Twisted Braces

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Twisted Braces Dream Interpretation / Transcription

Posted by Chris: May 28, 2008 at 3:02 pm

I just remembered this dream when a co-worker mentioned his trip to the doctor to have his braces adjusted.

I am considering getting braces, and thinking of why I want them and how to make it easier. I then remember having the braces and looking at them in the mirror. Everything seems wrong, all the wires and springs are way too loose and it looks like a mess in the mirror.

Hi Chris,

Here is the transcription for this dream.

Posted by Adam Kadmon on September 1, 2008 at 2:22 pm

1. It is time for our mission to evolve to the next level. Chris had a dream about some braces and how they looked in the mirror. This is a symbol of how things have a reflection and how it can be very different. Someone's reflection is very different because they have to imagine what something looks like before they actually see it. Before changing something, we have to imagine if it can be better then the original image that is reflected in the mirror.

2. Every time we make a change we will want it to be better then the image we saw originally. If it isn't better then we will have to change and try again. When there is a reverse of evil, the image represents something good. Once you have begun to change your image, it will be better and you will be happy with the way you look. If you have many reasons to change your appearance, then your appearance would not be pleasant to the ones you love. Even though these people still love you, they will want you to have an appearance that is pleasant for everyone.

3. Sometimes we have no choice in the way we look, but it is reasonable for us to try and be as pleasant as possible for those that we love. Chris had this co-worker who went to the dentist to have his braces adjusted. He knew that his image could be improved if he went to a professional. Everyone who loved him was very happy that he wanted to change his appearance.

4. This dream here is a prophecy. We will never be happy with our changes in our life unless we look in the mirror where we began. This prophecy is given to the original visionaries so they can take another look at their reflection to see if they have changed for the better.

5. Chris was contemplating why he wanted to change and what he had to do to make it happen. Chris saw that his braces were very wrong. When we have a change in life, it will affect our appearance for life. We all know that braces are only temporary, and they are very hard to get use to. They are meant to be uniform and the perfect size. If they are all twisted and loose they will not look very good on us and we will have to return to the dentist to make them right.

6. So when we return, these braces will be tightened and straightened. We will have to return many times over the duration that we have them. These braces will loosen over the time that we have them as our teeth get permanently straighter. These teeth are a symbol of our soul that we will straighten out over time.

7. So when we straighten out or make a change in our life, we are actually changing the future appearance of our soul. When we change the appearance of our soul, it can never be brought back to the original. So the problem that we have in us originated as a need to make a change in life. When you change, you have prophecy of a better life as long as the change is a good one. If there is confusion with these changes, then we have not really learned from all of the lessons we have in life.

8. To be perfect, these braces will need a lot of tender love and care. You will have to clean them on a daily basis. You will not be able to use any other solutions on them other then recommended by your dentist. You can never try to remove them before your teeth have straightened fully. And you should not be embarrassed that you are wearing them. You should begin smiling more to get use to showing them off when they are completely straightened. You should never have to worry others will think that you are not doing everything you can to make sure your appearance is better.

9. And this is how the visionaries will be looked upon during the initial stages of spiritual evolution even when their soul has been through changes. And there will be a time when their braces will be removed once and for all as long as they follow the direction of God. Yes, you all have a very good reason to experience change in life.

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