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Careless Driving Dream Interpretation / Transcription

Adam's Comment: This dream had a double confirmation. I did the transcription on February 16, 2009 and a careless driving accident happened in the news in Toronto on February 24, 2009. The updated article came out on November 18, 2011, where the person was charged with a two year licence suspension. Interestingly enough Chris had this dream almost exactly 3 years before the updated article came out. I probably would have never been able to find the connection if the dates did not jump out at me so much.

Chris posted November 19, 2008 09:17 am:

In this dream members of my family are at the house I lived in as a teenager. We have a mission to accomplish and we all get into separate cars to make our way to get it done. I end up in my ex-stepfather's Lincoln Towncar, with leather seats. My stepfather (which I would classify under an evil relationship) is driving and I am in the back seat. He is weaving all over the road and I tell him to drive properly. I become aware that he is drunk. A couple of motorcycles drive up and we are in their lane of traffic. The stepfather tries to squeeze between them and another bike parked at the side of the road. We end up knocking the parked motorcycle over. I tell him that we need to head back, we can't drive like this. He complies (grudgingly) and we head back. He offers up a large pitcher filled with this nasty looking bean liquid, I understand it to be an alcoholic beverage. I tell him it looks gross and I don't want any. He seems confused because I invented the drink. I tell him I invented it when I was incredibly drunk and would have drank anything. Right before we get back to the house he hits a telephone pole, breaking it. We back up and get into the driveway, but bump into another car and the fence, causing damage to both. He goes away and my sister and brother-in-law show up and we talk about what happened. I notice in the reflection of their car windows that I've got a really cool hair style and really like how I look. I am comparing it to how I felt about myself when I was a teenager. I put on a baseball cap and note how I still look cool with the hair coming out of the cap.

Transcribed by Adam Kadmon, posted February 16, 2009 at 2:42 p.m EST

1. There was a dream from Chris where his family was going in different cars on a mission. On each of our journeys in life our missions are accompanied by evil. It always tries to cause you confusion and you spiritually need to realize it is happening. When Chris is in this Lincoln, he is with his ex-stepfather who has abused him in the past. It is a symbol of how he risked Chris' life with every action of evil he inflicted on him.

2. When we go on a spiritual journey that is corrupted by the evil of the same person that we have to have a relationship with, then we shall be very confused spiritually. When a mission is full of confusion it shall always revert to evil. So this is an example of how corruption can make us think it is natural to change our mission to something evil in life.

3. This here Lincoln is a symbol of a vehicle of religion that is driven by someone who is corrupted and Chris has no choice to be in it. The leather seats are a symbol of how it will try and make us feel comfortable. When evil wants to make us feel comfortable, it will tempt us with something that is physically pleasing. So the mission changes from spiritual to physical. As soon as we change a spiritual mission into something that is physical you rely on emotions that put you in spiritual danger and God will not be able to give you his full protection.

4. Chris had a reason to realize he was in physical danger, and Chris was worried that he would have an accident. Even evil will put you in danger and pull you out of it for it has fear of its own death.

5. Adam has survived the evil that has affected him throughout his life through actions that were evil as well. These actions were connected to behaviours that he witnessed as normal in a non spiritual life. He did not step outside the laws of the civilization under the laws of the society that he lived in, other then a driving under the influence almost 30 years ago. Since then he has drastically changed his life and no longer has an alcohol problem and there have been prophets of the past who have been forgiven for much worse things.

6. In this dream of Chris, his ex-stepfather was driving the vehicle of religion while he was under the influence of alcohol. These vehicles of religion were right in front of him and he tried to squeeze between them without regard for there physical safety. He even knocked one over that was parked along the side of the road. When we think there isn't a reason to avoid aggression on another vehicle of religion then there is a disregard for life and it is something that will cause more evil in the future.

7. When this man offered Chris this bean drink, it symbolized that he was drinking the alcohol of evil. When we make an alcoholic drink that is like an evil concoction to offer others, then we want them to have the same reaction that we have from it. When someone is reacting to evil in the same way that we are, then we are a welcome member of their vehicle of religion and this is very important for understanding religion.

8. Chris refused to drink it even though he invented it. Chris told him that he originally invented it when he was drinking lots of evil and he would have drunk anything that was evil. When confusion controls us, it is an evil concoction that we will drink no matter how bad that it tastes.

9. When Chris was in confusion he invented this one concoction and this man was a friend of his. We will often invent concoctions when we are in a relationship that is evil. But there is often a time when a relationship has spiritual changes and someone realizes their evil ways.

10. Chris had a good reason to refrain from the evil of this relationship. He was now free and not bound by the love of his mother to this evil. When evil is not bound to someone we love, then we can break free from it spiritually. When we are bound to evil by someone we love, it is the worse kind of confusion. And evil will often find a way to bind itself to someone we love. Some of us would refrain from loving someone because of this.

11. When we are afraid to love someone, we are in spiritual confusion and we will not be able to have spiritual evolution. You now have a lot of events from this dream that shows a disregard for the preservation of life and each of them potentially can cause future problems physically in life and also in someone's spiritual evolution.

12. And all this destruction that this man caused during this journey, was talked about by Chris' family after he departed. When we review the evil of someone's life, we also review the evil we have done with them. And if we have spiritually changed we will often feel guilty for the evil we have done with them causing us more confusion. This is how evil has a lasting affect on your soul.

13. When we forgive someone we know that we are willing to forget their evil if it is something that they will never repeat. When someone feels guilty all their life they will not find a reason to forgive someone else. The reason God forgives us is that we often have no choice when much of our life is bound to evil.

14. In this dream Chris began to look at himself. When he saw that he still looked very cool in his baseball cap, it wasn't a vision of evil. He found a reason to forgive himself for things that he had done as a teenager. He realized how this relationship had affected him, as he knew he was not originally evil and how he was corrupted. He knew that since he was no longer bound to this evil that he could still be the uncorrupted person that he originally was, and it made him feel much better.

15. So all these actions that happened during their journey, did not originate from Chris, and he was free of guilt.

16. Now we will finish with a prophecy. We will read about an event that happens in the newspaper where someone had much confusion all their life. And it caused them problems most of their life, however, when they removed themselves from the evil, they began to have life changing experiences. When they began to forgive themselves and others, they experienced a miracle in their life, and they began to experience true love. Some of you will be able to experience this event personally yourself and you are automatically forgiven by God as well.

The article is from the Toronto Star about an event in Toronto that happened on February 24, 2009, several days after I did the transcription.


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