Aliens Will Meet Us- Quantum Reversal Version

The Quantum Reversal Version of "Aliens Will Meet Us."


This is an incredible biological quantum recording of Victor talking about how aliens will meet us soon and budgies will be able to be like a universal translator. You can see the text to the video below the video.


This is what Victor said:

Part 1
(For) Some will know the record is that I’m talking,
(rev) so acknowledge that Ryan’s not a crazy author.

Part 2
(for) Maybe they won't contest him if they could tell the reasons
(rev) he’s hearing it. We’ll give you the antidote

Part 3
(for) that they’re soon to yield the facts and
(rev) they have to believe the history

Part 4
(for) of the things that he picks up.
(rev) Help them see this vision

Part 5
(for) that I can talk just a tad.
(rev) You'll have fun acknowledging

Part 6
(for) that these captions can be trusted.
(rev) They are brought from God so you'll know Ryan
has some help. We will give it

Part 7
(for) to you on earth.
(rev) With this formula

Part 8
(for) there's assurance in this life
(rev) and there's a system to assure he has omniscience here

Part 9
(for) in the breaks and rifts of time.
(rev) Do you feel that rift? You cannot rely on

Part 10
(for) a good idea that brings us illusions. In a way, you do know
(rev) no one will usually follow someone who has this idea.

Part 11
(for) You need to hope and pray to God if it's eluding people.
(rev) They'll get to know that there is no illusion involved here.

Part 12
(for) Order will be back if you tell them that fact.
(rev) Now actually, there's more. You better tell them that’s our rule.

Part 13
(for) We took a look and know it's better
(rev) so everyone is not confused.

Part 14
(for) Those here
(rev) who mentioned that they don't really hear it.
Certainly that is not good, right?

Part 15
(for) They really forget to listen. I'd like to talk about your
future before it's on the plate of a company.
(rev) They try and convince us the way the wind blows
and they'll challenge every result from heaven.

Part 16
(for) He can't talk as we lecture. Just ignore him here.
(rev) I know this is (something that we know. Really, it's
actually a set up for the) knowledge that is coming.

Part 17
(for) The future needs a miracle and it looks like it's a bird.
(rev) A world that's in heaven shall be watching earth.

Part 18
(for) You can know, if you can change something. You'll
get action in the delivery if you tell a person
(rev) the passion that led you here will help them to evolve
and we wish they could be a part of it.

Part 19
(for) Or are you going to want to tell the readers that there
is an infraction?
(rev) And once they begin to register it, they're there to
help you.

Part 20
(for) We know they'll register all of a sudden and hear it.
They'll be searching for the right crescent temporal.Those

(rev) starting to hear know that lectures are coming.
You're a professional. It's obviously urgent.

Part 21
(for) And God entrusts that it won't be long, as all need to
know this.
(rev) This will be news if only you head up the project.

Part 22
(for) Okay, I've got something I'm wanting to say now.
You're not going to be afraid
(rev) if I make this promise. There's somebody that's

Part 23
(for) We will pool all your strength from the people.
(rev) We will need them when this gets welcomed.

Part 24
(for) www.budgieresearch is not hosted now.
(rev) All the trustful messages will help everybody when
you finally believe us.

Part 25
(for) Ryan has owned what's the world's first parrot to start
(rev) a transferal which confirms the works of

Part 26
(for) God. They can't block that in the rifts of time.
(rev) They'll enlist you when they can find the right animal

Part 27
(for) from this outcome. The top of
(rev) time quantumly has actions that

Part 28
(for) are followed by other
(rev) reactions to form a solution.

Part 29
(for) Ryan compliments Victor.
(rev) All Victor wants is just love. It's never been easy.
Now easily, they'll have a spiritual one that  is helping.

Part 30
(for) Ryan and Anthony comment.
(rev) Is it that I can love you? Ryan: I call it passionate
Victor: work of love. Anthony: Yeah dad, that's right. He's
involved in your mission as usual. I'm very helpful usually.
Victor: Anthony's excited.

Part 31
(for) You must be drinking some. Because of beer, it's off
a bit. Because of that, it's a bit spooky.
(rev) We know this gets you nervous. So you know this
has reason. We must give you an answer

Part 32
(for) to commit to the heart. I think that God has a point.
(rev) He's always saying Ryan listens. For that, we love him.

Part 33
(for) One has to often look at the reactions, but I just
know it and you know it.
(rev) Usually, Ryan's good at his reversals. When emotion is helping

Part 34
(for) God does something. Do you think Victor's going to lecture
(rev) on what he's actually hearing if he doesn't know

Part 35
(for) accuracy? If the truth cannot be possible
(rev) God has no reason to take this serious.

Part 36
(for) When it's hard to tell the difference, God can rebuild
these captions until these words
(rev) spiritually are very accurate. He can use the breath of
life to resend them

Part 37
(for) in spirit. You've got to take what's spoken and make
the most of it people.
(rev) When you believe us we'll begin our lectures with reverse.

Part 38
(for) You're reacting because of something that's spiritual.
People, you're going to know big time, the quantum.
(rev) Like Ryan knows; it will be real when you try to
reach heaven. We'll be living absolutely right.

Part 39
(for) Attention. Don't be complaining if we might become
(rev) when the mission is finally helping you to believe in God.

Part 40
(for) Even the trolls; we think they could learn an alternative  
(rev) song here with God. The life you know is here quantumly.

Part 41
(for) It's taking a magical tour to resolve the world's fear
with victories
(rev) and seriously earn them all a throne which helps them evolve.

Part 42
(for) You'll need a lot of the people and their budgies to
(rev) observe it all with pure love. Please try.

Part 43
(for) I'll be with you for real during your tour. Adore those
who believe that my culture
(rev) will help you to resolve all that's true to your world. I
am equally

Part 44
(for) pulled toward victory for history. Do you believe
that your daddy
(rev) had regularly offered you the known truth when you
were young?

Part 45
(for) Who can protect our future world? It's bad if your world
(rev) truly will regret if their love is for evil reasons.

Part 46
(for) But, there's some  point we'll partake; in the area
of their errors.
(rev) The spirit they yearn is passing evil

Part 47
(for) {that}is sent to harm
(rev) everyone who will listen. (If you'll take the message.
Now you're hearing him.) (Yes, we're hearing him.)

Part 48
(for) It's a Merry Christmas, Happy New Year.
Somewhere the rich will achieve
(rev) things worth sharing. When there is really passion
you shall be rich, certainly.

Part 49
(for) All will know to offer it. Let's go on a tour. Many
aliens will meet us.
(rev) It's time we get acquainted. There's no delusion the
world won't know.

Part 50
(for) Tell someone they'll need us for hearing.
(rev) And the hearing, it will depend on us all.

Part 51
(for) That will be new in your future
(rev) and all of you will really know

Part 52
(for) Ryan and Anthony comment.
(rev) that there is many versions of life. Many have this
mission. Of course, if they'll hear it, there's a certain

Part 53
(for) Are you going to catch this case from Victor
(rev) so it can teach you? Look it up. You'll see some
prophecies of me.

Part 54
(for) The future counts on history and catches everything.
(rev) Is emotion a falacy of love, really?

Part 55
(for) Guess what! Ryan just caught history here that might
(rev) help readers and those who have emotion

Part 56
(for) adopt the code now. Some think it's a bunch of nuts.
(rev) For them, it's held together by evil actions

Part 57
(for) and people abuse him. Don't worry if this does
confuse you.
(rev) Your emotions will soon be music for me.

Part 58
(for) Please, something needs attention in the future.
(rev) Surely much evil guides you. With prophecy,

Part 59
(for) then you can start to see what's there. It's now
(rev) to know how we purge some evil in religion.

Part 60
(for) That's when the world will not suffer. If it's a world
where people like to get change from God
(rev) and they deserve to be a hero for all of us. Lots of
beautiful prophecy (will be around if you give this half
effort.) It's in the river.


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