Dream Interpretation God's Parade

God's Parade Dream Interpretation-Translation-Transcription-Prophecy

Dream by Adam Kadmon on Nov 25, 2012, Transcribed Dec 30, 2012

I was the platoon commander of a large battalion that was on parade in front of a government building. The platoon was standing in rank and I was about to take over. I called the platoon to attention, right turn and quick march. I was marching along in front of them calling the cadence. It wasn't before long that I realized that I should know how far I wanted to take them because we only had a certain amount of time before we had to return to the building and finish the parade there. I did not know what lied ahead, and I decided to go ahead in front of them and let them continue marching while I ran ahead and check. I ran for a short time and immediately thought that there was no block to take them around so I would have to turn them around and go back so we could finish. I ran back towards them and when I caught up someone else had turned them around and they were coming to a halt in front of the government building. I yelled halt shortly after someone else did. I felt bad that I had not completed the march as I planned and someone else had to take over.

1. You are the platoon commander of this parade and you have a mission. This is a dream of how you have some confusion of where you are going. Your God enlisted you to control this march that is forthcoming.
2. It was your mission to find a route for this platoon to go. When you were running far ahead you were short on patience to come up with the best route.
3. When there is confusion about your mission it will need to begin with God's help. When you rely upon the help of your God, He shall know exactly what is ahead.
4. You will complete your mission even when you have confusion if you rely on God's help. With God's help, this parade shall return to a place where there is no confusion.
5. Now we will begin to give you the reason why God helped you turn it around. When He gives us help He doesn't take the bulk of credit for the work you are doing and you are not stripped of your command when He helps.
6. Part of any mission depends on how we do it spiritually. If you can find a spiritual way of marching on a mission of God, He will be able to intervene in it. A spiritual mission will always be supported by God, but you always must remember to begin to go in the direction He originally wants you to take.
7. Any mission you can move forward in spiritually can help you evolve, which can eventually earn you the intervention you need to get it completed. It is not difficult if you really think about it.
8. This government building in this dream is your embassy where the parade is in front of. It provides some protection to those who have made a mistake in a region they are not familiar with. Even if there is a reason and someone did not respect the laws of the region they were in, they can receive help.
9. When we get involved with evil, each of us have the right to seek sanctuary but we are responsible for finding it. Why would God give sanctuary to evil?
10. There is much corruption throughout this world and many have to survive by relying on it. Many who are involved experience spiritual turmoil because they have a natural love of life and they are forced to go against the goodness they have in their soul. Their compassion tears them apart and they are lost in their confusion.
11. There are many regions in the world that have certain laws that would be unacceptable in other regions. And those that seem to cause pain and make people suffer are common practice in many regions in the world.
12. We shall only speak for all the regions that have made spiritual growth in these areas. God is aware of all the advancements that have been made spiritually and we are going to make a prophecy regarding them.
13. We will concentrate on Israel and Palestine and we respect the religion of both of these countries. Soon there will be a major shift that will affect the rest of the world. They have made some progress with the recent fighting that has been happening there. The world had a vision of a major offensive by Israel and its allies. It looked like Israel was in preparation for a major war.
14. They were spiritually ready to make a major offensive against Palestine without any compassion. You shall see them conquer the emotional evil that prevents them from evolving.
15. We will often see how God will turn around His parades and assist those that are on a mission of confusion. You know He shall help you when you are going in the wrong direction.
16. You will have sufficient time when you are on a mission of God for He knows evil will consistently stand in your way. He is very accepting of the time you will need to find a path through it, even when you find you have yourself emerged in it, for only He will know the final outcome.
17. If you meet much evil on the way, and you have spiritually chosen to take His direction, a warning can be sent to get on the right path again.
18. He gives you a choice if you decide to spiritually evolve along the way. He cannot prevent you from making the wrong decision which can change your direction, but He will consistently provide you with some kind of warning about something that could affect your future, causing you unnecessary pain and suffering.
19. Now let’s learn about the rest of the symbols that are within this dream. What does this battalion represent here?
20. When we have such a parade, we know those who command have experience in what they are doing. They are chosen because they understand what the parade represents and what they're suppose to do. Each of the soldiers stand to represent the values and beliefs at the time of the organization they are under. And they believe the one that commands also follows these same beliefs and has the right to congregate them.
21. They have to be responsive to everything they are commanded to do and if they are not they will come under some kind of disciplinary action. Even when they know what they are doing is very much against the feelings and compassion they have for other human beings.
22. Spiritually they may be hurting inside, and feel like they are not doing what is right for the survival of humanity. Every soldier reaches a point in their careers where they feel they may be led into something that goes against their spiritual nature and this will cause them much confusion and we have only touched on a part of it.
23. What is the prophecy within this dream and what can you learn from it? Soldiers will be spiritually set free when they begin to know that they aren't guilty for following the authority they are ruled under as long as they don't accept what are evil intentions towards others.
24. They have to be forgiven for everything they have been forced to do. Forgiveness is really the key that will abolish the evil in the world and God is the best at doing it.
25. Get ready if you are going to leave for war even if it is eventually stripped of its evil and destruction because you will have to be improvising with the force of good.
26. What do we mean by improvising? If you want His help for victory, you will be able to learn from this little dream and seek a spiritual way to win without causing death and destruction.
27. We have options with everything that helps us see the simple process that follows with His help. And if you are following His simple spiritual path, you shall find help.
28. Everything born must learn a spiritual way of survival or it will not survive for eternity. Your soul is an extension of God, and if you want a positive result in life, you must immerse yourself in a spiritual life.
29. Each action that results from a loving and compassionate thought helps you to reject more evil.
30. Many people won't acknowledge that evil is near or even part of them. When you admit some evil exists, you can finally make some progress and learn to grow spiritually.
31. Bless the people who have a philosophy that evil is something that we have to work on daily and you cannot deny its presence.
32. You must feel that evil is something that is present in everyone’s life and is filtered by our soul. Confusion is a major part of evil that results from not having a reason to grow spiritually. If you do not have a reason for spiritual evolution, you won't evolve spiritually.
33. What is a true vision of spiritual evolution? You must be capable of following guidance from God. You have to have a mission to evolve spiritually. You cannot feel guilty for the confusion of the past, but you need to want a change.
34.  Believe that God is always there to help you when you feel that evil has begun to affect you in your life.
35. When some of your problems are forcing you to have confusion, then you must try and find a spiritual way to work them out.
36. When you were leading this parade, you really thought that you were on a mission that you could be proud of even when you were confused in which way you needed to take them. This was a symbol of this religion when we falter in our own confusion.
37. When you lead people and you don't believe that the vision you have is a prophecy that will happen with God's intervention, you will need something to show you it is a prophecy. You have special needs that will help to release you from confusion. And God, He promises you will get what you need to comply with His wishes.
38. Many shall follow your direction. And this too was symbolized by the parade. When you decided to go ahead to find the best route for the parade, your troops trusted that you would return with the information you needed. They knew that, least of all they would all arrive at their destination. They were hoping it wasn't a very long and strenuous march, but they were ready for it if it was.
39. We enlisted you for your passion in religion and promise you this parade will help your mission as a prophet.
40. You have begun to have doubts that God is still part of your parade of religion. You need to seek more of His help for it is your nature to do too much on your own and this is when evil seeks you.
41. What do we know about the people seeing this parade? Most of them come for prophecy, and they want to see you deploy a mission of God. The prophecy is that God is protecting them, and this parade has the responsibility of supporting the future of humanity.
42. They see a future they can rely on that is free of destruction and suffering. A prophecy of a future that is loving, standing tall and proud. This prophecy has been given to you with a promise that the leader is qualified to present a religious march with God's cadence.
43. They will be watching this religious parade in front of a special place that gives a promise of protection for those who are threatened by the beliefs and culture of a region they are not familiar or happy with.
44. A confirmation will be coming in the morning of a Friday soon. More will be coming on Tuesday. Each new prophecy will be time sensitive, so you must be dedicated in posting them as soon as possible. You will find that, in the future much of what we have been teaching will be unfolding before you.
45. We congratulate those that are coming here for they have found a place that demonstrates true prophecy that they will all be able to witness as it unfolds. With this knowledge you will dream if you seek direction from God, and He will provide you with the answers. You will be able to see the rise of a new religion that comes directly from heaven.
46.You will witness how the waves of time can prevent the destruction caused by the religious evil with the intervention of God.
47. Much of the future destruction shall be eliminated when we listen to the direction of God and when we find a reason to react with love and compassion.
48. If we all seek loving reactions we share the same vision and we will be able to resist evil and you shall spiritually be able to evolve through the fear and confusion. If your actions are void of evil, your God will be able to align your vision and stand with each of you who are in the grips of evil.
49. When you remember that God walks with you and provides you with direction when you are approaching something that threatens your life, happiness or the depth of your soul, then you will not fear evil.
50. When each of us rise up with love, we are like this parade that stands to attention with pride with others who have the same vision. When you are standing up for freedom, each of you are rejecting the evil that tries to control you. If you do not reject this evil it will cause your soul to spiritually devolve. Eventually it will result in a breakdown in civilization that is filled with confusion that is bound to result in more death and destruction.
51. If your religion confuses you, and gives you reason to react with the force of evil, it is not coming from your God, and you must seek a better way.
52. God isn't oblivious to evil even when you think it is done in His name. There will always be a loving way to solve any issues a region will have. If you seek the spiritual answer, it shall be given to you.
53. Must we remind you of the reason we came to Adam? Adam had a vision of less confusion in this world. Yes, he believes we can help save a devolving civilization. If you have a prophecy of God's chosen religion, then you shall not regress with the help of the angels.
54. We must have a better reason to wash out evil from religion. With the truth of God, we promise you this will evolve into something that God sees will happen and He relies on you to continue believing the prophecy. We wouldn't be involved in this religion without you for you are the chosen ones who began to listen. 

This confirmation came on Friday January 11th, and was followed up with an article on Tuesday January 14th as prophesied.

I will post the actually video of the APTN March and interview with the articles. Please read all the articles as there are many similarities to the event and the transcript.

June 6, 2017 - Post by LindaMarie  - New Connection to Maylor's "God's Quantum Prophecy" recording discovered.

Ryan and I realized that the new reverse translations of Victor and Maylor's recordings are connecting to the dream transcriptions. This translation is important for all of us but is especially important to the soldiers all over the world. The translation says "God gives proof in this parade." Here is the link to the YouTube video of the translation that connects to this dream transcription. https://youtu.be/y_sW3mWv6Gc


Here is the link to the actual video of the interview on March 11, 2013   http://aptn.ca/pages/news/2013/01/11/protest-dying-down-as-harper-says-hell-stay-for-entire-meeting-with-fn-leaders/

Continued Part 2

This is the followup news release that came out on Tuesday, Jan 14, 2013 that brings it all together.


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