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Adam posted: January 1, 2008 at 9:34 am

Hi everyone,

I had a dream last night, December 31, 2007. I will try and transcribe it soon as I know it has some very important lessons in it.

The Bank Dream

I was in a pickup truck with two men and a woman. We stopped at this small mall for gas. I was driving the vehicle but we did not have that much money. The woman asked me if I wanted her to put gas in the truck while I went into the mall for something. I told her it was okay to put $10 in because that is all I had and I would give her the money when I returned. When I got back, the vehicle was gassed up and they told me it cost them $180 to fill it up. I said, well I thought I said to only put in $10, as I don't have that much money. I was very worried about how we were going to pay for the gas, but I remembered I had a credit card and a bank book with me. I was not sure of how much money I had on them, so I went to the credit card machine to try and get some, but I was at my limit. My next step was to go to the teller at the bank and use my bank book. When I gave the teller my book, she said, there is a problem with this book, as it is not yours. It was then I realized that I had the wrong book. She said don't worry, what is your name, and I can look it up so you can access your account. At that point I felt that I was out of trouble and I would have enough money to pay for the gas.

The dream ended with me having a large release of gas that woke me up. Undoubtedly, I had eaten too much turkey from the night before.

Transcription by Adam Kadmon: Posted January 7, 2008 at 9:58 pm

1. The symbol of the truck is the vehicle of religion and you made a stop for refueling. There were two other people with you and you needed some faith to continue your journey. Gas is a symbol to fuel the vehicle of religion which is faith. The symbol of money is something you need to preserve life and financial freedom was a symbol of the bank there. We have said before that financial freedom is a symbol of spiritual freedom.

2. In principal, your life is affected by your finances. All the financial gifts you get in life, are spiritual gifts from God. Now we shall explain this better. There are many circumstances when your finances can make you suffer in life and that is the reason life's relationships can react to this evil. Each action related to your finances will result from the amount you have. So when you do not have enough, you shall have reason to take the direction of survival in life.

3. If you are going to suffer you will cut down on purchases in life. That was symbolized by Adam only asking for $10 in gas. When he returned, he was very worried he would not have enough finances and he reacted negatively towards the girl. He was worried that he was spiritually bankrupt in his finances. So he then left for the bank and hoped this bank would serve him.

4. We are able to make a withdraw spiritually, if we have spiritual freedom. Adam could not use his card here, because he had money somewhere else. He wasn't sure how much he had there either. The women, she helped him because she knew that Adam was spiritually set for life.

5. Spiritual living is the same as spiritual banking. Every time we are doing good, the good is stored in this bank and we can withdraw from it each time we have problems in life. Each time we make a deposit, we can withdraw it for good things in the future. And withdrawal is easy.

6. When we are reacting with love, you raise the amount you have in the bank. When you are reacting with emotional evil, you are withdrawing with your credit card and you will soon owe more then you have. So this is the way you get your spiritual gifts in life. When you owe more then you have in the bank, then you cannot withdraw spiritually if you have a problem. Adam was given a miracle so he would get all the faith that he needed.

7. Faith is caused by spiritual intervention and it will always be provided if you are spiritual. So whenever you are lost in confusion, you will need to make a withdraw from your spiritual bank. If you need faith you can also get it from this spiritual bank. It is really through emotions we have confusion. It doesn't really matter if you make a withdrawal, as long as we learn to put more good spiritual things in our bank account later.

8. We cannot regret each time we were bankrupt spiritually. If you want to have spiritual freedom forever, you have to do a multitude of good things. If it exists in love, then you are making a deposit to your spiritual bank. If you feel your actions will hurt someone else, then it does not exist in love.

9. Now if there is a question about correcting someone else's evil, you need to make sure your reaction doesn't exist in emotional evil itself. Adam had a big release of gas when he woke up from his dream. This was an example of how our life can cause us to spiritually wake up if we have a demonstration of faith. This gas was causing you problems in your stomach while you were sleeping because you were holding it back.

10. And this was a transition from the spiritual to the physical. A symbol of this gas was faith, and when you hold it back it will have to be eventually expelled. And we also wanted to show you the angels have a sense of humour.

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