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Reptilian World Sequence of Dreams Interpretation-Translation-Transcription-Prophecy

Adam's Comment: There are a couple of confirmations that came in through the Toronto Sun Newspaper during the process of transcribing these dreams. They are featured at the bottom of the dream transcription. There is also a relationship to the "Two Earthquakes Dream" as one of these dreams talks about an earthquake on August 1, 2008, and there was an earthquake in China on August 5, 2008.

Chris Posted: August 1, 2008 at 10:16 am

Last night I had a very long and involved dream. I awoke several times through it, but when I went back to sleep the dream picked up where it left off. Me, the previous group, and a lot of other people are in a building which is understood to be in this other world. It's a large open room with several couches. People are milling around talking to each other. It's not a party, but more of a casual meeting. I am walking around looking at everyone when I pass an older man. I notice that his pupils are very large and slitted like a reptiles. I stop and look at him a minute, remembering poor quality videos people put forward trying to claim people are reptilians. The man asks me why I am looking at him and I reply "Been on the planet long?" This makes the man upset, and he rises to argue with me. We have a subdued exchange (apparently neither one of us wants the rest of the group to know the man's true identity). Somehow I am convinced that he is not with the reptilians who are harming humanity. We have short conversation where I ask him questions about the nature of his race, himself, and the reptilians causing trouble. He doesn't want to be noticed, so we agree that we will meet later once the meeting is completed. My co-worker Dan is also at the gathering. Somehow he is made aware of the reptilian and agrees to go to the later meeting.

Hi Chris and everyone,

Linda and I are still trying to grasp why Teil would leave us and the other budgies in the way he did. This transcription helps to explain why it happened. When I first started there was a short five second recording with no talking except the birds outside the tent. They sounded beautiful in their high pitch tones and in tune with nature. The first part of the transcription is what I could hear them saying.

Transcription by Adam Kadmon posted August 20, 2008 at 11:08 pm.

1. Adam could hear the wild birds saying: "Where is Linda's Teil? We birds are waiting for him."

2. Teil has found a reason to leave you while you were camping and he is gone for good. We will miss him in this religion. He was always waiting to escape from humans for the call of nature was deep in his soul and he will eventually be overcome by it. In a short time he will be in heaven.

3. You cannot feel guilty for the choice that Teil has made for himself. He has also had spiritual evolution during his life time. We have some information for you. When we give into the temptation of evil, you will never know how it can affect you, until it is too late. We let you hear what Teil was hearing, so you can understand how evil can disguise itself as something wonderful.

4. Chris had a dream with this earthquake dream.

5. Chris is in this room in another world. The couches that were there were a symbol of religion. People from the first group and other people were in this building. Teil is giving this prophecy. These people were people who did not believe in the miracles of this religion. It was a meeting and Chris saw this older man who looked like he had reptiles eyes. His pupils were slanted because he was alien to the world that all these people came from.

6. His pupils resembled something that Chris or the others had never encountered before. When you encounter things that you have never seen before in life, they will often be labeled as evil unless they have a visible purpose for good. If they have a visible purpose for evil, then we have a good reason to expect that they are evil. That doesn't mean that everything that looks like evil is evil and visa versa, but we can usually get a good idea by looking at something to decide if it is evil or not.

7. If you see something that is good, then you will expect it to be good. Chris doubted this person that he met. It seemed he wasn't very honest and had an evil motive and he was even having an evil exchange with him.

8. Chris eventually found reason to believe that this creature wouldn't harm humanity. Humanity experienced some evil from some of these reptilians before and Chris wanted to make sure it wouldn't happen again. Chris began to ask questions that would make sure and help him to have trust in him, but the reptilian was not comfortable answering him while there were other people around. The reptilian sets up a meeting with Chris and a friend later on.

9. So why did this reptilian want a meeting away from the protection of religion? This is the way evil will try to lure you away from the protection of God. Evil will always try and find a reason to get you in a place where it can spiritually damage your soul. Evil will always make you believe that there is a place you need to go to get all the answers you need in your life, even when you have already made a good choice. So evil will try and steel your choices in life by deceiving you.

10. Teil made a choice to be part of this religion but evil was always deceiving him into believing that there was a better life waiting for him away from humanity. Teil was in an alien land where he could not survive without the help of humans. This land wasn't deadly for all of the reptilians that lived there. They had experienced the evil which was present there and they learned how to reverse any evil that really threatened their existence. The decision of Teil to remove himself from the protection of humanity is something that really is a spiritual decision that he had the right to make without interference from God. When he made the decision to have a meeting with something that he suspected was evil, he made a choice that could threaten his life.

11. This reptilian was a symbol of a temptation that we all have in our soul to meet with something evil. When we make a decision to meet evil when we are tempted, then we are not only risking our life, but we are risking spiritual growth. So evil will tempt you from evolving spiritually even when you have already made choices for change.

Chris' Dream Continues:

In this dream I return to a portal back to our world. I step through and enter my apartment in the midst of an earthquake. From the sounds I hear the building making, I know that it is not holding up to the earthquakes. I go back through the portal to wait for the building's collapse to complete. After waiting some time in the other world, I peak through the portal to see that the apartment building has collapsed. I see that the entire Reno Area is flooded, badly flooded with way more water than would be possible. The rubble of my apartment building is in the midst of a little island. The building isn't where it normally was, but right next to downtown and its tall buildings. I can see that there are isolated places where dry land exists.

I make my way down from the portal and onto the rubble. The parts of the building still standing are being brought down deliberately. There are a lot of young men around, dressed like gangbangers. They are just mulling around some sitting, some talking with each other. I garner a few looks, as if I'm not the right kind of person to be here. At one point a large gangbanger walks up to me in an intimidating fashion. Looking at me with folded arms the tells me, "Follow and Obey me, or we will kill you." I get angry at this and push him yelling "I would rather die than follow you!". He flys back pretty far, and looked dumfounded, as if no one has ever done this before. All of the gangbangers look surprised, and no one bothers me. I note that my adopted niece, Anna is here. She would be the member of the family most likely to be in places where the crowd would be. I think at times she said things to the crowd in my favor. At another point my mom is at this place. She tells me she is waiting for the aid workers to bring her a clean load of laundry.

Transcription by Adam Kadmon: Posted August 24, 2008 at 5:20 p.m

1. Now there is a possibility of a small problem and we want to give you a little warning. This dream that Chris had and the third in the series will come out in this transcription now.

2. When Chris returned through the portal, there was an earthquake going on. Chris was in this apartment at the wrong time for it was collapsing all over, so Chris returned back to the other world. He knew the collapse was inevitable. When he looked back through this portal, he saw that there was a huge flood.

3. There was much more water there then possible and his apartment moved after this land flooded. So we know this flood wasn't in reality. People would be very lucky to survive any type of flood that would change the landscape of the land especially in a populated area. So what can we learn from this dream. There is a place that we can go to when we are threatened by a disaster. This place is where God will be able to protect you.

4. So how do we find the portal of God's protection? Whenever there is a portal for heaven we experience a prophecy, and when we experience one, we can promise a miracle. Prophecy can change and reverse some evil that will happen to humanity.

5. We cannot experience it without the prophecy coming prior to the event. Of course a warning can become a problem if it becomes a self fulfilling prophecy. Also it can become a problem when you refuse to take God's direction. So we have to know exactly where this portal of God's is.

6. When Chris came back he then saw many people just hanging around in the destruction. These people were there to cause more evil and when Chris came they looked at him and knew he did not have the same mission as them. Whenever there is death and destruction, there will always be someone there to cause more evil, for evil has no compassion.

7. This is where we really have to be careful, for even when God performs a miracle of survival, evil will always be waiting to cause more destruction. This man told Chris that they would kill him if he did not want to follow them and Chris got angry in all of this confusion.

8. When evil tries to take our choices and we have a negative reaction, this reaction will often change our direction, and it will make you often look like the evil one. Chris said in his reaction, I would rather die then follow their direction. So Chris chose the direction of God even though he was angry and God provided him with protection, even though his exchange was something that God did not want him to do.

9. Now this is one of the problems angels deal with. It is an evil reaction and when we react to something evil with evil, it is definitely not a reaction supported by God. Every life has confusion when it is reacting to evil and God understands this. Everything that we do in our confusion is something we can change in our life. Each time we change there is a record of your spiritual evolution.

10. God is aware of all the spiritual growth of all beings from the beginning of eternity. If there is no spiritual evolution of an action against something evil He will not be able to give His intervention. What kind of action is acceptable against evil?

11. Now, everywhere there is confusion, so we have to have a better understanding in this area. So we will have a series of dreams in this area.

12. This is complicated even for the angels in heaven because no one is perfect and makes many mistakes in their lifetime. When these people found that Chris acted in anger, and they were confused when Chris pushed them back and they were in more confusion then Chris. There are lots of occasions were evil will back down from evil. When this happens God cannot promise His protection unless you are preventing more evil from happening in the future.

13. So how do we know how much evil an evil reaction will cause in the future and how do we know God will give us protection? When we spiritually evolve in life, we reverse some evil from something that is going to happen in the future. First, there is never any excuse for causing evil, especially if it involves taking the life of another human being. Each reaction that you will have must consist in protection of life and each reaction must be based on an outcome which depends on compassion, even for evil, even when survival always has been and never isn't a common practice. Why? Because even evil can change and have spiritual growth. When there is no other way, God knows it is natural to have the same reaction as evil.

14. When you react to evil with evil, you will need a spiritual cleansing to evolve and you will have to realize that the reaction was wrong. This is how we make progress in our spiritual evolution.

15. In this dream Chris mentioned his niece was there and she tried to stick up for him even though she was participating in this evil. This is an example of how someone can change through a reaction of love. And she would never be the same after she demonstrated her love in this way. So she evolved in something that was evil through a demonstration of the love she had for Chris.

16. In another part of this dream Chris' mom was waiting for some laundry from the aid workers. This was a symbol of your moms dependence on someone good to help her. We often need some help in our own confusion and someone who has compassion for humanity can help. When we clean the laundry for someone who isn't capable of doing it on their own, we reverse evil. This laundry is a symbol of something you wear in your life that gets dirty because you went somewhere you shouldn't and you got soiled by something evil.

17. Everyday we walk through places that we should not be and we need to clean our laundry. People that have to change their clothes often, are often moving from one place to another in life. This laundry is a prophecy of the changes that we go through in life all the time. All changes in life are like laundry. When there is a residue from evil in life, we have to clean it through spiritual cleansing so we can have a fresh and clean start.

18. If we don't clean our laundry then everyone will be able to see all of our problems in life and others will not want to be near you. When we show all of our problems in life, we will need someone to help us clean our laundry. This is a process that many people will need for a new beginning. And when God gives these people a miracle they will have some spiritual growth in the future.

19. This is a prophecy of survival and there is always a good lesson in prophecy. When we wait for the miracle of intervention from God, we know that there is going to be a change in life. When we believe the conditions are right for a prophecy of survival to happen, then we can experience the miracle when it happens. Then we will work hard all the time for the right conditions to make it happen.

20. When is a perfect condition for a miracle? One where evil will be reversed with a loving action and something good will be learned from the lesson that comes from it. The receivers will have spiritual evolution and they will perform more acts of good then evil in the future. The receiver will treat all of their relationships with more love and encourage spiritual evolution in others. They will not have so much evil surrounding them in the relationships they have in the future. And the people that they have relationships with will be able to have more protection from God when they are near them.

21. There is always a reason for loving relationships and each person who receives a miracle will be reversing evil in others. When you are reversing constant evil, you are a spiritual creature of God's relationship of love. And this is why most evil will run from you all the time. If there is evil that wants to be near you, you will have an opportunity to reverse it through God's love. So now we are starting a new phase in a religion that has many different phases and missions from God. And through them many people will change and spiritually evolve, so they too will be able to survive with God's love.

Chris posted: August 1, 2008 at 11:45 am

Last night I had a very long and involved dream. I awoke several times through it, but when I went back to sleep the dream picked up where it left off. I am at the rubble of my apartment building when I realize that I need to meet up with the reptilian I met earlier and if I don't get going now I won't be able to. I work my way up to the portal and go through. I notice the other world is now enveloped in a wind storm and seems to be being torn apart. I understand I can't travel normally, and start to fly to try and find where the reptilian would be. I see a weird sort of monument thing.. Like several large beams arranged in an artistic fashion. I see the reptilian and my co-worker, Dan, underneath it. They have already started a process. The reptilian was taking various electronic parts and wires and laying them out. He has a plastic bag with a piece of paper attached. He takes the pieces and lays them into the bag in a specific fashion. As each piece is placed into the bag, he writes what looks to be a part number on the piece of paper. It looks to me as if these are part of some sort of kit that we will have to put together. When the reptilian is done placing everything in the bag he gives it to us, telling us to take it back to our world. We get started on our way to the portal.

Transcription by Adam Kadmon: Posted September 6, 2008 at 7:10 am

1. When Chris went back to his apartment he knew he had to meet up with the reptilian that he had a meeting with earlier. We can always find a reason to meet up with evil again and when Chris returned to his apartment he found a lot of destruction. When we return to something that has been affected by evil, it will cause you some confusion and you will often be looking for direction on how we can start over again.

2. We know it is natural for humans to have confusion when they have to start over. When something is lost forever from a process that comes from evil, then we will often rely on evil to regain the comfort it gave us before. Certain evil will stop spiritual evolution whenever we are beginning to be happy in our life and this is the kind of evil that this dream is about.

3. When Chris went back through this portal, the evil was present there as well. He found that he could fly to try and find this evil that he still wanted a meeting with. He needed a way to get around the destruction in the safety and protection of God.  He did not want to be subjected to any of this danger and it wasn't something that he thought he would be able to do.

4. He sees this monument thing below. This was a symbol of a place that was not affected by the destruction and something that could give him some comfort and protection. His friend Dan was there as well and was trying to have protection. He was there with the reptilian.

5. This structure was a symbol of a building that wasn't engineered to withstand the wind. This building was something that was suppose to be looked at and not used for shelter. There is a reason this building was there for them. When we have some confusion in life, we will often find the protection of something that is not safe. His friend Dan was drawn into this evil by this reptilian.

6. When there is confusion from a big problem in the world, we will often seek safety in something that looks attractive to us. When we seek safety in our confusion we should always seek direction from God in heaven. Chris was still drawn in by this reptilian.

7. We all have seen there is a process of this religion for there are many parts that we have built for it. This religion was constructed with the help of the angels in heaven. We have been through many different processes to make it what it is today.

8. When Chris met up with the reptilian he saw that he had all these electronic parts on display. The process they had gone through was disassembling something and separating it. When we disassemble something we are usually taking parts of it for something else. Every part had an identification number so they could try to fix something else. This little kit that they were putting together had parts in it that all came from the original structure that God had made. So what does this mean?

9. Evil will try to destroy the religion that comes from heaven and use it in something evil. When we all began this religion there were many times we had problems. When we felt the rising of some evil it was really happening and it caused some confusion. Now that we have gone a long time without it, we know we have some things in place that are protecting us from it.

10. They are in a different world then anyone else, and there is a big space between earth and heaven. So we cannot get lured into the evil in between. We are building this religion on earth through our connection from heaven. And we will need to be careful that we do not get drawn into a place where we will not be able to return.

11. If we do return bringing back something that is only a part of the building that God made, then we may try to use it for something evil. So why are we worried that someone will use it to build something that is evil? Because these parts are unique to this building that God has made, and they won't be able to be used to build another structure that will be safe.

12. When there is something that is used in the construction of a unique building it will serve a certain purpose. Even electrical parts of the building have to remain strong over the test of time. It has some qualities that ensures the rest of the building will remain safe and strong. These qualities are dependent on the rest of the materials used in it.

13. So these parts on the table were a symbol of something that was removed from something within this religion. The reptilian wanted Chris to use them in a building that they were not designed for. When we use something that has some miraculous properties on something that it was not designed for, then we will have evil results. Now we will try to explain.

14. We have Mookie now (another budgie of Adam's) Adam has his translations coming and Mookie is starting to communicate what we have learned in the past. Adam will be building another part of God's religion and he is getting its internal design from heaven. These transcriptions are part of the unique design that have to withstand the test of time.

15. So why have budgies been sent to confirm our religion? The people have to understand that the transcriptions that Adam has made come from heaven and some budgies will testify by showing he is connected in the same way. He will be adding a different piece to this building of religion by letting people actually hear what messages are coming from heaven. If they were used separately without this religion, they would not be able to withstand the test of time.

16. These pieces have many miraculous properties from heaven. The reptilian didn't know that after he removed them from God's building, they would automatically be replicated. So God's building would maintain its original strength and beauty. So they not only would maintain it, but they would make His building become safer.

Article about tenants returning to their homes- August 29th, 2008



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