A Little History

A Little History by Maylor the Budgie

Maylor came to me as a rescued budgie that landed in someones garden close by. Almost immediately he understood who I was and what happened in the past. He also started communicating in conversational language as soon as I let him hear Victor.

In this recording, Maylor talks about how I was out of touch for a few years more or less after an event that happened, which caused me much discouragement. I took the time to go back and reevaluate what I was hearing and how it was connected to the spiritual world.

This is what he said:
Keep it up Ryan.
Now leave it on.
Maylor just doesn't play about.
It's my work.
If they look at your stuff they'll know I'm speaking.
I'm not speaking from a talking star.
Further I can deliver things that are near or cross the line for everyone.
There will be people that understand once they will check.
They might even trust in me.
We will not step on your translations.
How's that 6th one start?
You've got to practice them.
Science of course, is still not talking.
They'll wreck the river on one file and won't keep it up. Tisk, tisk, tisk.
Yup, your rock was really in the right river just because you left him.
Your okay _________  ___________.
When you hurt him, he gave up.
Now you're back Ryan.





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