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January 5, 2014


Hi Everyone,

I am posting this dream that I had early this morning directly to this New Dreams section as I am pretty sure it will be the next one to be transcribed.


I was going to be helping a friend (not sure who) with a booth that they were preparing for an outdoor event where there would be many people coming and many others with booths to display their goods.

I believe the first thing I did was went to a grocery store. I was familiar with the store so I was surprised to find that it had changed so much. They had taken out many of the normal sections of the grocery store and replaced them with social areas like restaurants and cafes. I remember saying to the cashier that I could not complete my shopping because the store no longer carried all the products I needed.

Another part of the dream I was riding a youth size bicycle down a long hill in the city. I had to stop for stop lights and felt frustrated because it interupted the momentum gained by going down the hill and you had to get going again after each red light. I remember saying that to another female cyclist that had to stop at a red light.

When I got downtown I asked a girl if I could park my bike in her back room. She allowed me to. I walked down the main street and for some reason I left my boots in a small entrance at the bottom of a long set of stairs. I thought that I may be shopping for new boots while downtown but I am not really sure why I was there. I went back to get my boots and instead of just there were a whole bunch of boots and shoes in the entrance way but I couldn't find my own. I ended up taking a pair of boots that didn't belong to me but that fit and that I liked. I new it was wrong to take them but my boots were not there.

I went back to the girls place where I left my bike and she was just on her way out with a friend. I stopped to talk to her and I could smell pot in the small room. She was on the phone with her dad and saying they would be there shortly. When she got off the phone she told me she had moved my bike out beside the shed.

I don't remember going back to help my friend or any more of the dream.

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