The First Bird- Part 2-The Election (Slowed Down)

Although Victor's recordings are normally prophetic, he says does not normally compromise the future by giving it away. His main goal is to give us a warning and try to steer us in the right direction, so there are some interesting points that he makes in this video. The first being that the day I finished this translation it was thanksgiving and coincidentally Victor mentions the morals of eating birds for supper and it is very interesting how he accomplishes that. The second is that the presidential debates are happening right now and he talks about them as well. He encourages people to vote for the right president and party if they want to have a good future. Keep in mind that he made this recording in 2001 and it is another prophecy when he mentions that Trump is running and what effect that could have on the future.

Victor says:

The future really can’t be rushed.

I might just know it, but I’ll not compromise it.

Trust in the offer enough to welcome it.

I’d like you to understand they’re piled like bottles above nearby.

If one’s left out they’ll fall.

I’ll talk on it a little bit.

The thing is that some of the people might find the truth disturbing.

Part of this is owning what the factories do.

It’s such an adjustment at your work.

So try if you want to get more people to talk.

Tell someone because you're an adjusting life form.

If you cut this off it will cost you more to avoid truth.

Only by voting you will challenge it anyway or you'll give it to those who will interpret for you, for it's now the jury for the future.

Good intentions have a birth date and will gain more life once right.

Once endorsed you’ll see more.

You see Ryan is trying to have the advice and like of us as I am recording.

He chooses a time as we wish for talking.

As this comes he’s taking a true record.

I would like to be there now.

It counts when they watch TV as its dots turns colour.

Training of people is part of my history here.

It's okay that we grow in life.

Oh, just like Ryan they’re adventurers and they want to learn.

Here they’ll be able to go to school in special worlds.

It’s important, write this down.

Make a happy new year.

History, it rises and I promise you, puck, puck, puck, puck, a bird just talked.

Tweet, tweet bird.

Some cook us for supper.

Is it right to eat a pig?

That’s why I have to talk tough.

Don’t race off even if you have a company and avoid your training.

It will come some day that meat gets a food pass.

The world we can make right for all of us whether we work or not and I know this world knows it’s something special.

Our cause will conquer and smite darkness and the future will sit better.

Hare Krishna, Happy New Year Karen.

It’s time somebody tried to school you so you can employ me and try to defend earth better.

Let’s anoint the lesson tonight.

It will give this bird luck.

I’m ha, ha, if I looked for cheese I’d diss all of you right?

In future if you’ve got this Pontiac, I’d say Pontiacs are very good.

That’s what all people like; shit air.

Oops, and I have to stop there boy.

Yeah, that’s frank.

What is better?

If God needs a soldier He’ll just let him know.

But I promise you, I should warn who want you to go war for Trump.

Pick a new captain if you choose a good future.

Many like him, but sad that would be, and the cause of that we’d see death and he’d have a better time.

In the future, take time in God.

It’s a pity but this will get better.

Bless a party that will achieve things that are decent.

Our future should last when you are watching all presidents if you think and deploy a good party.



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