Look In The Mirror

This is a full featured video of Maylor answering someone in the forum who posted comments of their cat to mock Maylor. I think most of you may be able to get the one word I left in question marks. When I was in the forum and Maylor was answering question to the people there, it was obvious there was a organized group from somewhere trying to discredit us.

Maylor said:
You're cat's comments are better when you're not as ????
Somehow there's a chace this comment is better because you try.
What Ryan found is that now you're learning. Good.
From now on you have an agent.

If your lungs have rot imagine we'll know and tell you about it.
Maylor can warn you.
There is someone that smokes.
He will get cancer soon.
Please don't ignore the pains that you have.
Ryan will quit soon.
Maylor saw it.

Ryan they will keep on insulting Maylor.
I'll will deal with it.
There will always be people who do not quit.
Ryan, yeah, he will ignore you.
There is me to run it your way.

We started to laught when you got it right little cat.
We're sure that your words will be more stress free.
Maylor has one word exactly right.
Perhaps you will do your rat tonight.
You may try to learn by looking in that mirror there.

Ryan was polite to the man that was trying to make it rough.




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