The Angels Scrolls Prophecy

The Angel Scrolls Prophecy

Here is another example of how Victor was able to see the future and talk about it from the past. Before Victor's death in 2001,  I had not even thought about dream interpretations. My first one was about 2005 when I was prompted to do one by a group of budgies I was working with. So part of this is already come into fruition.

When Victor talks about the "fuzzy talking" meaning nothing in this part, I believe he is referring to the way I do the dream transcriptions. With the transcriptions, I do not provide the audio with captioned text because it would be just too time consuming for they are so long. In another part he is talking about passing the donation hat so that people can put their dream in it to be transcribed. This could be a prophecy of the future as some day I may have a church following and do just that. Perhaps, I would have time to do one or two dream transcriptions a week and use them as part of the sermon. Then each transcription would have a prophecy that could be followed up on in the following weeks, showing how God is using divine intervention within the group. That would be quite an interesting sermon to attend, don't you think?

You can download the raw reverse audio file for the 3 experiments: 1. The Angel Scrolls Prophecy, 2. Advice, and 3. Happy New Year. Just follow the timing on the recording and you should be able to duplicate it. If you have any problems you can contact me. Download it Here


This experiment comes first with the reverse phrase and then it is finished underneath with the forward speaking phrase:

Victor said:

1. A dream will come and seem to have reason.

Fuzzy talking means nothing here. (dream transcriptions are not captioned like these translations)

2. Unlike anyone, Ryan will be so excited. 201.9

They're just passing it to the hat so he might get it. (I believe he is talking about a donation hat here)

3. Make room for your faults in you. 203.5 (Sometimes dreams look at faults in you and are sent to help you)

For this offering, you prove it.  (For the dream offering in the hat, you prove you want to change)

4. And you know they always seem bigger 205.2

and you just see them for today. (they seem bigger when you look at them then they really are and we can change)

5. Oh no, why do we loathe messy endings. 207.8 (dreams that are emotional often have endings that confuse us)

In that case somebody will get to unload. (when the dream is passed on it is like unloading it to God.)

6. He'll probably have a message that affects your life.  211.8

If you feel like stopping them,  there a reason to find their meaning. (especially the bad dreams)

7. Many follow living life without bearing. 213.2

Merely, what's a family do without freedom. (we really do not have freedom without God in our lives)

8. So let me know, if your mighty love has passion 216.4

Must a child connect a machine honing in first 

9. with love. We know you want to heal them 218.2 (we have found a way that a computer can help with spirituality)

when they destroy what we can solve. (it is better to solve a problem then destroy it) 

10. Soon you will know, Ryan Reynolds who has learned 221

what I use reminding him to believe the truth. (the truth is that God can be in our lives every day)

11. A mission must have some fun  222.5

and that of course takes a machine. (we know most people like computers, so lets make spirituality fun)

12. Eventually in time we'll get 224.

the day you pass confusion. (when we are in confusion we cannot see the truth)

13. And I'll stay in your life sending you all of this love

now that's binding this bird.  Now today it's said.  (when you have eternal love in the eternal soul, the soul has the ability to travel back and forth in time at will)



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