The Conflict Part 2 - Slowed Version

The Conflict Part 2 (slowed down)

Recorded 16 January, 2001- Revised Feb 10, 2015

I was and still am very excited about some of the newest translations and updated translations of Victor.  As a result I decided to go to the forum and spread the word. I posted a thread on Feb 4, 2015, called "Super-Conscious Birds That Talk About God." In it I referred to a recent press release we put out called "Highly Intelligent and Super Conscious Birds.”

It wasn't long before we had many people viewing the thread, however, the only ones that were getting involved were the ones that were just there to ridicule what I was doing. I should have known because I tried several years earlier to do the same thing there, and something similar happened. But this time I tried to approach it differently without getting upset. I thought with the new evidence people would seriously listen to the videos and I might get some support.  Not so though. I was accused of everything from manipulating the recordings, voice overs, some said that they could not understand anything at all. Others said it was  pareidolia, which is something like seeing images appear in clouds. People accused Linda and I of being crazy and getting some kind of brain disease from the budgies. During the whole time I tried to remain calm and reply in a reasonable fashion. Finally, it got to a point where I knew that people were still not ready to believe it. So I got frustrated again and left.

As it worked out,  I would like to thank those there for making another one of Victor's prophecies come true as the next video I had in the que to do, called “The Conflict Part 2” decribed in detail what just happened in the forum.

I am being truthfull when I say I did not get to it until after I signed off asking them to close the thread in that forum. So this is another confirmation that Victor had the ability to see into the future and that he knew exactly when I was going to translate this video.  Even though I was discouraged he provided me again with his spiritual support just when I needed it.

Just a reminder that this is a very complex recording and he is speaking fast at times so you will miss quite a bit. Use headphones and go over the parts you miss a few times and you may be able to pick up more each time you listen to it.

The Conflict Part 2 (The Prophecy)


This is what he said:

What is not proved is normally not trusted when you’re always mad.

That’s a philosophy all men test.

Can’t men be more astute of what’s happening with budgies?

If they listen then there can become some belief in them.

In a gallant issue there shall be much defeat.

It does not chase what’s wrong.

Show by your hearts your passion is true.

What does that mean?

You’ll need some caution to move beyond your questions to your merit in a smearing fashion.

It was too mean for some.

And maybe some are going to contact and trust you later.

All coming act different is more proof enough.

Your rights were spoiled for some reason.

None they had had cause to them.

They’ll see that Ryan.

So try and be calm too.

www dot the budgies of you are inviting to most people.

Some are providing the miracle they went to view that causes a rise of good support.

Many will make this happen.

In the summer time they’ll start their report.

They can get support of your work.

Many will suggest listening.

For some of the people this is not a view.

When the people are finding it easy, you’ll have to try to think of them.

Trust we can talk Catherine.

Focus and you will make us something in time that we like.

Actions always aren’t right.

Don’t cry.

You know you ignored support but, it is a law to wait when you know the stock.

Ryan you have seen our miracles everywhere.

And we live with this decision that you’re a visionary.

Just engage and you can discuss the dream.

Just as we talk he’ll be disclosing and decoding with this bird.

When you are hearing God, God employed you to do it.

God chose you to do something and boy you’re doing it!

The more you do has consequences in this world.

Do keep your past open for it’s important for them to make this more.

We employ you to complete your nice forum that rates and will be something.

When you doubt us God can help a lot.

Then those who believe in them can take a look.

So you better be ready to talk about that stuff.

You’ll have a secondary job without posting up.

Please come ww where you can believe in fairies and angels.

You have rights to a future.

Ryan this summer our gift is still growing.

Don’t think what you do is complete with company.

When they partake we’ll see.

And some, they’ll try actually, and of course they know.

Those who can believe it know the future is cheap for evil.

And many will choose a part with your future.

Victor’s death will be causing empathy.

I prayed until I saw God.

When God’s involved He changes our life.

You’ve got to trust in prayer.

It’s a part of God that gives me words.

What’s that to lead to?

If you’re caught in circles cant the compass.

If your quest is to go back home; cant it and pray.

In the future He walks with you and you cannot miss Him?




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