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Hoochie-Coochie Dance Dream Interpretation-Translation-Transcription-Prophecy

August 4, 2008 at 6:20 am

Hi everyone,

A couple of nights ago I recorded this dream on my recorder and did not have time to put it up in the forum. Here it is now.

This dream started with me being upset with someone and I said something that I should not have said in anger. I was actually mean and nasty to this person. After that I was with Linda and we were in a taxi and for some reason the taxi driver took us to this Irish pub in a city that we were not familiar with. A female co-worker was there as well. Linda and the co-worker were standing at the bar and I was behind them watching them. It was dark in the pub and it was difficult for me to see what was going on. Suddenly the co-worker started doing this funny kind of hoochie coochie dance with the front of her still facing the bar. Linda began as well. I notice that there were some guys that were walking up behind her and Linda and getting close and putting their hands on them in a sexual fashion. I tried to see if Linda was doing the same thing as the co-worker because it was embarrassing and I did not think it was appropriate. So it was upsetting me. Suddenly it got darker and Linda and the co-worker disappeared completely. At this point I wasn't sure if they were kidnapped or if they went with these guys that were making advances towards them. So I looked around in this bar and I could not find them there. When I went out of the bar, I was totally lost in this city. So I started walking and began to meet people that were after me. I walked down this alley and looked down this dark tunnel. I knew I did not want to go there because there were all kinds of people waiting for me. I ended up in this other place and ran into someone who said he did not like my actions and he was carrying a knife and said he was going to cut me for doing it. He put the knife up to my arm and I backed away before he cut me. He never did cut me, however I was afraid and tried to run but something was wrong with my legs and I could not run very fast. It seemed like every time I tried to run, my legs would not move fast enough. It was a good thing that the guy who was trying to cut me was not very fast either and I was just keeping enough ahead of him, so he could not reach me. I came to the end of the road and could not go any further because there was a huge mud field in front of me. So I jumped in the mud field and began to swim away from him. All the time the only thing I could think of was where Linda was and what happened to her.


Hi everyone,

This transcription made me shed a tear or two because you are such a wonderful God.

Transcription by Adam Kadmon August 6, 2008 at 9:27 a.m.

1. Adam had this dream and it started with him being nasty to this person for no reason. Then he went to this bar with Linda and a co-worker. This Irish pub is a symbol of a place where there is a lot of drinking going on. Everyone there came to have a really good time with evil. Adam wasn't sure why he went there and he had a big surprise when he saw the girls dancing at the bar.

2. God is often surprised at what we do when we are in some place that is evil but that doesn't mean that He stops loving us when evil takes us away from Him. When we are doing something that isn't very religious, God understands this is natural for humanity and He knows that none of us are perfect in what we do in our religious life.

3. If you never live in a religious life, then you are never forgiving of the evil that affects others love. You will see how this dream has prophecy of others love and you will begin to know the reasoning behind a demonstration that exists in love. This prophecy will show how forgiving evil is a way for reversing more evil from happening in the future.

4. When Linda and this co-worker were doing something that they should not have been doing, Adam was upset over it and he was watching while he was upset. When Adam saw Linda, he was very disappointed. When God sees one of us doing something that is evil He is also disappointed. And when God knows you are surrounded by evil, He hopes that this evil will not attach itself to you. For as soon as you start participating in evil, He will not be able to protect you with His love. He will not be able to stand by while evil is controlling your actions.

5. We always have one of His angels interacting with all the actions of good that we do, and this is how we deposit into our spiritual bank. The angels deposit all the things that are good. These deposited things that are good are connected up to the rivers of time. And these rivers support this vehicle of religion.

6. When the vehicle of religion is interrupted by waters that have confusion and chaos, it will slow down. And when the waters are slowing down the vehicle of religion, it will try and keep you from arriving in heaven. It will want you to jump off the vehicle into the evil waters of humanity, where you will be surrounded by evil. When you jump off the vehicle of religion your soul is in spiritual danger. When your soul is in danger you will disappear from the view of God and He will have to try and find you.

7. When Adam lost Linda he was lost in evil and confusion. Everywhere he went he was threatened by evil and he knew he needed to find Linda. To do this he jumped out of the vehicle of religion and his soul was in spiritual danger. When he did that his God was looking for him.

8. Eventually, he knew he had to find his way back to the vehicle of religion. Adam was more concerned about Linda then himself and he was looking around to find something good. However, there wasn't very many good things in the river to help him. This is when he needed to call out for God so He would be able to find him.

9. This person who was trying to cut him was there to cause physical harm to his life. When our life is threatened physically it will eventually affect our soul, and when Adam tried to run, he physically could not move his legs fast enough. So he had to draw on his spiritual strengths to keep him ahead of this evil. This evil was slowed down by something good that Adam had done in his life. Even in confusion the good things that we have done in our life protect us from evil and give us spiritual strength to move forward. And the more good things we do, the faster we can get back to the vehicle of religion. But we still withdraw from our spiritual bank on the way there.

10. Adam came to this mud field and he wasn't sure if he would be able to swim through it. He knew he had to swim through evil to get back to the vehicle of religion and he drew on the love that he had for Linda. That was when God was able to spot him and remove him from this evil that he was in.

11. Often God will not intervene until He knows that your soul is in a situation that you cannot get yourself out of spiritually. The only time God cannot help us is when He can't find us, for God is never with us when we are swimming in the rivers of evil and confusion. So spiritually He gives us strength to get out of it when we are lost. Even when we are totally withdrawn on our spiritual bank, He will still be able to find us through an action of love, as God never gives up on us.

12. There is a prophecy for this dream. If we deplete our spiritual bank, God will give you some credit and He will give you forgiveness for it if you can't pay him back. This is through His unconditional love. There is never a good reason to make someone suffer for saving their life or their soul. He knows eventually everyone will have goodness and love in their heart.

 This is confirmed as Adam and Linda had a similar event happen to them when they went to a dance one night in August of 2013. This transcript was done in August and Adam became a little jealous of Linda. He later realized that he needed not to be jealous and Linda also realized she too put herself in a positions that she should not have.

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