Blessed Blue Future- Early Audio (slowed)

Blessed Blue Future

Early Audio From 200-- Revised Feb 21, 2015

This is a perfect example of how some of my earlier translations were way off and needed to be retranlsated. I first did this in 2001, and did not realize that Victor often interchanged his V's and F's. So many times when he said the word "future" it sounded like "Victor". Another word I had problems with and is still hard to understand in this recording is the word "prophecy." There were also a couple of spots that were so weak and fast that are extremely hard to understand as well. However, I believe this to be a much better translation and shows that even when I first started recording victor with no video camera, he had a mission and eventually knew I would learn how to understand him better.

Victor says:

If I'm blaming what fascists do, yeah they could rise and make our future.

This is why Ryan's trying to seek help.

If it doesn't come, we don't know who's the victor.

If you concede to a tough conclusion that pitches funds at budgies, you'll sit by a pretty boy today.

A pretty budgie. A pretty pretty budgie.

If you invite him, Victor's a good budgie.

He predicts you'll invite all if there is some prophecies for this world.

Once you've got these here prophecies, support is pretty good and very important.

Don't you pass us by if you think there's a passion for a blessed blue future as stated with belief in God.

Partake and believe we talk to warn this world and you can get these urges.

History will know our coming exists.

Ryan they all should know and engage in something that'll come.

Will you wait on us proving it when so many are doubtful?


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