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Barn Dream Interpretation / Transcription

 Linda's Dream of December 9, 2007  Posted by Adam on December 13, 2007 at 7:45 pm    
The next night Linda recorded this dream on a tape recorder for me to transcribe. This is what Linda said:


I was in a barn on the property of a beautiful resort that I was working at. I believe my car was in the barn as well as our cat who's name is Angel. I was not sure if this was where I stayed or if I just parked the car there. When I was checking out what was inside the barn I saw that at the other end there were a bunch of different turtles. The turtles were in nests and they were staying there. There were also other animals running around. They were running down the hall towards the turtles. In the second part of the dream I was going in to see my employer at the resort to check with a lady about the amount that I had to pay on my credit card as I wanted to pay it off. I was worried about money and about how much I owed. I wanted to know how much I had to pay towards it. That was the end of the dream.

Transcription by Adam Kadmon while in receival with the angels on December 13, 2007.

1. While Linda is in the barn, it is part of a property that symbolizes religion. This barn represents a thread and it is a part of this religion and it has animals in it.

2. The symbol of these turtles represent a collection of dreams she's had as a visionary. Each turtle has a nest and they are ready for the future for they have babies that are coming.

3. All the animals are being drawn to these turtles and they are waiting for their eggs to hatch. This is a symbol of the beginning of a new life and others will experience the miracle in the future.

4. Jesus is coming and will be born in the care of this religion. So why is his birth represented by turtles here? His return has been slowed down for we have waited for over 2000 years.

5. He was born with animals the first time, so this barn was symbolized for a reason. When Christ is reborn he will have a league of animals guarding him. So Linda will have a collection of dreams to protect him from evil. Linda will receive these dreams with God's help. If there is corruption of this religion, she will have God's help.

6. Linda has a vehicle in this barn. Yes she has also parked this vehicle symbolizing the vessel that she will be driving all over this property.

7. Each time she is starting to have confusion, she will have to seek out the answers in this forum. Now we shall reverse in reasoning.

8. In the future, most of you will have reason to have doubt the transcripts of Adam Kadman and this doubt will cause much confusion. Linda will have to resolve this confusion with a dream she has from God.

9. Jesus will be counting on her for the rest of her life to reverse and defeat the confusion you will have, for often our confusion is followed by corruption.

10. We need to have God's reasoning and count on His love in a spiritual life. Linda has always had a vision of a religion free of confusion and God feels her devotion.

11. Corruption is the reason we follow the direction of evil. In this dream she was following the direction of the miracle of the rebirth of Jesus. It is a spiritual representation of her life, and for Linda this is implanted in her soul. Things implanted in your soul cause actions in the physical.

12. Those who are confused by her mission here, will get an explanation in her dreams with a transcription from Adam Kadman and there will be a process that we will be going through.

13. Near the end of this dream, Linda was approaching her employer because she was concerned about money. Money symbolized problems she will have to sort out. Linda knew that if she did not make a contribution to what she owed, she would have a problem.

14. Her employer was God. Reversing in reasoning, Linda is working towards her spiritual obligation to be free of the confusion resulting from something that could affect her mission in life. Her finances are a symbol of her spiritual freedom. So she is getting instructions from God for spiritual freedom.

15. She has put her trust in God to help. 





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