The Process

The Process Of This Religion

To experience the miracles, prophecies and communication that God gives us here, there is a process that we have to go through which helps us to achieve a higher level of understanding. It improves our spiritual awareness which allows God and His angels to interact with and guide us. I have broken it down into eleven steps that you will experience during the training. Those that have a desire to learn these steps and become part of it are called and referred to as Visionaries here.

Step 1- Determining Your Vision of God

We call it a vision of God rather than an image because much of this religion is based on something that we can change as we progress in future teachings. Some of us have a vision of a God who requires us to sacrifice many things in life and to be completely sinless in order to make it to heaven. Others believe Him to be a loving God who would forgive us no matter what we do. There are also many people who believe God punishes us when we sin and prevents us from going to heaven if we do not live up to His expectations. For many their vision of God comes from the religion they are part of, or the bible that they believe in as truth. Others rely on what they feel or know to be true in their hearts.

We know that our vision of God changes as we grow spiritually and this is an important part of what we do here. So one of the first questions you have to ask yourself is “What would your vision of a perfect God be like? Once we have found God, we have to decide if we are going to follow Him and receive direction from Him. Once we know we can learn from Him, we must believe and trust that He is the most understanding, loving and intelligent spiritual being in existence. We know here that God does not expect you to follow Him blindly without knowing who He is and the reasoning behind everything He does.

Step 2- Learning About Religious Evil

We also learn much about religious evil and are provided with many examples of it in this religion. If we think God would punish us for believing in something that He does not want us to believe in, than it is a form of religious evil. Do you believe a new religion such as this would prevent you from going to heaven? If you do, that is also a form of religious evil. Religious evil rears it’s ugly head in most religions today and has caused much death and destruction in the past. God’s primary purpose is to prevent evil, death and suffering. Many religions in the past have created wars in the name of God and even tortured others because they believed they were doing it in the name of God. Here we know that God gives us the right to believe in what we choose and only tries to guide us in the right direction through love and understanding. He never condones causing pain and suffering or death on someone else no matter how evil or wrong they are.

Step 3- How To Reverse Evil In Our Lives

Anything that prevents us from spiritual evolution is evil. Most evil comes from our belief systems and what we have been subjected to in our lives. When we experience confusion due to our belief systems and the environment in which we live, we often react to it. When we react to evil in confusion, we will propagate more evil. Once we understand and lift the fog of confusion, we begin to see the truth and begin to evolve in spirituality. Here we are able to clearly experience the difference of being in confusion compared to the joy and gifts we receive from God when we experience divine emotion from a reversal of evil. Most of us here evolve through many different stages of reversal of evil. For each change we receive divine emotions that affect our soul, and we get to experience a miracle. God promises that you will receive and witness many miracles here.

Step 4- Understanding The Reasoning of God

We all have questions about God and why He created this world the way it is. Some question His reasons for allowing pain, suffering and evil at all. God has put many safeguards in place to prevent death and destruction of humanity. Here we can experience how He guides us away from evil and suffering in our lives. When we obtain a better understanding of His reasoning, we know that everything He does has a divine and loving purpose. During the transcriptions you will hear often about reversing in God’s reasoning where He provides you with the answers to these questions. This reversing in reasoning will lift the confusion in our soul allowing us more spiritual growth.

Step 5-  Getting A Better Understanding of Creation

First, we know that any physical thing that is created by God or even humans must first be created in the metaphysical. God had a vision in the metaphysical of creation. We also are given proof that dreams come from the metaphysical. Many other things such as miracles, prophecy, and the eternal soul also come from and are part of the metaphysical. Through this religion we learn how to tap into the metaphysical which brings us to the next step of physical creation and spiritual evolution.

Step 6- The Rivers of Time

Every thought process, action and material thing that is created exists in the rivers of time. There are many different rivers that we ride on in our vessel of religion. Some of these rivers are the River of Reasoning, The River of God, The River of Life, and the River of Confusion. All these rivers eventually lead to heaven and there are many subsidiaries that we may take. They are all connected to our soul and make up our DNA structure. As we tap into and ride these rivers, we begin to have a better understanding of what river we are riding and which one will get us to heaven more quickly.

Step 7- Learning How Modern Day Prophecy Works

Becoming a visionary in this religion also enables you to experience modern day prophecy and witness it first hand. We learn that God gives us prophecy to encourage and teach us. He does this because we are creatures of faith and need a spiritual quenching from time to time. The prophecies here are normally associated with a better future and they are related to prophecies of survival. We also learn how God uses prophecy to give us practice in creating a better future and that some prophecies may need several practice runs before they come into existence. Many of the prophecies that you witness here will have several stages, partial fulfilments, and many are reoccurring in time. As you witness them, you will begin to have confidence that God’s intervention is bringing them from the metaphysical to the physical world through this religion.

Step 8- Understanding The Dreams That God Sends Us

Each visionary has a promise that they will receive answers from God and His angels through dreams and visions in this religion. The only thing you have to do is ask for God’s help when you have confusion or problems in life, and a dream will be sent to help you. You may get your answer through a direct dream interpretation for it, or from another dream that is transcribed close to the time you post it. We have found that God interacts with us as a group and all the dreams and visions are connected to one another. We have God's intervention within the group and He teaches us what He wants us to learn next. We also know that God knows when these dreams will be transcribed and when they will be posted. Often the timing of the transcriptions are critical and I only do the dreams that God wants me to.

Step 9- Understanding The Symbols In The Dreams

This religion does not conform to the symbols that are in studies of other dream interpreters. Only God and His angels can pass on the true meaning of a dream. There are however, some common symbols that God and His angels use in this religion when they send us these dreams. He told us in the beginning that the symbols sent to us would have a relationship to this religion. After a while we learned how they can give you a general idea of what He is communicating to us. However, the transcription is the divine lesson that comes with each dream and it usually contains the prophecy and the miracle.

Step 10- Confirmation

One of the final parts of the process is confirmation. How do you know what I am telling you in the dream transcriptions really comes from God and is not just my own thoughts? In other words, how do you know that I am not just thinking that I receive these messages. Only a religion of God can give you God’s truth and we find out it is coming from God through confirmation. The confirmation of a prophecy usually comes within a week or two of the time the dream comes and is posted, or in most cases within a week or two of when the dream was transcribed. With most of them, you will see a major news event happening within that time frame. The event will have a direct relationship to the dream and the transcription. Many of the dreams have been confirmed through local newspapers. Others may come from major news stories that happen on TV. Some come within a day or two as well. Whatever the case is, these confirmations become more common and evident as the religion evolves. Over the years my ability to transcribe dreams with prophecy have become consistent as my connection with God improves. That does not mean that I am infallible. I have made mistakes in prophecies in the past and probably will in the future. However, timing is also important, and many of the prophecies that come from God happen after several trial runs and will only come into effect when I follow God’s direction and avoid the obstacles that may be in the way.

Step 11- Opening Your Mind To The Rivers of Time

We have found through experience that listening to the recordings and videos of Victor and some of the other budgies will open your mind to receive the prophetic messages in the dreams that will come to you. Even if you do not understand anything they say or just understand a small portion, it opens the doorway from heaven that allows the angels to communicate to you. Some of you may not need to listen to the recordings, to have prophetic dreams, however, if you have never had one, it is one of the best ways to begin receiving them. Sometimes you will even hear messages in real time from the angels while you do. I have personally found the more I listened to the recordings during my transcriptions, the easier it was for me to connect as to the angels as well.


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