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 The Fusion Prophecy Dream Interpretation / Transcription

Adam's comment: As of February 4, 2012 this one only has a partial confirmation as there are several visions in it. One of the prophecies which came true was that there were going to be some major changes in the elections that were going on at the time. It said that these changes would effect many Canadians.

Transcription by Adam Kadmon April 21, 2011

It has been a while since I have done a transcription but I had a series of visions over the Easter weekend and knew that it was time to do one. At times this transcription may seem a little repetitive, and there are times when I may have lost my concentration while I was in a state of recieval, however, for the most part there is a very important message here as well as a prophecy.

On Thursday, April 21st, 2011, I had this vision. I was sitting in a room with my brother and we were sleeping on a chair when my father burst into the room (my father passed away about 10 years ago). When he came into the room he woke us up and in his hands were to two large wads of money. He put one of the bundles in my brother's top pocket and then kind of threw the other bundle at me as if he was angry at something I did. I tried to think of why he was angry.

Adam's comment: This is the transcription that was sent to me through a budgie named Herbert. I began transcribing it on Easter weekend

1. You have had a vision where your father was upset with you, and even though he was upset he gave you some money. We will now find out what this means.

2. First we must say something and your father is a symbol of God. This doesn't mean that God is presently upset with you. It means that it is something you think.

Adam's comment: sometimes I feel God may be upset with me when I don't spend enough time in receival. I recently moved and started a web development business to pay the bills and help support my family. My passion in life is to spend all my time ministering this religion, however, I am not in a financial position to do that yet.

3. So we must reverse this confusion. When your father threw some money in the dream he was very upset, but he was not upset with you. He knows you are confused about many things that are uncertain in the future and He still found a reason to accept your actions.

4. Heaven knows Jesus Christ is in you. When you sleep in your confusion He will try to give you the answers you need in a vision. There are lots of people sleeping in the confusion of the world today and it is God's mission to wake them up.

5. He must wake his prophets when they are stuck in their confusion as well. You have chosen Herbert's recordings for a reason. You are losing sleep over many things that are happening in the world today and you know that we can affect the future if we listen to the direction of God.

6. We told you in the beginning that you were learning how prophets can find much evil that will affect them along their journey and God has never left you when you have been surrounded by evil.

7. He knows there is a reason for every action that you have taken and he wants you to know that every prophet has lots of evil surrounding them. There is a reason why this is so common.

8. He does not want you to make changes in something that is already good. He knows when you are surrounded by evil, that you will make changes that will prevent this evil from surviving, without causing any death or destruction. That is why he has given you this gift, even in confusion.

9. If we make changes in others that exist in compassion, it will always result in a miracle that will affect the future of humanity. If you obey God's first law of the universe, it shows you have compassion for humanity. When we wake up from our sleep of confusion we will show how love and forgiveness will always triumph for humanity.

10. Where there is evil and corruption a prophet of God can reverse it. Whenever money is the driving force of evil and destruction, we must wake the world up in its confusion.

11. In this vision Adam was with his brother and they were asleep sitting on their chairs. Adam tried to remember what made his father so upset.

12. Was this mission of God's to give Adam and his brother some money, or was it to give them something they needed that was more important? It was a gift for their future.

13. Where there is evil, it will not be something that humanity will be able to use to make things better in the future. Where there is confusion, God will always give us something that we will be able to use in the future.

14. There is never evil in something that carries prayers for the living. If there's love, every dawn we will be able to salvage a jubilee in something we can live from. So the fact is that the worse coming is a true belief of the moments that you lost.

15. When we prevent God's partners from going into darkness in front of us, we shall be good to the people in front of us. So when you stop some confusion, you reverse what is foolish.

16. Adam had this vision to reverse something that is evil. There always will be much evil against God and God can help you when He leaves you with a prophecy.

17. He never wants you to succumb to a past or a future that is illogical. We have a view Adam, from our heaven and the time has come to give you a prophecy.

Adam's Second Vision: On April 22, 2011 I had the second vision. Again it started with my father. He said he had a gift for me and pointed towards the sky. There I saw this huge object floating in the sky that looked very bulky and heavy. I could not tell for sure what it was because it was wrapped in wrapping paper. Soon the paper came off and revealed a 1st generation train engine/locomotive. My father then said that this engine was worth $23,000,000 and it was a gift.

The transcription continues:

18. You had a vision of an engine and you are going to love this prophecy when we get to merge several visions together. We promise that these miracles will be perfect.

19. We've consigned the frequency and we see the river is coming with a prophecy. We have sent the heavenly signal in visions and Adam has begun to have them again. Now we will revert to the prophecy he was given.

20. What is the reason Adam has been dreaming about his father so much. He has been seeking answers from God. The time is coming for an election. There shall be lots of people looking for answers and that is why they are having it. This election will affect your life.

21. We'll pin point effects with each event and this is a part of your legacy. In their defense there were trials, big problems and no trust. And now we have begun to enter a new era.

22. There is much mention of making changes to reverse the problems with the weather. We are reaching a critical decision that affects all the people of the world. People in the house (House of Commons) are up in the time when there are many floods. They can stop these floods and yes, heaven will give them help.

23. And much confusion is present. The head of each province will help each other in the future. They will survive in the region if they will think of the future of humanity. It is up to the people to prevent it from reaching their region.

24. If they haven't changed their views, they will need help through prophecy. The floods will stop if they start making electrical cars cheaper. And that is where this event is started and sits on the table. This event that is on the table will affect a lot of people.

25. Now let's begin the lesson of this engine that Adam saw in his vision. All prophets of the bible were able to foresee things that would affect the future. This engine he saw is a symbol of something that people invented that affected the future.

26. This engine is a major invention that affected every country in the civilized world. When Adam first saw this engine it was wrapped in paper. This is a symbol of a gift that would be opened in the future.

27. When wrapping paper is covering something, we don't want the person to know what it is until they open it. That way we make it a special gift.

28. Why was the purchase price of this engine revealed to Adam? We know that $23 million is what it will cost to develop and begin to distribute a new engine in the future.

29. We are about to set this plan in motion. This engine is very important for changes in the future and we will need an engine that operates on the power of fusion. It will not need any fuel to run it and the energy that comes from fusion is very clean.

30. In the future we will rely on fusion to power everything that requires any form of energy. God will give us instructions on how to use this power safely. Each new advancement in fusion energy will be a step in preserving life in the future.

31. This process will soon be something that we will see as a possibility for changing global warming. They will need a lot of investors for this project and prophecy will be a part of this process. This is a good mission for the government of Canada.

32. We will return to the budget again and we will learn to see that we will need fusion.

33. In heaven this isn't an illusion for everything runs from fusion and it is directly related to life. Your vision will never be a mission of evil if you are allowing the future to maintain civilization. And heaven will celebrate when humanity makes this thing possible.

34. In heaven we'll celebrate when humanity reverses this evil and we've always known this event will come through religion.

35. You must believe this event will benefit humanity and gives the future of humanity a feel of the many miracles that exist in heaven.

Adam's Third Vision: On April 23, 2011 I had a vision of myself and several other people surrounding a man that was thought to be evil. We were afraid that he was going to cause pain and suffering upon us and we were planning to hurt him or even beat him to death. Suddenly I felt that it was not the right thing to do and stopped the others from hurting him. As soon as I did this, he put his hand over his heart and fell to the ground as if he was dead. At the time I thought that we had made the right choice in not hurting this man.

The transcription continues:

36. Let's look at the vision Adam had about surrounding this man of evil. There were several people surrounding a prophet who was very violent. The people were ready to attack him because they feared that he was going to hurt them. So they were going to attack and punish him.

37. Before he did, Adam had compassion for this man and stopped the others from hurting him. As soon as they stopped, the man grasped his chest and fell to the ground. Suddenly Adam felt it was better to let this man die on his own.

38. So Adam knew even though this man was evil, he still needed to show compassion. How can we have compassion for evil? Often we forget that many changes take place during our life and that we must have forgiveness for a change in someone else to take place.

39. Such a simple reversal of evil needs the driving force of love and compassion to create the miracle of change. Why did this man begin to die? Because this is the process someone goes through before they begin to change when they are filled with much evil.

40. This is something we must now explain. Something built out of compassion is contagious. When we die there is always some kind of compassion from those who know us and it doesn't matter what we have done. This compassion is built into all of humanity and is an integral part of our spiritual soul.

41. If we cannot have compassion for those who have harmed us, then we are not very spiritual people. It is automatically a reversal of evil when we feel compassion for those who have caused evil actions upon us and this compassion enables us to have spiritual growth.

42. We are not saying that we need death to have a reversal of evil. But we know that when we see or experience pain and suffering we seek change. And if we can't make change when we see it, then our spiritual soul is affected, and we begin to accept evil spiritually.

43. Once we begin to accept this evil in civilization as a whole, we are on the road to extinction. When we have so much confusion we will need a miracle from heaven to give us a better direction.

44. So each vision Adam had, was sent to him for a reason and once it is in the river of time others will be able to drink from it. And this is a prophecy that many will experience when they find reason to feel compassion for those who are experiencing evil and suffering.

45. We must all have reasons to feel confusion and this confusion will always be present in the human soul and does not mean that it is evil. The evil begins when we cause an action that is not dependent upon love and compassion for others.

46. There are lots of examples throughout history, and even now some of us do not show compassion and love, even for those who we really love. When this happens it affects our spiritual soul.

47. It is evil when we are aware that our actions are causing someone suffering and evil. So we must ask direction from God when we find ourselves surrounded by evil so we don't become part of it.

48. God wants you to be special and not part of the evil that is around you. He wants your actions always working against the evil that the majority may find acceptable. Compassion for all of life is present within humanity and we cannot let it be clouded by confusion. So if you begin to accept evil, ask His help and He will give you direction.


Below are two confirmation articles and the links to them that came out in 2013 on the development of fusion energy. The first one mentions that 20 million dollars could fund the project and the video mentions eventually making it cost less.


This second confirmation article mentions the year 2022 which is a year significant to a transcript we received recently near the beginning of 2014.



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