Dream Interpretation Dishonourable Killing

Dishonourable Killings Dream Interpretation-Translation-Transcription-Prophecy

Posted by Adam Kadmon: June 26, 2008 at 6:22 am

Here is a long and rather confusing dream I had last night.

I was walking down this dark street in the middle of the night and could not see anything because it was so dark. Suddenly I heard someone coming and yelling at me " You better get off to the side as there is someone coming and he is going to kill you. I stepped off the street and went down this embankment. There was more light down there and I ended up amongst some trees. In the tree there were a bunch of people waiting for me like an ambush. They had long poles and grabbed me with the poles and brought me to this enclosure. It had tarps all around its walls and they were going to hang me up and torture me. I noticed they had killed several other people as well. At first I was very frightened but I had some kind of knife in my pocket and cut the rope that was around me and used the knife to climb the wall as quickly as I could. When I reached the top I was looking for help and went into this alley where a policeman was chasing someone and shooting at them. I believe they got away, so I went up to the policeman and told him that someone was trying to kill me. In the beginning he did not believe me but I convinced him and told him I knew where these people were and I would show him. He followed me. There was another person there with him. When I explained the location, the person said, oh yes I have sent some of my people there. At first I thought that the people the cop sent were the people that were going to kill me, but he said they would not be there until 9 pm and it was only about 8:45. When we arrived, no one was there. We began to look around and there was no evidence of anyone. We then found a videotape titled "Tortured People" and the officer finally believed me. Suddenly we heard someone coming and I looked out and could see it was one of the people who was actually calling to see if his friends were there. The cop gave me a gun and asked me to go get him. When I got there I spotted him and the person began to shoot at me. I crouched down below a window where the person was shooting out of and shot in the window several times killing the person. I remember feeling guilty for killing him. When I got back the officer already had several other people captured that were part of the gang.

Posted by Adam: June 29, 2008 at 12:51 pm

Hi everyone, Sorry for being a bit late on this one, but it was one that I did the transcript for after the article was out. Even though the transcript was done after the article, the dream went up on Thursday morning and the newspaper article came on Friday. If you look at the dream you will find a definite prophecy for the man with a gun in the window, and the wall. Even though these were articles about movies on the first page, they were linked to the main article, Asqu's Brother Charged. I will post that article later which was continued on page two.

Transcription by Adam Kadmon posted June 29, 2008 at 2:34 pm

1. There was an article in the newspaper that wasn't an example of survival but it showed prophecy in your dream. When a dream relates to religion always process the transcription for it, for there will we a reversal of evil in the transcription. If it is coming from a source of evil you can reverse it with a future lesson, especially if it relates to religion.

2. You have reason to question the source of a prophecy if there is no preservation of life in the article. So we will make it clear to you in this lesson. You have taken a life in your dream and you mentioned you felt guilty. Therefore this death affected you emotionally even though you felt you had a reason. Therefore your life was the prophecy of survival.

3. In this dream the officers had captured those who were responsible before something like this could happen again. Also, there was much in this article that tried to reverse the evil of old age thinking about religion. So this was an important article in the newspaper. Now lets look at the dream.

4. What was in this dream that showed there was prophecy there? Adam was a religious person in this dream and he was captured by evil. He was walking down the street at night and on his way he encountered someone who said that someone was going to kill him. He got this warning from someone that he trusted so he fled down this embankment. The dark street was a symbol how we can often walk the streets of evil alone and the only thing we have to protect us is heaven.

5. When we are walking on the streets of evil and it is a place that we do not want to be, we have to find a place of safety. For there is always a reason in someone's life to seek out sources where we feel safe. Feeling safe is a necessity of happiness and God feels it is your right. He knows there will be times where you will be lost in fear, so he will always try to protect you. This is another reason that love is one source that you can turn to when you are lost on the streets of evil.

6. Many of us can turn to family when evil has prevented us from spiritual growth in our lives and we need to make some changes. We should expect that our family would support us when we want to make a change, so we trust them. That is why we have a good reason to show that we love them and respect them.

7. When people that we love are not very understanding of us when we make mistakes in life, then we will always be rebellious. These people who were waiting for Adam were a symbol of a family who can find a reason to ambush a person who they feel is walking in evil. These sticks that they were poking him with were a way to keep a distance from him. They felt that if he touched them he would be able to transfer this evil to others and this could prevent them from going to heaven. This place that they brought him to was a symbol of a place that was designed to prevent a spread of this presumed evil.

8. There was another lesson about evil spreading from a tree to another tree and God found a way to stop the infection from further spreading and preserve life. And this is the exact opposite. God would never take a tree from the forest of life, and then replant it somewhere where it could never grow. God would cure it with love and apply his miracle solution. And God would never condone torture or the taking anyone's life.

9. The symbol of this treed area was the place where Adam tried to go so God could administer His miracle cure. But even evil can be waiting in a place where God wants to preserve life. When Adam was moved to another place, God gave him a weapon. This weapon was the knife of God and God gave Adam this weapon as a means of escaping from evil.

10. Adam's reaction was not to take a life, but escape from religious evil. This rope that Adam had around him was a symbol of religious evil and he was constricted by this rope. When Adam escaped he had a lot of fear but he still used the knife of God properly and it was easy for him. This shows how God will always make it easy to unbound yourself from the rope of religious evil.

11. And once you are free you will be able to scale the walls that keep you isolated in a family that persecutes you religiously. We all know that family is very important as long as they can give us love that helps us grow spiritually. However, if they begin to torture us spiritually because of our religious beliefs, then we will never be able to seek the happiness that is our right. And when they would rather see us dead then let us find our own way in life, then their actions do not come from God.

12. Why did God choose the symbol of this knife as a way of escaping from religious evil of the family? We know that a knife can be used to slice through the skin of someone. When there is a symbol of something that can cause evil God will find you a way to use it without evil. This reversal of evil is up to you.

13. Every tool that you have can be used to destroy something or fix it. So you must find a way to use it so it will not be evil and each of us will have the tools we need to do something good. Adam was looking for someone that he trusted to help him with the evil torturing that was happening with this group of people. They threatened his life. He found a policeman who was chasing someone else who got away. This policeman was shooting at them.

14. This was a symbol of how evil will run when it is threatened by an action of evil, but it will always return later. This officer had reason to catch them, but he didn't have reason to try and kill them, or else he would have continued with the chase. Adam then told the officer about his problem. This policeman did not believe Adam but he decided to go with him anyway.

15. Adam really needed this policeman to believe what he said or this evil could return and hurt him. This officer had a partner who was aware of the evil there and he had plans to capture them a little later. And these people were the same ones that they were chasing. This is an example of how evil would return.

16. This other officer had a plan which was already in process so he could catch them. There was no reason for you to return and put yourself in danger. Whenever there is a possibility of a life being taken before its time then you should stay away. So the police officers did not have a reason to take you with them.

17. When we run away from evil, we are following a natural reaction for the love and preservation of life. That is why most animals will run away from things they are not sure of unless they are domesticated. Animals have many of the same instincts as humans. When a life has been clouded by the confusion of evil it is not evil to run. Every life has instincts that God's love has provided it with that helps to preserve life. That doesn't mean you should have fear for things that do not threaten your life. This is where evil will try and confuse you and prevent you from growing spiritually.

18. In the dream, when this person came he was calling to see if someone was waiting for him. There wasn't an answer for him. This is a symbol of how evil will seek answers from people of God and how they will use the answers to work against them. If Adam had answered he could have found a way to get away. When evil seeks an answer to preserve its own life, it will always turn it around and fabricate a lie and God does not want lies in His religion. When a lie from someone in His religion is told to a visionary, He will try to reverse it. So the angels must always tell the truth in God's religion.

19. So let it be clear that the truth will always be right here and we will always find a way to make sure that every time a lie is told in this religion, we will find a way to provide you with the truth. There is a prophecy with this transcription. When you are experiencing sin from evil, you will be able to reverse it with your love and you will learn from it. When you have a problem you will seek out love and you will have a miracle from God.

20. In the last part of this dream this officer wanted you to respond to this evil with a gun. He was the one in authority and Adam felt he was obligated to do what this policeman said. This is a symbol of evil in authority causing more evil. When we are in a situation where evil is in charge, we will feel guilty for what we have done. If we don't have a choice we are not responsible.

21. We must always have compassion for life and try to preserve it when we can, but God does not want you to be a martyr. When it comes down to your own survival God gives you the right to try to preserve your own life before someone else. He also gives you the same right to save someone else without regard for your own life. He does not give you the right to take an innocent life to save your own.

22. There is never a good reason to take any life for you always will be judged by the laws of your society. So if evil is in charge and your life is threatened you have a right to save your own life, as long as you have no other options. And you must ensure you abide to all the laws of your society. If you sacrifice your own life for someone else, then God still looks at how you have grown spiritually throughout your existence on earth. You still have to grow spiritually enough to get to heaven and you still have to have enough love to sustain you for eternity in heaven.

23. This newspaper article had a reason to be a prophecy for the dream that Adam had. On the front page there was a man holding a gun in a window like Adams dream. Even though this picture did not relate to the newspaper article on the front page it still had significance. When we have a secret society that symbolizes killing of someone who is evil, like in this movie, then we are promoting taking another life, just like what happened to this young woman and that is the opposite of the action of love.

24. So this is reporting contradictions that cause more confusion in religions of the world. Things that are this important should not be confused with things on television. The movie could convince you it is okay to take a life in an honour killing. Some movies can convince you this is an accepted way of life and evil can convince you it is okay for religion as well.

25. Going back to the prophecy of this dream, it was posted the day before editors decided to publish this in the newspaper. The dream had much in common with the newspaper article and it even put two pictures together to complete its lesson. So this is another way that prophecy can happen in this religion.

26. You may find reason to disregard it as a coincidence or creative writing but this is something that will be happening for a long time as God is in control here. Whenever He is in control, He will find ways to reverse evil and produce miracles. These are the actions of a loving God, who wants you to know that He is watching everything and He cares what is happening in this world.



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