God's Land

 This is the revised version in 2016 of Victor's "God's Land." It is extremely prophectic and one of his clearer ones. I made a few corrections from an earlier translation and just have audio with captions. However, I will post the original full featured older version, so you can see him speaking this and see where I made the changes as well. Over the next few days I will try and post the description with my take on what he is talking about.

This is what Victor said: (please note that an updated or revised version of this video will be posted soon)

I can't believe that I'm offering canton that might seek out the very bad. Ryan, he has to know everything coming, and will try to catch it.

When a talking budgie campaigns please strike the chord for the future. Victor's talk comes to help your future. It started placed in symphony. I'll sing you've got to think your ideas are a light and Ryan's asking them to glow.

Okay, your mission is something they'll be watching. They won't miss it. The treasure that you're building lasts only better until the wood is old. Put a nail and you'll break it, put a bend and it will look as if there is a bow.

When I just look in the mirror, God whispers that He wants me to do something more. In time, Victor will be right there and be watching, for this world will see he has all the songs. Yes try, if you are decent. Kiss, kiss. Try and do good okay? Be a brave bird.

In future, Victor will come see Anthony, all because I liked him. When you watch TV, weather's events grow a lot in year 22. People, you take time to prepare. You cannot be complete without the campaign. You're complete with company. Once your recordings are set right they'll be good Ryan. As they run you have to see them. Don't rush ahead or you'll be confused, doubting something.

From the miracles God gives people to relate to, there will be lots of these that people cannot undo. If you're a good boy who believes a budgie, don't pace your right to believe more. If you watch TV and could use some change, of course there's some good here. Get engaged now. Take your carrots to your kids. Don't carry the curse further if you're inspired with Victor's spirit.

The future is important. You better believe it comes to this birdie. It's not a pity about this book you buy. Take this book that's about a pretty budgie, a pretty boy. Or, what do you think? Because I can see the future of people as they grow.

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year!

We campaign for truth and truth for peace. How long does one choose those who play with truth? Those truths they restore light just a little more. Push a door if you're spiritual and boy you'll know something.

Why do you back step? If nobody tried to get involved yet, smarten up. Show them you've chosen the decent. It will mean you will not do it yourself for the money. You believe in it. Can you swear you know who will never be bandy? Get up and go to the voting poll for who's bonded will lead our troops. You and me got to tunnel the truth or peril because of a lie. Better not believe all the things Trump has put on the billboard. Do something about them, or you begin to gamble like the dangers of cigarettes. I love disarray— when I'm bonded to it. People maybe look at you and not help you. Why aren't you calling their goods to merit?

Some of you are doing good work if you tell you the truth. What are you doing...toenails? I lost it probably. Gimme some cheese. Don't pay with today. Give kids right of future. How can we pay? We can be complete and become many. When God has entered your future, God doesn't concede and cause your death. He made your land, and because of that your land took form, and He watches. I know God and you will need to know why He cultured it. You should know the future is good for you. If you're born later, a poor future is more bleak. If your boat pulls to the west towards those stones, touch them and pay while thy God is watching.





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