Dreams to Be Transcribed

December 23, 2014


I left the house on a winter morning and the road was glare ice and it was really thick and clear like a skating rink. The road looked like normal but it was really slippery and really hard to get anywhere. So I drove up the road and I managed to keep the car going until I came to a slight grade in the road where the road splits in a Y and I couldn't get the car to get up this grade. In the middle where the road split there is a huge mound of snow about two stories high. So I end up on top of it and more and more people are coming up there. I wasn't sure how to get down without being hurt. There was a little boy up there that was about to fall off and he was yelling for help so that someone on the ground might try to catch him. He fell down and I couldn't tell if he got hurt because I couldn't see him. The same thing happened to someone else as well and I was trying to figure out how to get down without getting hurt but basically there was no way except to fall off. Then I was about to fall off too and I was really scared but I don't remember actually falling. The dream ended.


Linda Marie

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