.

20. Now some of these prophecies are beginning to happen where you did transcriptions a few years ago. The prophecies from your transcriptions will be happening more regularly. They will begin to happen as you put them up on your website of religion. If there are people who want to see when these prophecies were made, you can give them access to the forum, where they were originally transcribed. And if there are people that want to access the old forum they must give you a good reason for it really isn’t a place they should be swimming in without warning. It still has much confusion in it and it needs to be rebuilt without any more evil.

21. When these people were swimming in this pool, they were struck with a paddle. This paddle was a symbol of something people took from your boat to prevent it from moving forward. You have seen how they sunk to the bottom of the pool before you even knew what happened.

22. When we use a piece of religion to inflict pain on someone else, we will breed much confusion, and evil will consume them very quickly. The more we involve you in discussions that breed evil the harder it will be for you to stay out of confusion.

23. And now we promise you that you are exactly where you should be. We used Maylor to demonstrate this to you when he was interacting in another forum. When you emerged yourself in the evil in a forum that was not very spiritual, it caused you confusion and evil.

24. So this confusion should not return as you evolve in this mission. You shall remember each visionary who left as someone who was sharing their dreams and who needed your help at the time that they gave them to you.

25. And if they had a mission that involved spiritual growth, they wouldn’t have left you on this boat in confusion.

26. And Jesus was also deserted by the ones he loved and it also caused him much confusion. There are many prophets of the past who have been deserted in the same way and their prophecies still evolved.

27. When you decided to leave, you saw this old man. He told you to take the path to the right. This was the beginning of your journey back to religion.

28. The people that you saw were a symbol of the new forum that you were beginning to make. You were still confused on which way you should be taking to get there. You knew you had reason to follow the path that the old man had told you to go. But you went to the left anyway towards the people that were sitting at the picnic table.

29. These people were not very spiritual and they began taunting you when you got there. You tried not to have a reaction of evil towards them but you could only take so much until you reacted in a non-spiritual way. This is how evil can try to cause confusion.

30. When you asked them for a light for your cigarette, you were showing them that you were only there to do something that they always did while they were sitting there as well. When we encounter people who are always surrounded by people that are evil, we will have problems if we try to do something that isn’t evil. They are always competing against missions of good.

31. Now a prophecy begins to happen. We will see an event where a mission will be diverted from evil. Some people will see that evil is happening, and they will decide to help out. We will make this prophecy clear. This reaction will cause this prophecy to really happen.

32. In the paper, in the place where you live, you will see this event. Each of you will know soon when it happens. When you feel God’s intervention you will know He is present in this religion. If you have a reason to believe this action was something spiritual, then you shall begin to understand.

33. So if your immediate reaction to this prophecy is disbelief, and it does happen soon, would you then begin to have belief in this religion? Some of you shall have good reason to begin to believe that God will show you reasons to witness prophecy.

34. He has a mission to show that through His intervention He is always reversing evil, and that everything He does is related to the survival of humanity and the prevention of pain and suffering.

35. But everything that God does has to be accomplished through the spirituality of His people. So if you are listening to this lesson, you will see a miracle happening with the help of God.

Confirmation February 9th, 2009, Barrie Examiner



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