Dreams to Be Transcribed

December 17, 2014


I was staying with some people, mostly women, and I was taking some medicine when I first arrived there. I think I was finishing the medicine or stopping taking it.

There were three other girls there, one was younger and one was the owner of the place which I believe was a business. There were people coming in and parking there cars and going off somewhere else from there so it could have been a marina.

I was packing up my stuff to go somewhere and the other girl that was staying in the house came to me while I was packing and challenged me and started asking if I was taking my pills with me, like she was insinuating that I was addicted to them or something. I was taking them but I wasn't planning on continuing taking them, it was just a precaution. During the confrontation I challenged her to lose weight because she also needed to lose weight so we ended up making it into a challenge for that. I told the owner about the incident with her challenging me about the pills.

Another part I remember I was watching TV with all three of them. Another part I remember we went to the area were the cars park and Adam had picked up some stuff for somebody and they were throwing it away but Adam wanted to keep the food items so we were taking it up to the house but without anyone knowing we were taking it.

So when I went away the girl ended up coming with me and she asked me to have a sexual relationship with her and I turned her down. She had a suitcase with her and it had masks and costumes in it which you would wear for roleplaying and she wanted to have this sexual relationship with these masks on while pretending to be someone different. 

That is when I woke up.

Linda Marie

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